Friday, November 25, 2016

Bridge to Salvation.

Tom's Journal.

BOOM! This Map Shows Just How Badly Americans REJECTED Hillary Clinton. Amazing how many jerks live in California

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Thomas Neviaser

Hello  Friends,
    What a glorious, yet dreary, overcast day !   The great turkey meal I made yesterday in my new 'Crock Pot' was delicious, but it also gave me the runs..... boo-hoo...LOL !   I took 3 showers, so I know that I am very clean, and went to bed early, just tired, I guess, and cold.   I feel 'lighter and cleaned out' today, and I happen to live in a very small town that is so quiet and peaceful.   I had one banana and a Cherry Coke, for breakfast, and I feel fine.   I need to do the dishes and organize today, when I get around to it,  but I could also call/ text my nice, cleaning lady, too.   I had trouble finding clean clothes this morning,  as to where she stacked them... but I did finally find them, and happy now.   Smile.   My eyes are sensitive to light, so I often wear a "Boonie Hat" [left over from my Vietnam  era, in-country stuff]  Hey,  when something works well, you keep and use it !   Simple Simon.   And the hat also keeps my little, old head warm.   Ha!   I was just about to order a few more black sweat pants on-line, thinking that somehow my old ones just disappears.   It's so helpful to have a good woman around to help organize things,  but an old Soldier can make due, too.   I pride myself on that much... LOL.  

Yes, I was, and am, very THANKFUL for all I have, including my life on planet Earth, for God's Grace, Love, Kindness and all Blessings that He has showered down on me.   There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with enjoying the 'fruits of our labors' and God wants us to be happy and prosperous ! !   You can believe that when you just read the Psalms and Proverbs, and those 2 fine, inspired books of the KJV Bible always put me in a good mood.   I don't even need to pay a tithe to sit for a mealy mouthed,  weak, "Sermon" at some so-called 'Christian' church U.P. here, only to be judged for some small infraction of 'man's opinion,' and not from the Scriptures.   I am not holding any grudges now/ today,  but have been to so many churches in my life, and knowing the bible inside out and side ways,  I KNOW THE TRUTH, so that I am never misled again !   Friends, I am NOT bitter,  but happy that the Holy Spirit has enlightened me thru the many years of hard, study of my fav. BOOK, the KJV Bible !  
       I already KNOW that drinking sugary soda pop is no good for me,  but it is my own choice to get some 'liquid caffeine' into my early morning body -- to "jump start" my 67 year old, war torn, body and mind.   Smile.   The local VAMC staff cannot believe that I only drink one or two cans of Coke per day !  Oh well....  
    I lack for nothing,  except the close brotherhood of good, Vet friends, and a good Christian lady to spend time with me.   But, do we really know what God's Will is for each and everyone of us ??   Weather my Lord wants to keep me alone, pure, out of danger of some floosy, greedy woman [and most of the woman U.P. here just seem to fit in that category...sorry], looking to skin me and steal my wealth, and ruin my good relationship with the Lord, or not.... and let's face the Reality of right now,  that ANYTHING could happen.   From a Russian or Chinese EMP blast device 100 miles above our country that would certainly put us back into the 'horse and buggy days,' to a world wide economic melt down, to killing a good man that would be POTUS, and what a shame that would be,  but the 'Lefty-Loosey- One World Gov't Elite' would just love to do that !!  And if they control the food, they control the humans.   IMHO,  Mr. Donald Trump, is a blessing for America, but he might only be able to 'stave off/ hold back' the coming demise of our Republic, for a while.   I like the man and I voted for the man !  Let's pray for him and give him a chance to do some good !   Protect him, Oh Lord.   The air heads that threaten Mr. Trump and his family ought to be jailed for a long time ! !   I didn't realize how many low life, heathen pigs we have in the USA, who threaten our new POTUS !   WOW !  Is it any wonder why the Lord plans to take us down, soon enough.  No where in the Bible does it even mention in any way, America, USA, or even allude to us !   But the Rapture will Save all honest, real, Believers in Jesus Christ, before the real SHTF, and we are so grateful for that promise.   And "God cannot lie."  --Titus 1: 2. 

As I may have mentioned, from all my recent study and reading [and I know that I have been wrong too many times...duh],  but some experts say that a new 'Islamic Law' will soon go into effect,  plus a few other things happening, so that the price of gold just may shoot up after, Dec. 31st.   Now, I know that most of my readers cannot just go out and buy a ton of gold,  but I heard that silver might also go up too, maybe to $150 per troy ounce.   Well,  don't be surprised that when the SHTF [the shoot hits the fan], that our own Gov't might AGAIN try to demand all of our PM's... gold, to back our money/ currency.   It might be time to start buying more:  beans, bacon, rice, and bullets, dear readers....  but use your own judgment.  Above all, get close to the Lord, and try hard to do His Will.  
   Have a great day.

----tommy schuckman

November 25th, 2016
I pray that you are having a blessed -- and thoughtful -- Thanksgiving season.

It is vitally important that we pause often to reflect on God's blessings in our lives. Not only for our benefit, but for His, too. I believe that few things move God's heart like our genuine gratitude to Him for all He has done for us.

So, not only should we reflect on God's goodness in our lives, but tell our children and others about all He has done.

Most importantly, though, tell Him. Express to God your feelings and how much you treasure everything He has done -- and does daily -- for you. You may just be surprised how much happier your holiday will be!

We all receive the benefits of God's goodness daily, but do we deserve it? In fact, are human beings basically good, evil, or something in-between?

The Bible has a great deal to say about this. If you want to understand yourself and your fellow human beings; if you want to understand your children or your parents; if you want to understand history, politics, literature, psychology, or even rock and roll, you need to know what the Bible says about humanity's glorious origin and its present sorry state.

And you need to understand our "one hope."

The story begins, as you might expect, with creation.

This week, I'm going to discuss again "The Great Schism."

Jesus Christ became a man and gave His life to span the chasm, the abyss created by The Great Schism. He is our only bridge to salvation and eternal happiness.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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