Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cashews !

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
   Well,  I'll be a 'monkey's uncle !'   I never knew any of this exciting, great Info, until a Christian lady friend that I email, sent it to me today, after I ordered and had some Cashews shipped to her this season, as a simple gift,  and her name is:  Vicki K.,  and she prays for me !   An old, broken down, combat Vet like me can NEVER have too many nice friends like her, and we never met in person, and maybe we never will !   She is a lot younger than me, and happy single, I think.   Well,  that just goes to show us all that there is so much in the world to learn before we depart to heaven.... and then we shall all learn tons more !!   So I've been told, and read, instead of wasting so much time watching the goofiness on TV.  

I also hope that I have not slighted some of my other friends whom I never got around to sending them NUTS, too.   I had some money left on my CC [Credit Card] and thought I would light up some friend's heart, and another fine, Christian lady friend even sent me some of her very own Lemons from her own tree in her back yard !   I love lemons and always love a wedge in my ice water, even beer, etc.  Most of you smart folks know that,  "I.Q." stands for how much you know, and I kind of thought mine was fairly high after I took my entrance exam to get into my 2nd college,  MATC,  Milwaukee Area Tech. College, with my 'Verbal Aptitude' section going off the paper/ chart.... even though I HATE Math !   I had a real jack ass high school math teacher named, Gerald C., at Waterford High School. but he couldn't teach his way out of a wet paper sack !  And what a lazy, nasty personality, plus he smoked like a chimney.   So... isn't it so ironic that in later life, I was hired into the Financial Industry and Investments, and the final Fed Exam was so tough,  6 and 66,  but I passed it, the 2nd time !   But it was mostly conceptual, and not too much math or numbers.   I am pretty good at memory work, so after I failed the first time...  I said to a very pretty lady friend, named, Mary Ellen Hintz -- "I will just MEMORIZE the whole book !!"   Well, it worked.   That kind lady, M.E., also helped pull me out of a false religious Org., the JW-cult, and I am so thankful for her and God to do that for me !   And isn't it so incredible how the Lord 'uses' so many of us... just common people, as "tools" to help gather honest, good hearted people to join the ranks of God's Christian Army !!   I am so thankful for that.   And I have helped many other come to the Lord, also, with the help of the Holy Spirit,  but one of them kicked me out of her warm, cozy, safe, house ONE YEAR AGO,  crippled, disabled, had a hard time just walking with a cane, and hard to breath, just a few days before Christmas, at the age of 66, a combat Veteran.   I just could not believe that happened,  but I was verbally abusive that night, and sorry for all that I said --- but all those bridges are now burnt, even though I didn't want it that way.    Well,  this is hardly the first, or 10th Christmas that I've spend all alone, by myself, away from family and friends...    But I have and love the Lord very much, even though I am a terrible sinner, and far from perfect.    If there IS an America that is free, or still standing, next year, if we have not had/ experienced an EMP attack, provoked by Obama who never, ever produced a real, honest, full, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, maybe I will be with a significant other, some Christian lady and her family.   I, honestly, have no family, on earth, anymore.   So you see how important Jesus is to me, and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT !   It's everything.   
     I do NOT want you guys and gals to feel sorry for me, please.   I have made so many mistakes, and tried to teach my 3 kids how to avoid those mistakes.   My only son, and close friend, Andy T. Schuckman, was killed about 6 years ago, one month after I lost my beloved wife, Sharon L. Schuckman, from CHF, the same year... and that really 'took the wind out of my sails.'   I never knew that a grown man could cry almost non-stop for 3 months, and then I got so lonely that I follow a pretty blond woman so far U.P. North and married her, [although she initially told me that she was divorced -- she was not even LEGALLY SEPARATED !!]  ---  but like I said,  she was so deep into her "own house" and Women's Lib trumped what the bible said about marriage being a sacred institution, and not easily broken, except for adultery.... and I never did that ! !  But now days,   if things don't go the woman's way, all she can squeeze out of her man $$$, and steal, and get her way 99% of the time,  plus the local 'pastor' taking her side 99% of the time,  the man/  husband  gets the shaft... after he doesn't have many 'tangible things left to his name,' and after the wife has helped him charge too much on his CC's.   Well,  all I can say is,  I have been in debt before and always managed to dig MYSELF out.    And...  I can't think of any 'wife' who 'got ahead in life after cheating/ stealing her hubby blind, and then kicking him out into the cold.   God never blesses such a selfish, worldly, greedy, women,  no matter how much she attends the local Baptist church in town and puts on a showy display of piety, and super stretched lies.    After all,  she had to "justified" and embellish the "reason" why she kicked me out,   right ?   That's a fact.    They just don't think that GOD up above SEES ALL THESE treacherous sins of kicking a combat Veteran when he is down !!    And that goes for the man,  too !   
         Remember that old country song.... "She go the gold mine  --- I got the shaft.."   Ha!  it's so true. 

And I will try much harder this next year NOT to post about the past relationships gone bad, as I know that most of you are probably so tired of re- reading that old stuff !   So help me !

And here is a picture of us, about 4 years ago.... and I cared for her so much....

I also promise to divide up my long paragraphs better, after asking my friends to critique my blog posts... and THANK YOU fine ladies, and men,   so much !!

       Still, this momentary sorrow, depression, that I have right now is NOTHING... COMPARED TO WHAT IS IN STORE FOR MOST OF THE HUMANS ON EARTH !!   I  shudder to think of being "Left Behind," after Jesus returns with His Rapture of His Saints and Followers !   'Beam me up, Scotty !'   And,  don't go to heaven alone --- take some body with you !     Hey,  The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the ONLY game in town!  Actually,  Christ was not provably born on Dec. 25th, and that can be proven.   Yes, we are all very happy and joyful that Jesus was born... PTL,  but what does anyone have when they are born, and what have they done to get any glory ??   It's when they finally pass away or get martyred is where and when they have made a big statement.   Then the Father in Heaven will give the glory to all who had the brave fortitude,  strength and honor to have stood up straight for the Lord, and actually WITNESSED about Him to others !! 

I just cannot understand or rationalize some woman/ mother who is too afraid and ashamed of the Lord,  Jesus Christ, to NOT use every 'tool' that she has to teach and explain the Gospel to her children or grand children, and also her so-called, 'friends' that she hangs out with more than her hubby....  duh.   Now... please don't be afraid to read the following scriptures that set things straight, even for the lazy, and uninformed ...

Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord ...
That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.
  • 1 John 4:15 If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son ...
    1 John 4:15 Parallel Verses ... God lives in those who declare that Jesus is the Son of God, ... that if you confess with your mouth, ...
  • Romans 10:9 - ASV - because if thou shalt confess with thy ...
    Romans 10:9 ASV. Romans 10:9 / Bible ... 9 because if thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus [as] Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the ...
  • Does one have to confess Christ with their mouth to be saved?'s Corner/Doctrines/confess.htm
    Does one have to confess Christ with their mouth to be saved ... “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth...
  • But now,  please compare all of the above with the one, simple, Matthew 7: 6. 
  •      I hope you are starting to get a more clear picture, folks.

    Or maybe I am still living in the 1960's or before, in a much different time zone,  when people still had a little pride, manners, bible schooling, dignity and unselfish  behavior.    The trouble is that God is still the same as He was 20 million, trillion, years ago.  His righteous standards and character never, ever change.   He is a very JUST, God of Laws, and most anyone can get to know His thoughts and mind set by reading the KJV Bible, which is written on a simple, super understandable  5th grade  reading level !   You see... there is no wriggle room here, and what are we going to say when we come before His great and mighty Throne in heaven ??   No excuses... sorry.      That included, Terrible Tom  Schuckman, too.  

        But right now, and every morning and evening, I am asking the Lord to "correct me in His love, and not in His anger."      ------ 39 Bible verses about Anger Management - Knowing Jesus
    39 Bible Verses about Anger Management. ... do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an ... but you shall love your neighbor as ...
  • What Does the Bible Say About Interpersonal Relations?
    What does the Bible say about forgiving your neighbor ... for this kind of love. "Love your neighbor" was not a ... anger; for your anger does not produce ...
  • Anger Bible Verses - Bible Study Tools
    26 “In your anger do not sin” : ... Strength Bible Verses; Love Bible Verses; Inspirational Bible Verses; Bible Study







    cashewsraw.jpg (484430 bytes)Raw Cashew Nuts - Are they Really Raw?
    by John Kohler
    Cashew nuts are one of my favorite nuts on this planet.  Unfortunetly,  most cashew nuts labeled "raw cashew nuts" are not truly "raw".  They have been heat processed in order to remove the delicious nut from the toxic shell.
    You may ask why they label it "raw".. I have often thought of the very same questions.  Most companies label it "raw" because to them, the nut has "not" been processed, ie: roasted.  Although in the process of removing the actual shell, the nut has been very processed...usually steamed and boiled in oil!  So until recently I have pretty much avoided purchasing raw cashew nuts.   I have been enjoying in-shell macadamia nuts, which are my all time favorite nut.  When purchasing mac nuts, its important to purchase them in the shell.   Once the nut has been out of the shell, many go rancid.
    This article will explain more about the cashew nut, and cashew apple, the fruit of the nut, as well as its origin, and nutrient value.
    cashewtree.gif (19763 bytes)The cashew, Anacardium occidentale L., belongs to the Anacardiaceae or cashew family. Two related plants in this family are the mango tree and pistachio tree.
    The cashew tree is native to South America where it flourishes in Brazil and Peru. In the sixteenth century, Portuguese traders introduced the tree to India where it has more recently become an important export crop equal to that of Brazil. Other countries that grow and export cashews include Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, the West Indies, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya. The United States is the largest importer of cashew nuts.
    The cashew tree is a hearty, fast-growing evergreen with an umbrella-like canopy. Under favorable conditions it may reach a height of forty to fifty feet. The tree has a rather messy look with it's gnarled stem and crooked branches. Lower branches rest near the ground and may root, further augmenting it's spreading form. The leaves of the cashew tree are four to eight inches long and two to three inches wide. Its aromatic flower clusters are a yellowish pink.
    cashewapple.jpg (11437 bytes)Cashew trees produce both a fruit ("apple") and a nut, and a valuable oil can be drawn from the nut shell. After the cashew flower blooms, a nut forms. The apple later swells between the nut shell and the stem. It takes two months for the cashew apple to ripen. When harvested, the apple can only keep for twenty-four hours before it begins to ferment. Although the fruit can be used for making many typical fruit products (jellies, jams, juice, wine and liquor), the apple is often discarded, in pursuit of the nut. If processed and stored properly, the cashew nut can be kept for a year or longer.   Technically, the actual nut is the thick-shelled seed. The outer shell (coat) of the seed contains the poison oak allergen urushiol, and may cause dermatitis in hypersensitive people.
    cashew1b.gif (23703 bytes)There is a toxic resin inside the shell layer. If the shell is not opened properly, the resin will get on the cashew nut, making it inedible. Most companies steam the shell open at a high temperature, thus cooking the cashew nut inside.  A certain nut producer in Indonesia uses a special technique with specially-designed tools (without using any heat at all) to open the shell cleanly every time without ever exposing the cashew nut to the resin. The raw cashews are much sweeter, tastier, and nutritious than their cooked counterparts.
    Many people avoid cashew nuts because of their high fat content, though they are lower in total fat than almonds, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts. Cashew provide essential fatty acids, B vitamins, fiber, protein, carbohydrate potassium, iron, and zinc. Like other nuts, cashews have a small percentage of saturated fat; however, eaten in small quantities cashews are a highly nutritious food.
    There are only a few places that sell the truly RAW cashew nuts.  I recommend the following  place: The The Raw Food World.

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