Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends !
      Below is a fine Christian ministry that I donate to sometimes, and did just that, today.   I highly recommend that all my readers donate some of their money ASAP,  because of all the good work that they do, and also for their free, wonderful enlightenment with their daily encouragement and truthful News and Comment.   All the right contact information and Links are available right below.  

And like many other Americans,  I am growing tired and restless about all the politicking, lies, smoke and mirrors, grand deceptions that go on non-stop, right now... every single day !!  All the mud slinging.   But one thing is certain;   America has now seen the exposed, slimy under belly of our corrupt Gov't/ political system, and it now seems that the MAJORITY of our Gov't has their hands in the pie  $$$, and guilty of the most treasonous sins !   All THREE branches of our Gov't, and the younger people choose to keep their heads buried in the sand, like a Big Bird !   I will be that many 'college graduates' don't have the I.Q. of a 1950 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE !!   Everything now day's is "Dumbed Down" and on purpose !   Ignorant, stupid people can be better 'controlled' that way, and swayed to vote for the 'candy man'  [or candy woman Liberal]  who gives them the most 'Freebees"   Friends,  simple Math is needed to show these young folks that less than half of our working population is now supporting the other half of abled bodied folks who just refuse to lift a finger, and work for a living....  'ghetto people' mostly, and probably 95% Liberal Democrats ! !  Sorry to be so blunt and direct, friends.   
    But, let's face it,  both political parties are dirty, corrupt, greedy and crooked.    Otherwise,  the RINO's... so-called, Conservatives would have vetoed many of Obama's illegal immigration orders ! 
      See here... here is the Trick and Treat:   The whole idea is to get ALL of the Republicans and Democrats in on the 'take' -- so that once the eat the 'forbidden fruit' and take illegal money, gifts, vacations, wined and dinned on tax payer's dollars --- they cannot blow the whistle, because they are all partakers of the fatted calf !   In other words, the Clinton machine has got all the politicians on some illegal past escapade or criminal activity.   And they also scare the hell out of the rest !!   Just like the untimely, strange death of SCOTUS Scalia, nd many others.   Just think of the astute COURAGE OF THOSE  WOMEN --- Bill CLINTON RAPE VICTIMS, COMING FORWARD !!   They have just as much guts as a Marine rushing an enemy  machine gun emplacement in the heat of battle !!    Hey!  that ex-president is hooked on perverted, illegal sex and rape !   He is like a predatory wolf -- always hungry and lusting for another score.   His people just cannot keep covering for him,  because of the number of women, and the law of average says that someday he will get caught !   Do we really want people like that back in the WH ?  Shake your head, "NO !"   

I can't wait to watch the last presidential debate tonight...  lol.   I see it as a prize boxing match..... Ha!  Shame on me.   But I love the sparing and wit.   And the term,  "Aggressive," is not always a 'bad thing.   An employer WANTS to hire good, hard working, smart, employees.   And so an aggressive, hard work ethic is GOOD, and profitable, when it is fair and legal, of course.   The Army and Marines want that type of person in their ranks, to serve and protect !   Or don you  think that the Armed Forces want some mamsy-pamsy, weak, sick, sister act....  duh ?   Hey,  you can be a good, moral, gentleman, and still be tough.  

Can you all imagine that Obama and Clinton created and supported ISIS ?  Russia is FIGHTING ISIS !   I am not saying that Russia always has nice, pure motives.... but sometimes they seem to have the right mindset.   Now... the KJV Bible has some scary, but true descriptions of what will happen in the near future... to the good old USA, Russia, the Middle East and Israel.   But, instead of getting all excited, super worried, and stressed out -- why not give thanks to God because He promises to take care of His worshippers and servants, soon.   Just think of the thousands of pure Christians getting systematically butchered in the Middle East, with Obama and the Dims and RINO's just mute and totally impotent !   Does God want His people to be COWARDS and sissies ??  Not according to Revelation 2: 8 !   In fact, Cowards are condemned to be cast into the 'Lake of Fire' that burns forever !   No,  I would rather live in an 'air conditioned' nice, peaceful place near the Lord and His Saints.   Hell is not a nice place to be, dear friends.   Eat NOT the bread of laziness, greed, hate, or cowardice.   Acquire the manhood that the Lord wants you to have.  

I roasted some great, tender, juicy pork chops on the Weber grill yesterday, and even got a little sun, so I got two great meals for my effort.  And I can say that grilling to perfection is one talent that I have, and feel good about.   I wish I could entertain a friend or two, here, in our peaceful, one-horse town of Norway, MI.   But after much thinking, praying and sleeping on the idea,  I think that the Lord just wants me single, as my Christianity seems to drive women away, plus, I am "too Big", too old and gray, for most of them.   And I refuse to "buy" women again, with gifts and money.... as I was just too generous with my resources in the past, and too many took advantage of my generosity.   Not all women are that way,  but it seems like all the good ones are already taken....LOL.   So, why should I 'bet myself up' and wish for something I cannot have... as the time is so short now ?!   I should be content with what I have.   Actually, I thank God for everything I have, and a great, warm, King size, clean bed with warm covers, etc.   The apostle Paul said:   "Having sustenance and clothing, we shall be content."   Now, there was a man who experienced just about everything life threw at him!

Well, I feel like a ham strung bull right now, this morning,  because I have to wait for a special package to be delivered, but I also got paid and want to shop just a little bit, and also get a super fine, Cheeseburger with onions and fresh slice of tomato and steak fries, at a local watering hole that is famous around here.   I need to collect my mail, too.  

Have a great day,  because the air temps will really drop low tonight.  

Warm Regards, and Army Hugs,
Tommy  Schuckman
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
The pace of the presidential campaign and quandary many Christians find themselves in trying to resolve how to follow the will of God while considering terribly flawed candidates has kept The Daily Jot at the forefront of providing true news that you and your friends and families can make better and informed decisions. Our Facebook and website visits have grown by leaps and bounds. The free subscriptions to The Daily Jot have increased substantially. The message is getting out and you are part of our team of bringing clarity and credibility to viewing current events through the lens of Holy Scripture. What hasn't increased during this time may, however, have a bearing on our future.
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Practicing Isaiah 58:10 in West Africa
By Pastor William Agbeti

In Ghana, we have a saying that "men don't weep"; but I did weep in public when we recently gave out free clothes and meals to some of the less privileged at Lagos Town (also known as Accra New Town) a poverty-stricken suburb of Accra.

On that occasion I saw entire families rejoicing over "used" clothing they have received.
What touched my heart most was a mother and her 10year-old child who viciously devoured their free meal, totally oblivious to onlookers. It was heart-rending.

They must be very hungry, I thought. Perhaps that was their first meal in a long while. I reasoned. It was evident they needed clothes! I couldn't control myself as tears welled up in my eyes and freely rolled down my cheeks.

According to Pastors Akilakpa and Kojo, leaders of the Kingdom View Ministry that we teamed up with to provide the free meals and clothes,  "about 40% of children in their community do not attend school, 93% do not attend church, not a single church runs a Sunday School, and parents live perverse lifestyles involving drinking, smoking, promiscuity, witchcraft and superstition."

Providing free meals and clothes to these impoverished  ones is actually like scratching the tip of an iceberg. Their needs are overwhelming!

As Christians and children of light, it is incumbent upon all of us who are a little or more blessed to reach out to touch and change a life, one at a time. There is tremendous blessings bestowed on those who "cover the naked" and "feed the hungry" as presented in Isaiah 58:10: "... if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul: then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day:"

Every month, depending on the availability of resources, our ministry reaches out to the poor right in their own communities to bring them free food, clothes and other goodies or freebies we can find. There hasn't yet been any community or person that has said no to our free  offers. They eagerly look forward to our visits when announcements are made.

To assist us in this worthy work, all it takes is a little commitment of, say $25 a month, to provide a family with at least one square meal. A satisfied soul will then belch and open his or her mouth to bless you from the depths of the heart! That alone, should be fulfilling!

The Daily Jot is totally reader supported. My wife, Chris, and I do not take a salary or receive any renumeration for this work. Your gifts go directly to assisting us in maintaining this column, the website, outreach, and the Lord's work we do in Ghana, West Africa. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day,

Bill Wilson
The Daily Jot
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