Friday, January 8, 2016

Counting Our Blessings.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends and Readers,
     Being off-line for 2 and a half weeks seemed terrible,  but I learned a few lessons.   Bad, tragic News on TV and the Internet never sleeps !   And it's the same old "scrap"  of people over-hyping everything for sensationalism and grabbing that almighty DOLLAR !   Some of my friends complain and hate the term,  Money,  but that is what makes the bills get paid,  sorry.   Money can be a master, or a slave.   And really, who of us really feels secure in their job or income??   I am still learning valuable lessons right now at age 67 !!   It took me 5 minutes to catch my breath after climbing the steep billy goat   outside,  snowy, steps, leading to my new mail box in the new small, country town I now live in ---     in the snowy U.P.  [Upper Peninsula of Michigan]
      And the point I really wanted to get at today, not only for Info, but also to entertainment          [Is that's what I love to do beside read the book of Proverbs, etc.]      --- people .   If you ever saw the old movie called:   "Popeye,"  that small fishing town had a TAX on EVERYTHING ! !   Well,  this small town near Iron Mtn., MI.,   ---NORWAY, MI., is the same way....  lol.   Like, I had to pay a deposit of $200 just to get my Cable TV and Internet, reinstalled....hooked up!           And to rent a small, tiny P.O. box at the physical Post Office, is $25-- $50, and up !   OK,  gasoline is cheap right now, and that may be the ONLY thing to smile about... Ha!   
      I would estimate that this town has perhaps 1200 people in it.  Not that I like big cities,  but I will probably end up moving back to S.E. WI., to be closer to my family and many, dear, loyal,  friends.   But I hate moving with a passion, and it will cost me an arm and a leg to do it.    BTW,  I am stripping down in a sense by selling my guitar, Amp, and welding equipment soon, and try to write and finish my book, and get it published.   It should be interesting reading, and a help aid for others who go thru life and hit some big bumps.... while being a Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70.   But, dear friends,  there is HOPE, in a far superior Being called, "Heavenly Father... God."  And without the H.S.,  all Believers would be sunk with despair.   Now,   I am a slow learner....  BUT, I DO LEARN, after I get burned enough.   I might be a lonely man right now,  but I do have Peace, quiet, some security and enough to pay MY bills.  
    OK,  I am sitting on a hard kitchen chair, and my butt tells me that it's time to end this post.   The bottom line for my near future goals is:  try not to be negative about your life style and obstacles, because someone out on the street always has it much worse than you do.   I just might get involved in helping the Homeless, too.
   Have a great day!

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Clinton indictment may derail campaign

Mark Tapscott of The Daily Caller has reported that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be indicted for several legal violations and speculates whether partisan Democrat Attorney General Loretta Lynch would act on an indictment recommendation. The entire fiasco brings much smoke to where there must be fire, yet it remains to be seen whether anyone has the backbone to do the right thing. Sources with experience in handling classified emails have told The Daily Jot that government employees handling information the way Clinton has would be in jail for a long time. Just the shear number of Clinton's possible legal violations should derail her campaign, but we live in strange times.

Tapscott writes: "Negligence is critical because Clinton signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement in 2009 regarding classified information that stated, among much else, that "Sensitive Compartmented Information involves or derives from intelligence sources or methods that is classified or is involved in a classification determination ..." Clinton and several of her closest aides must have read information "derived from intelligence sources or methods" on a daily or near-daily basis. There is an ominous sentence buried in that agreement Clinton signed: "Nothing in this agreement constitutes a waiver by the United States of the right to prosecute me for any statutory violations."" 

This is possibly the smoking gun, according to Tapscott. He concludes: "A Republican with direct knowledge of the investigation predicted political chaos if Lynch doesn't decide to prosecute Clinton, a chaos that "would be the gift that keeps on giving right through the election." With or without resignations of FBI officials to protest such a decision, there would be a blizzard of news releases from congressional GOPers condemning Lynch, followed by hearings in which both the attorney general and FBI Director James Comey would be put under oath and asked about their actions." The trouble here is that Democrats will be unlikely to uphold the law and Republicans, to date, have not held accountability for years.

People need to understand the criminality of what Clinton has done. If we live in a nation where no one is above the law, folks like Clinton should be in jail. But, like notorious gangster Al Capone, they keep using legal loopholes for their "stay out of jail" card. It was simple tax evasion that brought Capone down, even though there were many other terrible crimes he had committed. It may be emails that indict Clinton. Notwithstanding, a person of her character should not hold office.  Exodus 18:21 tells us what kind of leaders to select: "Moreover you shall provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness." 
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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