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The Locker Room Talk Issue.

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Hello Friends,
     Some of us older guys talk about the "Good Old Days,"  but they were also filled with hard work, just to survive, building fires in the down stairs basement wood and coal furnace, etc., and shoveling snow by hand and shovel, etc.   Everything was much different then, and I never lived in an Air Conditioned house until about 1989 !  People suffered in the heat and dropped over, dead !   So,  I honestly love and appreciate all that I have worked for all my life, and THANK GOD !!    And there is still no guarantee in life, and there is now a lot of more violence in the streets, with robberies, murders in big cities like CHICAGO and DETROIT, where people on Welfare are not satisfied with getting most everything FREE, for the taxes that I still pay !!  Ha!  Some of those places are like a cesspool !  The language of our younger people in grade school is like a cesspool, too, and Hillary and Obama, are just as guilty, if not worse....  sorry to burst some of your bubbles. 
      Mr. Trump is no choir boy, and many times having lots of money can go to one's head.    I never had lots of money,  but I am rich compared to many people in South America and Africa, PTL..... Praise the Lord.   But then,  I worked my butt off all my life, from young on.   I still have lots of bills to pay every single month, but I know that God loves and protects me.
     OK,  I know that most of you see me repeating many things here in my modest, humble Blog,  but the point I want to make tonight is:   Right now, if the WRONG person gets into office, or even SOONER, we could end up being at war with Russia, a major nuclear power with lots of military might and ability ! !   That fact alone ought to make us really sober, in a heart beat, dear friends !   In fact, this is something that we should all pray about in earnest, folks.    Are all you kind, nice, friendly people ready to meet your MAKER,  Father God, right now ??   Right now....  I AM !   I am all alone by myself in a big house in the far North Woods of the U.P., typing on my little old, P.C. [Personal Computer], and only had a few pieces of Pizza to eat all day, and I feel fine, and also thankful.  

Sometimes we watch these, 'Disaster Movies' where everyone has their own little life style, but after a major disaster befalls them all,  things are radically different, with a dire life or death situation.   And people realize just what is really important in Life.   I have been in those situations MANY TIMES IN MY LONG ADVENTUREOUS LIFE OF 67 YEARS !   There were even times when I was in so much pain and suffering that I begged God to TAKE MY LIFE !   Sadly enough,  sometimes it takes a bad ass whipping to wake people up from their selfish, greedy, messed up lifestyle -- to find out what God really wants of them.   To me, the worst thing in the world would be to die without God's mercy and Grace, as an Unbeliever, and outside of a relationship with Jesus Christ !   Eternity is forever, friends.    What is 70-90 years on Earth compared to all eternity ??   And just think:   If you died and went before the "Judgment Throne of Father God," having never even read the Bible or coming to know Jesus as your true Lord and Savior !   Are you going to say, that you just didn't have the time... that you were too busy ?   Ha!  
     Yes,  I guess that there are much worse things in the world besides just being lonely in a big house.....    At least I get to get in my nice, new Dodge Ram 4 by 4 truck to drive to a good restaurant and eat/ enjoy GREAT food, and visit with people.   I get to attend a nice, warm church and meet new people, shake hands with many warm, kind, smiling people...  Christians !   And God hears my prayers and knows what is best for me, no matter what I pray for.   The Holy Spirit is IN me, and helps me do the right things....  most of the time... LOL.  

Let's give thanks for the big and small things, and also take some positive, affirmative action on November 8th....  if it comes.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman
 My email:  tschuckman@aol.com 

-----This was me in the year, 1989 >>>

The Locker Room Talk Issue

Donald apologized for his inappropriate remarks, remarks that about 90% of all men have made in the exclusive company of other men to impress them with no real intent on acting on their braggadocios words towards women.
Anderson Cooper would not let go of the topic and kept interrupting Donald and basically asked him if he groped women’s genitals without permission. Excuse me, but in the words of the most intelligent person in my family, my wife, who asked, “What the hell does locker room talk have to do with running the country”?
In a brilliant move, Trump did what we have all done in support of Donald Trump. What is worse, my words or Bill Clinton’s actual abuse of women and his wife’s support of his abuse? “She has threatened his accusers”, she has “defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl and joked about about it twice”.  Which is worse? For any reasonable person watching the debate, Trump took the sting right out of locker room talk and placed the bulls eye where it belongs, on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s rear end.
For those who are still fixated on Trump’s locker room talk, look at what the press corps and former Secret Service Agents Say about Clinton’s demeanor AND inappropriate language. I challenge you to listen and do a compare and contrast between Donald and Hillary? And then maybe we can get on to the real issues. Here is a video made where I clean up Hillary’s language, realizing I run a family operation, but I leave no doubt, through innuendo, of  the language that this 4th degree Coven Witch uses.

Remember, Donald Trump is not accused of raping anybody. Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault by his victims (e.g. Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, et al) multiple times and each time Hillary defended him and according to the victims, she has threatened them with reprisal for their allegations. Which is worse America? Take that Anderson Cooper.

Other Peripheral Issues

The candidates talked about a couple of meaningful issues:
  1. Hillary’s private and public stances. It has been documented by Wikileaks that Hillary told Wall Street in paid speeches in which she would not release the transcripts. In these meetings with Wall Street Clinton supported the TPP, despite her public claims to the contrary. She tried to excuse the public/private differential responses by saying she was referring to Abe Lincoln in a movie. It was good that I had my feet up on the couch because it was getting deep in every living room in America at that point.
  2. Hillary defended the disaster that was Obamacare. Trump destroyed her on this point and stated that she will throw good money after bad to save this disaster of a health care plan.
  3. Hillary was taken to task for her attacks on the Second Amendment.
I was very disappointed that the selling uranium issue to the Russians, reported by the NY Times, and the Clinton Foundation arms deals and money laundering operations were not exposed. What are you waiting for Donald? The other issues were largely banter and a series of one-liner zingers, “Hillary is a liar” and “Donald doesn’t have the temperament to serve”. However, the line of the night belonged to Trump.

Hillary: “… it is a good thing that people like Donald Trump are not running our legal system..”

Trump interrupted and said “You are right because you would be in jail”.

To that, the crowd exploded in laughter and applause. Anderson Cooper, the omnipresent defender of the establishment, went ballistic on the crowd who stuttered and stammered as he realized that he had lost control of the narrative.
In the finality of the debate, Clinton’s criminal behavior was on display for all to see. In fact, Clinton and Trump traded roles. Trump’s inappropriate locker room talk slid right off the debate stage while Hillary’s criminal behavior stuck. However, these one-liners were not the real issue at the debate. debates don’t tell you much about leadership, except with one issue, the Russian problem.

The Debate Most Important Issue: Hillary Declares War On Russia

Hillary, again and without any proof whatsoever, made the allegation that the Russians are hacking into our elections. How is that possible Hillary? Thi sis the excuse to allow DHS and the UN to “oversee” our elections, I mean steal our elections. We will not have an election until November 8th, so who are the Russians hacking, Hillary?
This Russian hacking thing reminds me of the movie Wag the Dog in which a mythical President (aka Bill Clinton) is caught having sex with a girl scout. In order to deflect attention, he makes up allegations and starts a war with Albania based upon false allegations of terrorism. The Hollywood movie producer who facilitated the fraud for the President was murdered at the end to conceal the real truth. How very and uniquely Clinton is that ending to a movie that eerily represents the Clinton mentality?
Last night, Hillary Clinton frightened me. She did not frighten me because she is a witch according to her former insiders (e.g. Larry Nichols). She did not frighten me, too much, because she’s a sociopathic criminal. She frightened me because she declared war on Russia. If she is elected, Putin will have no choice but to attack the United States.
Hillary stopped short of saying she would put ground troops in Syria. But she did say we would keep special forces and the Air Force in Syria and THAT SHE WOULD ENFORCE A NO-FLY ZONE. And of course if your Air Force is in a theater of war, your ground troops are next. These are acts of war. Mark my words, and we need to pray to Almighty God to stop Hillary. If Hillary Clinton is elected we will have a devastating world war in which billions will die. For every American who wants their children to live out normal life spans, Hillary’s comments should disqualify her from serving.
Trump on the other hand said he wants to work with Russia. My self-preservation instinct prefers negotiation to genocide. Please pray in unison that this lunatic and witch, Hillary Clinton, is never elected to Presidency. May God help us all.
Here is a more detailed analysis of the debate if anyone feels the need to go beyond the Russia issue.

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