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Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends,
    It's about 9 PM, on Friday night, and there is nothing on TV of interest to me...  so much for 'entertainment.'   I have never enjoyed "horror movies" all that much, and why plant for nightmares later in bed....  lol.    Many women have complained to me of their sleepless nights for one reason or another.  So I share with them what works for me.   I take some simple, organic, healing Herbs, and just settle in, say my night time prayers to the Father...  thru the Son, and have no problem sleeping.   As I have posted before, there is a good, reliable on-line Vitamin/ Herbal store called:    -- so I buy, and get deals like:   "Silent Night",  which contains, Valerian, Hops, Skullcap, etc., and it always works for me.  Try it !   Also,  confessing all the sins that you can remember for that past day, and thanking the Lord for everything you have, including a roof, heat, and a nice warm bed, food and a ride, is a good idea, IMHO.   The "Model" Prayer cited by Jesus, at Matthew 9: 6, is JUST THAT.... a 'Model Prayer,'  not to be repeated all the time like the heathen do,  but just a list of "Priorities !"   They are listed in the correct value of importance.   So, prayer should be in 'your own humble words,' and not like someone else's.    Don't be afraid...  just be very respectful and humble.   Pray !

I have probably mentioned, 'tongue and cheek,'  that there is PROBABLY not enough time in this rotten, old, wicked Satanic system, to find another Christian woman, for a soul mate/ companion, no matter how lonely a man might be, and sometimes I think it might be a waste of time...  lol.   Reviewing the fine post of the gentleman/ Christian brother, below,  in the Hal Lindsey Report,  the Rapture could come at any time now ! !   Yes,  I know that many of you are dang tired of hearing that,  but it has to be a BIG priority for all of us, and then it will also shape the way we think about the future, and present !  
       So...  is it that important that we paint the house right now ??  Go on some silly vacation, buy a new, bigger better auto/ vehicle/ motorcycle or property or some time consuming new adventure ??   Friends,  I am content with what I have and THANKFUL for all I have !!   I have shared, posted, preached, promoted the Gospel of Jesus Christ for along time now !    I am tired,  but I believe that the Father wants us all to continue this special "Work" of helping others to join the "Army of Jesus Christ,"  now, before He makes His big move to PROTECT ALL HIS WITNESSES, BELIEVERS and FOLLOWERS !    What could be more important than making sure that  you and your loved ones are going to HEAVEN ??    A real, true, Christian must KNOW for sure, that he/ she is going to heaven.   Period.   If you don't know for sure  --- then you just don't yet know or understand the Bible !    It's NOT... 'I hope, or I think I am going to heaven !'    And that is what MOST Catholics will tell you !    Isn't that pathetic ?   Isn't that a piss poor, weak, feeble response to such an important question, folks ?    Even many so-called Protestant 'churches' love to water down the Gospel, and people even support them with their hard earned money.... as I USED to also donate....  duh.    Now days, I will check them out well before I open my check book or wallet.    I have even seen and been in a few Baptist churches that were missing the point and teaching the pastor's OPINIONS and Personal Views, instead of what the KJV Bible actually says..... and what a shame !  
     So, I surround myself with close friends who really know and understand the Bible, and so we all agree on the most important parts,  but we can also discuss certain grey areas and still remain close friends.   There are still many things that we won't know until we get to heaven.   So then,  "Why sweat the small stuff?"  

And all of us serious bible students know that the USA won't exist for too much longer, either, for the sake of our many 'hidden sins' helped along by corrupt, crooked, weak, cowardly, leaders and combined Gov't figures and dumbed down voters, etc.   Sorry,  but that truth is becoming self evident right now as we speak.... as the dirt is oozing out even now.   The evil has even infected the top, elite, ruling class, and puppet masters, presidents, Congress, and SCOTUS !   And remember, please,  that 'Christians are not perfect...  just forgiven.'   We sin every day too,  but we have Christ, and are "Saved."  We won't be perfect until AFTER we get to heaven, that "Safe Place" where the Father will 'hide us' while all hell breaks loose down here on earth, that is filled with innocent blood of our Christian Martyrs.   They are being butchered on a daily basis in Africa, the Middle East, in Europe, China, N. Korea, and even in the USA., by the demonized illegal Islamic aliens that Obama and Clinton allow to sneak in at night !!   Shame on them, and anyone who still votes for them !   And the blood of millions of aborted babies also cries out -- at the Liberal so-called 'Women's Rights baloney factions !'   Do they think that they can hide from the Father's Justice ?  

You know,  I could talk and write about some silly board game, and one woman I used to know was just HOOKED/ addicted to her hand held electronic game device, and her goofy cell phones games, more so than a teenager !   And she also didn't have a very high 'verbal aptitude...' had trouble with making any kind of intelligent conversation...  lol.   What is this corrupt world coming to ?   She cold not read very well either.   And after she took enough of my money and valuables she just disappeared and then dumped me.   I think that God was doing me a favor... lol.  
    Well,  I know that I am a sinner,  but I know that I 'FEEL THE H.S., and know that God still loves me,'  or I would have been dead a long time ago.   People trust me, and call me up all the time, just to talk, visit, ask questions.   And I am a good listener, and I care for them, too.   I need to talk to others, and I don't mind one bit -- helping them, if I can.  
   God bless all my brothers and sister,  in the Lord !

----Tommy   Schuckman

At the Vietnam Wall,  in D.C. >>>

October 28th, 2016


As we approach the most important general election in our nation's history, and as we see almost unbelievable developments on the world's geopolitical stage, I decided to revisit one of my previous programs this week. This discussion of the "Four Spheres of Power" in the final days scenario is incredibly germane to this week's events, even though I produced it a couple of years ago.

Amazingly, the situations I discussed then are actually on display on every news channel right now.

I've been a student of Bible prophecy for more than five decades. I've written a few books on the subject. I've made this television program for 20 years (counting its years as "The International Intelligence Briefing" on TBN). Yet I'm still wide-eyed with wonder.

Daily, I'm amazed at how precisely the predictions of the ancient prophets are falling into place.

It was only a few years ago that the critics were saying I'd missed the mark in predicting the role Russia would play in the end-times scenario. If you remember, they confused the disintegration of the Soviet Union with the demise of Russia.

Well, if you read the newspaper or listen to the news channels, you know that Russia is alive and well -- and gaining strength as I write these words. Russia is even figuring in to next week's month's general election!

But not only is Gog actually on the scene and in the news, it is actively -- and publicly -- establishing itself as the partner and protector of Iran. Is that significant? Well, if you recall, 2,650 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel said that one day Gog and Persia -- modern day Russia and Iran -- would form an alliance that would eventually attack Israel in the first battle of Armageddon.

Unbelievably, there are even rumors of war between the U.S. and Russia as I write this.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Not only that, but another of the predicted four spheres of world power in the last days is quickly ascending to a prominent military role in the world. China is not only building aircraft carriers and meddling in South China Sea intrigues, but may already have an operational "carrier killer" missile. The supersonic monster flies just feet off the surface of the water and is not only lethal for aircraft carriers, but is almost impossible to stop.

That alone could change the balance of power pretty quickly.

And just as the "king of the north," the "king of the south," and the "kings of the east" are emerging into prominence and mounting the stage, the latter day revival of the Roman Empire continues to struggle for existence. But, beware, out of the struggle and turmoil something potent and ominous will arise. The prophets have described what will come very precisely.

Sadly, the fulfillment of the prophets' predictions also means that our beloved nation must continue to decline. As I've often said, I find no mention of a player like America in the last days cast. Admittedly, how the U.S. is removed from its preeminent political position in the last days is speculation. Terror attack, financial collapse, judgment for its role in dividing Jerusalem or the slaughter of 60 million babies in the womb, even the Rapture of many of its citizens, whatever the reason for America's absence, the fact is the Bible predicts just four spheres of global power during the Tribulation, not five.

As time speeds away, make sure you and your family are prepared to leave this world when our Savior calls for us. None of us want to be on this earth when the 'Day of the Lord' arrives. As He did in the days of Sodom, God is withholding His judgment until the righteous are removed, but that could happen at literally any moment now.


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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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