Friday, October 14, 2016

Paul Ryan !

Tom's Journal.

Islam teaches that any person NOT Islamic must be killed. De-capitation is the ordered method in the Quran (Koran).  Below is a video link on how Islam is taking over the planet by breeding. They are here in America for welfare benefits and creating future jihadists.     WE deserve better than this, but any person who votes for Hillary Clinton or "stays home" on election day deserves whatever they get.  You may not want to deal’ with it, but it is a fact of life.  


Hi  Friends,
     The Fourth article is what totally blew me away,  and 'who knew ?'   This weird, strange stuff just cannot be made up!    You know, friends and readers.....  in stead of trying to keep up with all this mind-boggling, constant News  Info  over the InterNet,   I am so glad, thankful, and GREATFUL to have a long studied knowledge of the Scriptures, the Gospel, and Revelation.    The Promises of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that can never be 'trumped' by any human nor demon.   It also seems like so many other Christian friends and associates feel this same way --- and so we find, Joy and Peace among the "Brotherhood of Saints."   
     OK,  I know that there are many petty, little quarrels in various churches... even the good, Bible teaching churches.   But if we truly know and follow the good bible, the KJV Bible, that is most pure and less messed up [not trying to start an argument here...], we will and must agree with the main, 'Black and white,' issues of sin, salvation, heaven and hell, etc.   We also need to forgive each other more, faster, and not keep accounts or past hurts and sorrows, please.    I know I still need to work on that one, yet.   That's right,  If I need to change, there are those I trust who will set me right and give me the council that I need, too.   The book of Hebrews says that, 'correction is never easy,  but we should not buckle under discipline, either.'   And that correction should be done in love and kindness,  because we will all be judged some day.   And we will want justice and mercy, too.  
     Now,  it will amaze and shock you all to read and find out just how wide spread and corrupt the entire American Gov't is !    It will hurt you and upset you,  but then [now]  you will finally understand WHY God must take such drastic action.... and SOON !!   Ha!  it won't be pretty --- but very necessary because human beings/ Christians are getting butchered as we communicate.   Now do you all see the urgency of sharing the Gospel to everyone... every day that we can ??    I am told that I am a good writer....  but really we are all just 'dust in the wind,'  DIRT, Clay, just like the Lord used to create Adam, about 6000 years ago.   Yes,  dump those goofy climate change, block heads, and evolutionists !!   Just wait until they are judged and on the "hot seat."   Just follow the money, honey.   And you can tell them easily when they look at you with a daze ---      like a 'dog starring into a fan on a hot day...' -- LOL.  
        So,  I don't gloat and trust in "what I have/ own/ possess,  but in what I know, and what is in my heart....  Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.   He just keeps picking me up after I fall down, too often, and He forgives me.   And I have a 'get out of jail free card'     [think:  Hell !].  

Read 'em and weep.

Tommy Schuckman


Dave Hodges!
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