Monday, March 28, 2016

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Tom's Journal.

he employer should have thrown in some PORK RINDS with that beer!!!!!!!!!!!!  We should send some to the muslim terrorist satan worshiper in the white house.  How pray tell will we ever get his STENCH our of our HOUSE?????????????

After Muslim Truckers Refuse to Deliver Beer …
Obama Does the Unbelievable .
by Bill Callen
Barack Obama just sided with Muslims to enforce Islamic Sharia Law
on an American business, leaving many outraged and
two Fox News anchors absolutely stunned.

Two Muslim truck drivers — former Somali “refugees” —
refused to make deliveries of beer to stores for their employer. 
So they were understandably fired

They claimed it was a violation of their religious beliefs —
even though Islam bars allow the consumption of alcohol. 
And, as the employer pointed out, the workers knew
they would have to deliver alcohol before they took the job.
So guess what Barack Obama did.

He SUED the employers on behalf of the pair, Mahad Abass Mohamed
and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale, claiming religious discrimination.

Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
represented them in the case, providing tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars
in legal support, judicial filings and court appearances against the employer
who was hopelessly outgunned by the Federal government.

And this week the Muslims were awarded a stunning $240,000 by a jury,
presided over by an Obama appointee who stunned analysts
by allowing the case to go forward at all.

Fox Newshosts Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano were flabbergasted:

“The Obama administration actually represented the two Muslims in this case. 
But has sometimes taken a very different position in the case of Christians
trying to assert their religious beliefs.”
She then said to Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano
“So in the case of the Muslim truck drivers,
the Obama administration through the EEOC is all in.
"This is what they said: 
‘We are proud to support the rights of workers to equal treatment
in the workplace without having to sacrifice their religious beliefs or practices;
it’s fundamental to the American principles of religious freedom and tolerance.’
"But when it comes to the Christian bakers, it’s not as fundamental.”
Napolitano was equally perplexed:
“That’s correct.  It’s unfortunate when the government interferes
in a private dispute over religious views, and takes sides, and chooses
one religion over another.” 
To their point, the Christian owners of “Melissa’s Sweet Cakes”
were fined $135,000 by the state of Oregon
for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. 
And Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was jailed for refusing
to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Napolitano offered an explanation for the administration’s interest
in the Muslim truck driver case:
“The way the feds intervened …
they wanted this case because they wanted to make the point
that they've now made.”

The U.S. Government and the courts can't legally have one set of laws
for Christians and another set of laws for Muslims and other religious groups. 
But now they do. 
Obama’s actions and this court’s ruling throws into relief that
not all Americans are legally recognized as possessing religious liberty
and freedom of conscience.

As George Orwell might put it, Obama has now established that
Muslims are more equal than Christians in America.

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Dear Friends,
      I have personally read, found out the hard way, studied the VA and all it does to hurt the Veterans !   Too many of my fellow brothers in arms have told me horror stories of hurt, pain, abuse, and injustice handed to them by the VA, and various VAMC 's,  and we need to continue the fight to get what is justly ours, legally.  Please share this with other Vets. 

Yesterday was a very special, great "Easter"  [Happy Resurrection Day] for me, as I went to an early church service and also took a friend with me.   Then we had a nice brunch, and pleasant conversation....  someone who is my 'intellectual equal' and also loves the Bible and knows it well, has a good education.   I just need to say that it's nice to be wanted, respected, honored, and treated like a human being,  for a change.   A different person's prospective on things gives me the satisfaction and where with all to see things as they really are, and go on with my life as normally as possible.   So then, I hope never to allow "blind love" and physical beauty cloud my brain and heart in the future, and get stung by greedy people and lose so much income, wealth, along with intense, lasting pain, heart break, etc....  may God help me do the right thing and be wiser in the future !   PTL.  

I know that I have posted a certain message on-line for a few years now,  but I fear that we are all getting much closer to the time when a national/ and even global economic melt down will occur.   People like me, will never be completely prepared,  but we can get that mind set going right now, today !!  When our paper money will be totally worthless, what will we do ? ?  The rich will fly away to some better place, or protected bunker or guarded community or island,  but the rest of us will have to 'pay the piper.'  I am taking 'baby steps' right now to get myself in shape, prepare, and build good relationships with other of same mind and knowledge, and also stay close to the Lord.... and pray often.  

Remember, that experts say and print/ post, that the Western USA, especially California, only has enough water to last for one more year, and they produce about half of our fruits and veggies !!  Hello!  That means that water and food will shoot up thru the roof!   I bought one can of mushrooms the other day and it cost me,  $1.75 !    You all know where I am coming from and what I think is the best thing to invest in, friends.  Better to "strike while the iron is hot !"  Buy and invest NOW!   Personally,  I am trying to juggle all the investments, paying down my CC's that someone else helped to charge up on my cards.... duh,  and so, no matter how much you make/ earn,  it all gets spent quickly every pay day.   I will guard myself and my possessions a big more carefully as time goes on and people get more desperate.  

So much to do, today and tomorrow.
 Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Some of our gunships...  but I was flying in "Slicks" as a door gunner, with this fine Army Aviation outfit, the 240th AHC, on my 2nd tour in RVN.  {he Republic of Vietnam}

Here is me at age 19, at my first duty station in Vietnam at CuChi, RVN.   What a rush-- what an adventure !  But Father God protected me.  PTL.

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