Sunday, January 31, 2016

"The Man who Waited...."

Tom's Journal.

Hello   Friends,
     An email buddy,  Thomas N., sent this cool message to me, and I thought that it was nothing more than the bare,  simple,   TRUTH !!  Ha!   And most of you already know what I think of the Truth.   The apostle Paul said, at Galatians 4: 16,   "Am I therefore become your enemy,  because I tell you he truth?"     Indeed,  I have made so many enemies for just telling the truth, so that I now try to carefully refrain from wounding anyone by being more "discreet."   And I see that a handful of 'people' removed themselves from my "following blog group,"  but I learned long ago, that those folks were going to leave me anyway, and were nothing more than 'fair weather friends' and who need the dead wood clinging to me, and weighting me down.  Ha !   I already carry too many pounds on my belly and behind !  And....  I intend to do something about that too, like re-join the local Gym, in Kingsford, MI.  
        I hope that you also notice that I am trying hard not to burn anyone by name, and have recently learned that 'hating another human being hurt me just as much as the target of my arrows and darts !!'  So,  by the Grace of God, and the Holy Spirit,  I am like a "New Man" in putting those hateful tendencies and hostilities away forever,  so help me God.   And for the record,  I can do NOTHING of my own human accord,  but allow the H.S. to move me in the right, biblical direction, still a sinner,  but feeling a ray of hope.   Thank You, Lord.   So....  don't expect me to hang around F/ B too much from now on either,  because it's too addictive and time consuming,  also watched closely by "Big Brother" --- the Gov't.   You remember, don't you ?? That huge entity that gets so many of our young soldiers killed over seas in stupid wars that don't even have an exist strategy and only seek to limit and contain the enemy....   duh !!   Don't get me wrong,  I love all the Soldiers, Marines and other branches,  but the leadership stinks, big time !   Sorry,  that was the truth again,  shame on me....
    Prayers for those dear to me who have sustained painful injuries and hurting from arthritis and other disorders.   I am hoping to get more involved in my "new place of worship" --- at the Wednesday night Prayer Meetings, etc.  

OK,  the main point of the fine message down below, delivered so poetically, IMHO, is that you just cannot trust ANYONE IN THE WORLD,  except Jesus Christ, our dear Lord and Savior,  and ourselves !!   Please, visit the multitude of fine, comprehensive  blogs and other places that really INFORM you in how to take care of yourself.  Even with limited money and income,  you really need proper 'hardware' to protect yourself.  Learn who to do just that, and invest in some silver bullion coins, good sharp knives and take a safety gun course/ fire arms !   Combat Veterans are number one on the list to herd up and 'dispose of,'  because we are trained leaders in survival and protection !  I already believe that MY days are numbered, and even though my hope is in Christ and the Rapture,  I may well be snuffed out before my time,  just for posting stuff like THIS in my humble, but out spoken blog ! ! !   Oh well....  I am old enough to have a heart attack or stroke right now,  but the Lord keeps me here yet,  because He can use me somehow, some way.  PTL.  

Have a great chilly day, dear friends and readers.

Tommy Schuckman

29 Jan 16

The man who waited....

“We are approaching ultimate inversion: where government is free to do  
anything, while citizens may act only by permission.”


The family of man who froze to death in his stranded vehicle, while  
patiently waiting for promised help that never came, on a NY highway during a  
November snowstorm has just announced that they are filing a claim against the  
State of NY, the county involved, and the State DOT.

If course, units of government have, through legislation, so thoroughly  
insulated themselves against all such claims that there is scant chance of
this  one ever seeing the light of day.

The victim in this case made numerous phone calls from his stranded vehicle
to 911, AAA, et al and was repeatedly ordered to stay put, and assured
that help  was “on the way.”  

That was a lie!  Help was never on the way, and he died waiting for  it.  
The entire LE and DOT systems were hopelessly overloaded, and State  
authorities, enforcing a travel ban, prevented AAA from sending a tow  truck.

The point is this:

“Who live on hope, will die fasting.”

B Franklin

A government that has promoted enforced dependency, in a cynical attempt to
garner votes from the chronically dependant and permanently unproductive,
now  casually admits that they cannot possibly live up to false expectations
they  themselves have promised!

Loosely translated into plain English: It takes virtually nothing to  
overwhelm the System, leaving naively expectant citizens waiting for “help” that
never comes!

As liberals/leftists condescendingly denigrate personal preparedness,  
particularly being armed, out of the other side of their mouths comes the  
sheepish admission that, in virtually any kind of emergency, we are all “on our  

This is the kind of double-talk that infuriates voters, and should.   
Bureaucrats quetch endlessly that their various departments are “just not big  
enough.”  Yet, with each growth in size, complaints, far from diminishing,  
expand exponentially.  Bureaucracies quickly and invariably develop a cozy,  
symbiotic relationship with the very “problems” they are supposed to  “solve.
”  The cycle is never-ending!  

Amid perpetual scandals, they always claim to be doing the best they  can.  
Sorry, but this taxpayer is fresh out of sympathy!  

What will save our Republic is an audacious rebirth of personal  
preparedness and personal independence, not more dependence and bigger and more  
intrusive bureaucracies.  

With any luck, we are, at long last, leaning this painful lesson!

“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from  
men who produce nothing.  When you see that money is flowing to those who  
deal, not in goods, but in favors.  When you see that men get richer by  
graft and pull, than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but
protect them against you.  When you see corruption being rewarded, and  
honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is  doomed.”

Ayn Rand

Thomas Neviaser

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