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Muslims Angered by Hillary's Defeat.

Tom's Journal.

Follow this thread... and find out about,  Larry Sinclair, and Obama....  and hold on to your belt buckle. 

Check out the video 'Judge Jeanine Rips Apart "Hopeless" Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump'
Boom! Best response ever!!

Judge Jeanine Rips Apart "Hopeless" Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump
Judge Jeanine Rips Apart "Hopeless" Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump
Judge Jeanine Rips Apart "Hopeless" Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump
Video link:
Judge Jeanine Rips Apart "Hopeless" Michelle Obama After her Classless Attacks on Trump

Venezuela extends use of nearly worthless 100-bolivar bill until Jan. 2

Orlando Sentinel - ‎3 hours ago‎
A member of the Venezuelan militia shows a sample of a banknote with the image of opposition leader and President of National Assembly Henry Ramos Allup and a sign that reads in Spanish " out of circulation

Hi  Friends,
    As the bible says,  'Come,  let us reason together...'   Another saying goes like this:   'The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.'   What it all boils down to, IMHO [in my humble opinion] is:   If you consider/  ponder on these things.... that some people hate you for being a Christian, and try to lead a life following our Savior and Lord,  Jesus Christ, it's not that hard to figure things out !
      In the book of Matthew 24: 9, it Jesus said,  'And ye shall be hated by all the nations for my name's sake.'   He was talking about the last days of the Gentiles.... of this Wicked system of things, of the 'Last Days' right before His return to claim  "His Bride"  --- Rapturing up His followers ! !   You see, if a person, or a nation bares many children during some bad, poor, times [era],  those kids/ grow and think, "Well,  this must be the natural way of things,  because this is all we've known all our lives !"   However,  the older ones, people MY age [in their 60's, and older] can still remember when we NEVER LOCKED OUR HOUSE DOORS OR CARS !!   We even left the car keys IN THE CAR as we went shopping, etc. !!   Ha!  Now leaving your keys in your car is illegal in many places, and just asking for trouble !   See/  Understand what I am saying, dear friends and readers ?   So,  please read the full chapters of Matthew 24, and 25, plus the 2 books of Timothy, to find out just how these "Last Days" of evil,  before the Lord Jesus comes back are going to be.    Things were not ALWAYS that way in America, and you might even say that it was almost a grand Paradise to which so many other people wanted to get in, and prosper, with freedom and peace !!    Actually,  so many combat Veterans, from WW-2, and onward never dreamed things would deteriorate like we see now, with crime, gross immorality, drugs, violence, rape, murder... especially punks killing cops, big time !    Yes,  some cops are total jerks and dishonest, and should be fired or more,  but the majority are just trying to do their jobs and protect us !   The fact is,  we combat Veterans feel robbed and cheated that our Gov't let things get so out of hand, to where you cannot walk the streets at night !   And more firearms were purchased during Prez Obama's watch,  because the violence is just to rampant, and in many places, the punks, and Muslims want to rule whole cities --- like certain parts of Detroit, MI, and the USA, and Chicago, with a Democrat mayor and some of the most strictest gun laws, has the dubious title of having the most murders and shootings in the USA.  

So,  here is the thing I am trying to get across....  why would the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and Al-Qaeda, be so Angered by Hillary's defeat ??   Conventional wisdom is that Hillary is soft on crime and planned to ship in tens of thousands more of radical Islamists than Obama !   That is the best way to tear down our American Society.... just as being done in Northern Europe,  where Sweden is now the 'rape capital of the world !'   The streets of Germany are now controlled by the radical Islamists/ Muslims, who rape the women and children at will,  and always get away scot free!    It's just a big old 'love fest' for them !   You see, when I was in Germany in early 1968,  crap like that would have NEVER been tolerated !  Never !   But now, even in the USA, our laws have been perverted and the courts let the guilty go with very short sentences, if at all.... with Liberal Judges, etc.   Well,   I am sure that looking upon Mr. DJ Trump makes the fearful, and gets them pause.... LOL !   Frankly, I am betting that most Patriots,  Christians, and  Veterans are feeling a gush of pride, happiness, Joy and Hope, right now.  Mr. Trump is certainly not a perfect man for the job....  but he is just what we need right now, and his cabinet picks are OUTSTANDING !!  We don't know what the near future will bring,  but no one can stop us from feeling some American Pride and Happiness, right now.  PTL. 

Mr. Trump will face some major problems and 'YUGE' challenges as soon as he gets sworn in on Jan. 20th, and we all need to pray for him and his family ever single day.  But for now, we can and should rejoice....  as the immoral, lowlife Left is crying like little babies, every day, and blaming everyone except themselves, as the public saw thru all their corruption, lies, dirty tricks and illegal, immoral moves.    You know what, friends,  sooner or later the truth is going to start bubbling to the top for all to see, and if the LEFT had won,  they would have just swept it all under the rug, as usual.    Sorry,  I just have no respect for them.... and once a liar,  always a LIAR !    And I am convinced that some of them are purely satanic and rotten to the core !   But after the Rapture,  I won't even care one tiny bit !!
     And I highly suspect that Father God is keeping me single, for a special reason right now...  although it is tough to be alone all the time.   I still have a good pension and great health benefits... as God has blessed me in many ways.   I just may relocate farther South to Wisconsin, this Spring...  but we shall see.   I just don't  know any one U.P. here, no matter how hard I try to be kind, friendly, and gracious.   Perhaps the harder times and the wicked, evil spirit that rules the world right now, has made so many ladies, tough, hard, materialistic, money hungry, and Christian women are just really hard to find, now days, IMHO.    Tell me if I am wrong.
      And I think I will buy a nice ham on the bone, for Christmas time.   If I knew anybody, I might invite them over to share a meal, or just talk and have fun.   But...  Thank YOU, dear Lord, for all the blessings you bestow upon me every day !   

Warm  Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Al-Qaeda Angered by Hillary’s Defeat


Is it any wonder? She was their champion. We dodged a bullet, all right.

Top Arab Journalist: Iran, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood Angered by Trump’s Election

By Deborah Danan, Breitbart News, December 15, 2106:
TEL AVIV – The emergent Trump administration is “the first time that we see Washington officials who realize the facts on the ground and frankly declare that they will not accept blackmail or keep silent over extremist and terrorist regimes,” Abdulrahman al-Rashed, an acclaimed journalist and former editor-in-chief of London-based leading Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, said.

In an oped titled “Which Muslims Are Against Trump?” published Tuesday in Al Arabiya, Rashed said that Muslims should not be afraid of President-elect Donald Trump’s “intentions” for the Muslim and Arab world. On the contrary, writes Rashed, the ones who are leading the fear-mongering campaign by “claiming Washington was willing to launch war on one billion Muslims” are radical Muslim groups and tyrannical regimes – including, chiefly, Iran – because Trump and his newly appointed officials have sworn to topple them.
“We understand that Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the elections angered the Muslim Brotherhood. What fueled the latter’s anger was how Trump received Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in New York earlier this year,” Rashed said in reference to Trump’s September meeting with the Egyptian leader, which prompted the latter to declare he had “no doubt” the president-elect would make a strong leader.
“It’s on this basis that they try to picture Trump’s administration as racist and as an enemy of Islam and Muslims,” he continued.
“Iran, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood” are the chief objectors to Trump’s choice of appointments, Rashed writes.

Rashed, who also served as the executive director of Al Arabiya News Channel, cited Trump’s pick for secretary of defense, General James Mattis, as one example. While Mattis has “clearly and frankly voiced hostility,” it was only “against terrorist organizations.”
“[Mattis] also has frank stances against what Iran is doing in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon,” Rashed continues.

He also cites General Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security adviser, as another example.
Flynn “has also made outspoken speeches against extremist Islamic groups. Many have used these speeches to indicate that he is hostile against Islam and Muslims,” he notes.
“Truth be told, what General Flynn said is what we ourselves say, that there is a dangerous virus inside Islamic society called extremism that has killed Muslims and threatened them everywhere and harmed them more than it even harmed the West and followers of other religions.”
“Hideous crimes were committed by extremist groups – the same ones that Flynn and Mattis call for confronting,” he adds.
Rashed writes that Mike Pompeo, whom Trump chose to manage “the most important foreign security institution, the CIA,” holds the same view as the others when it comes to “confronting terrorism” and is “aware of Iran’s sabotaging role in the region and the world.”
If we realize that those who are angered by these three appointments are Iran, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, we can understand that the problem is not in Trump’s choices, but in these men’s project to confront terrorism which the former parties sponsor or at least benefit from.
The majority of Islamic countries agree with these state secretaries’ proposals and vision of the crisis that threatens the entire world. We, as Muslims, have for a decade and half now been engaged in a war against extremism and extremists, as an ideology and groups, and want the world to differentiate between Muslims and not put them all in one category and to stand with the majority of peaceful Muslims against this evil minority. It’s in our interest to deter regimes like Iran that support terrorist groups, be it Sunni or Shi’ite, and allies with them and engages in regional wars under dishonest slogans such as defending Islam or standing against the West.

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