Friday, December 16, 2016

The Allen West Republic.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    I had to get up early today, and I just love my comfortable king size bed, as it gives me a very refreshing sleep, and "sanctuary."   I pray all the time,  because an old man like me needs all the Grace he can get.... lol.    And I can concentrate under the warm wool covers when I have worked all the 'bugs' out of my stressful day, and just thank God for a roof out of the cold, nasty Northern Winter.   I remind myself of past years, also alone and in dire straits.... and try to rethink how I might have done things different, perhaps if I relied on the H.S. [Holy Spirit] more.    I know that some folks would tell me NOT to dwell on the past, but I just do it in a 'comparative mode' way, to measure my life, sort of.   
        Counting the biblical ways and blessings of being alone.... is:   Number One:   I really save a lot of money to pay off/ down my bills that being married racked up.... lol.    No offence, ladies !    Smile.   But I have one CC --credit card that I cancelled, but still paying it off at the rate of over  $600/ month, and only cut it in half this past year !!   Hello!   You can imagine how high it was, as I allowed my beautiful spouse to use it also....  duh.   Just saying....    And I have to pay the bills, and the heating bill for this old, uninsulated house is over $230/ month in the Winter time,  but the A/C unit runs it up in the Summer time, also.    And living so far North, U.P. here is much cheaper than living closer to Milwaukee, or some bigger city !    So I am just so tired of "carrying" the lazy, selfish bums in the USA, who WILL NOT WORK, nor lift a finger to find work or stay in school.... Yes, the 4th generation Welfare folks ! ! !   I HAD TO WORK ALL MY LIFE !  And right now there are less people working to support those who CAN, but won't, and the Obama Gov't just lets them get away with murder and mayhem.

I have limited storage space here in the house, and I wish I could organize all my stuff better.   Many women seem to have that 'built in organizational skills in their beautiful mind, and they can go 1, 2, 3, and it's all organize in minutes !  The last chapter in Proverbs has a lot to say about, "A Good Woman, and Wife"  --- how precious and valuable she is !    Like I have always said,  'I do very well and HAPPY in a good marriage, with a Christian woman, as my PARTNER [not slave or servant!],  but the Proverbs also have many verses telling about a contentious woman, always negative, fighting, greedy and nagging non-stop, forever !   Some men and women LOVE being alone and single !   I am not one of them, and need the wholesome company of a mature, normal, woman.     And not ONE OF MY PAST wives or girl friends will ever say that I was selfish or grudging to them... but I am by nature, a generous person.
      Yesterday I went to the local food market/ store for some goodies, and a baked chicken, etc., and my power scooter that the store provided was almost out of battery power, so a store guy employee, came out side to help me off load my groceries into my truck in the still, very cold, wind.    I asked him if he really needed the money working there, and he said they didn't pay him much.   He was just plain POOR, so I opened my wallet and got a Bible Tract, and all I could find were $20 bills... so I gave him a $20 bill, and asked him to, seriously read it in his spare time, and he walked away happy and grateful !    Now,  I don't normally do that,  but something inside of me, prodded me --- motivated me to help that guy, and so I did.   I get such a good feeling inside when I do things like that,  also sharing the Gospel with many people I meet day to day, and remember,  I am only an AVERAGE, man, a Disabled Vietnam Veteran.  
       But,  in my past life, God has provided a 'Mentor' to me, to pull me out of a bad way, or a deep depression, when I most needed it.  Yes,  if a man or woman is honest, sincere, searching for God's help,  God WILL PROVIDE !   He knows what our limit is and how much we can stand.   Rather than compromise with the evil one -- our enemies, the Islamic murders, God provides a way out, and sometimes that is DEATH.   Just keep remembering, friends,  in our time of peril, if they kill us, the very second after we die -- we shall be with Jesus in heaven ! !   And, if we don't go up with the Rapture,  but die before that happens, it's the same thing.... up to heaven and no more pain or sorrow !   If you want help with the scriptural proof, just ask me, please.  

BTW,  [by the way],  if you have trouble sleeping at night,  do NOT eat a lot of food before you to bed, and try to take some, good, Vitamin B complex, along with some Magnesium Complex, and I highly recommend the fine company:   !

Have a great chilly day.

Big Army Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman

Dec 16, 2016
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