Monday, November 14, 2016

Where Your Hands Pick Up Germs.

Tom's Journal.

REPORT: 3 MILLION Votes in Presidential Election Cast by ILLEGAL ALIENS, Non-Citizens

Hi  Friends,
   Yes,   Where your hands pick up germs and bacteria, is the heading/ article that I hope you click on, friends,  because it is super educational and important in this season when sickness is headed our way.  
      Personally,  for some reason, my own body is very immune to most kinds of sickness... and I guess I am blessed with good, strong genes from Northern European Ancestry,  Germany and points North.... lol.     Thank You,  Lord !   But I am also an Herbalist and studied Healing Herbs for over 40 years and use them every day.    There is so much you can learn by self-education, and if you have a computer and InterNet,  there is no limit to your education ! !   Yet  so many goofy people just play video games and Face Book, baloney/ B.S.   I just learned about a few more Herbs that I will not purchase at:    -- to increase my health-defense system, to make me more immune to disease and sickness.
       And I want to tell you all -- not brag, that I have total, 100% FREE health services at the VA hospital near me, and they also pay for 100% of my medications !   And yet I still believe and use/ take healing herbs to help me with my challenges.   Just to make my point about the healing of the right/ correct Herbs for good health and cures.    But I still have not found the Herb to help me lose weight.... dang.    Please enjoy that article and prosper.

    German Proverb,  "When one helps another --- Both are Strong !"    And that is why I love Proverbs and Psalms so much, plus they give me godly wisdom and encouragement.   Another good scripture is:  "Cast your bread upon the water, and it will return to you."  --I think that is found in the book of Matthew.      I am so thankful for God's Grace, and tender Mercies.   And,  "One hand washes Another..."   PTL.

Actually,  I know many nice ladies that I would love to date and get to know better,  but most of them live so far away....  dang.   I am not a 'dooms-dayer,' worry man, sour grapes kind of guy....  but just ever vigilant and alert, also well informed, plus I know the KJV Bible very well !   If God promised something to come/ happen,  it surely will come at the correct appointed time, and no one, not even a new president can stop the hand of God !   Just remember,  we are to pray for:  'GOD' WILL to be done, on earth, also in heaven.'   ---Matthew 6:9.   Most Catholic priests don't even know where to find that prayer....  duh.   I must also tell you good people,  that I just learned tonight on TV,  that the entire collection of American Bishops declared that they want to motivate Mr. DJ Trump not to enforce his pledge to remove the illegal aliens from America,  no matter what crimes they have committed !!    As the Catholic Church is BIG on sheltering those ILLEGAL ALIENS and hiding them here in American cities, illegally !   Never mean obeying the Constitutional Law of the Land....  Ha!   Besides that, we now know for a fact the Trump also won the POPULAR VOTE in America, this election cycle !!   Before we all thought that Hillary won the Pop. vote by less than 1 %, and so many dumb ass Liberals are rioting now,  and we bet that most of them didn't even VOTE !!   If they didn't even vote -- they have nothing to cry about and  shame on them !    The Dims and Liberals did such a fine job in dumbing down the school system and our kids so they would vote with their emotions only and buy the lies of the corrupt lying 'Media !'   Well,  it's time to pay the piper now.   I can't wait for the newly appointed AG [Attorney General] to bite into that red meat, and finally carry out Justice, for a change.   I just hope and pray that Mr. Trump makes it safely to be inaugurated into POTUS.  

Warm  Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

Soros now funding left-wing terrorist groups that seek to overthrow the government
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International anarcho-terrorist money man George Soros is funding domestic terrorism organizations like and Black Lives Matter to try to stage a leftist uprising.
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