Monday, May 23, 2016

A Meeting in Bonn, Germany, Right Now.

Tom's Journal.

    Isn't this just too cute !  ?   Go figure:  Our US Congress is either bought off or intimidated to death by some mysterious power on earth... and maybe the power of Satan, too.   Now, as a military man,  I know enough to get me hung, and I am not about to spill all the beans, in my retired years of finally starting to 'get somewhere, and enjoy some suds in the Summer sun.'   I have paid my dues many times over, and even if I have some quirks or a sun baked brain,  I am respected among most of my peers and many others.   And God loves me, too.     Let's just say that one way or another, Bible prophecy WILL/ MUST COME  TRUE ! !   So,   we can 'wonder' all we want and rack our tiny human brains as to 'why this and why that, and how come the Congress and voters don't get with the program.'   The FACT of the matter is, that the Bible never once mentions by any means, way, shape or color:  America, or the USA.  Period.   That can only mean that we will "cease to exist."   Sorry to be so crude, fellows and gentle ladies.   I am truly sorry, too,  because I love it here in America, and been all around the world before I was age, 20 !   Still,  I plan to vote for the one, hope, a Conservative, Christian fellow, with blonde hair, who seems to be a savvy business man, even if he does use some very colorful English....  

I took a nice, lovely, very pretty friend out for a late lunch, and those Mexicans ran out of my favorite hot roasted peppers today !!!  Shame !   But I enjoyed the gentle company of my old friend and she was very kind to me, after a slight shake up, yesterday.... another matter.   I hope that she helps me plant my veggie garden:  tomatoes, cucumbers and Zucchini [Italian squash-- so tasty on the grill, next to my T-bones...]  !    I prefer the larger 'Beef Steak tomatoes,' that are so great in salads and on hamburgers, etc.   Thank You, T.S., for your loving kindness, today.  Bless You.    

Well,  I also got locked out of my rented house today, and the landlord didn't even have the right key, so tomorrow, I will have 3 more house keys made so that NEVER happens to me again !   Ha!   Jeepers !  What will people U.P. here do when a REAL emergencies strikes, or when the SHTF ???   Oh, boy....   OK, I used to be a Boy Scout, and also a 4-H member, but my dad and the Army really taught me to have my gear always at the ready, and to always carry your EDC  tools.   Call me a paranoid, dumb ass,  but I am almost always ready for anything that comes down the pike.   I had too much on my mind today and locked myself out,  but I promise that will never happen again.   I normally have a "triple redundancy."    End of discussion.   

I got plenty of sun today, waiting for my landlord to come open the door for me, and tomorrow it might rain, and that is OK with me.   

Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman   

As you read this, two things are happening: (1) UN Globalists are meeting in Bonn, Germany to finalize implementation of the UN Climate Change Treaty and (2) Barack Obama is meeting with world leaders in Vietnam to strategize on implementing the climate treaty without Congressional approval.
What Obama is doing is literally surrendering our sovereignty and the United Nations is more than willing to accept!
When the founders wrote the Constitution, they implemented the 2/3 ratification requirement for a reason. It takes 67 Senators to vote in favor of an international trade agreement because the American people should always have a say in whether international treaties become US law.
The UN, for example, cannot force us to abide by one of its laws. Only Congress can ratify an international agreement.
Obama, however, has a different interpretation. He is promising to implement the treaty’s core requirements by executive order and then give away American tax dollars to other countries implementing the treaty!
Thomas Neviaser

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A Prophectic Move... Dangerous.

Tom's Journal.

I think you will get some good pointers in the film to help understand and see that history kind of repeats itself. Bad part has been since the military has not been permitted to WIN the fight that we are required to engage..

Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran
"Greyhound Two" 1969-1970


[Terror alert] ISIS planning major U.S. attack

Next week kicks off the unofficial start to summer – but Islamic terrorists are hoping to launch something else entirely, and it has security experts concerned.
ISIS commanders are ordering followers to launch a major attack on Americans on U.S. soil in “celebration” of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which begins June 5.
Their objective is simple — kill as many innocent Americans as possible.
“Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad,” declared Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the madman considered the “official” spokesman for the Islamic State, according to Reuters. “Get prepared, be ready… to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers… especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.”
He didn’t just call on attacks against American soldiers locked in battle with ISIS in Iraq. He called on terrorist operatives and sleeper cells to launch a wave of terror right here in the United States.
He even urged supporters not to fly to the Middle East to join ISIS’s twisted effort, but to stay home and kill on American soil instead.
“The smallest action you do in their heartland is better and more enduring to us than what you would if you were with us,” he ranted. “If one of you hoped to reach the Islamic State, we wish we were in your place to punish the Crusaders day and night.”
Despite the threat, President Barack Obama has so far failed to respond. The terror threat level remains unchanged, and there are no indications of a beefed-up law enforcement effort.
In fact, the U.S. continues to accept Middle Eastern migrants that ISIS has promised to infiltrate with fighters.
But based on the past week, the feds need to stop avoiding the issue and get serious about protecting Americans from the Islamic threat – because European authorities are warning that this could be the bloodiest month in history.
“We risk being confronted with a new form of attack: A terrorist campaign characterized by leaving explosive devices in places where big crowds gather, multiplying this type of action to create a climate of panic,” warned Patrick Calvar, head of French intelligence.
But they might not just be aiming for crowds on the ground… but also innocents in the air, planes full of travelers who want nothing more than a little summer fun with family members.
It’s not yet clear what brought down EgyptAir Flight 804 last week, but many leading experts believe it was a terrorist act.
House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Ed Royce said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that terror is “highly likely.”
This plane didn’t start out in Egypt, which is known for its problems and where lax security may have helped terrorists down Metrojet Flight 9268 to Russia last year.
The flight originated from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, home to some of the world’s strictest security standards.
If ISIS-linked radicals have managed to find a way to evade that extra security and get a bomb onto a plane in Paris, there’s no telling where they might strike next.
And that may even be why there has been no claim of responsibility just yet.
“The more sinister but less likely explanation is that a terrorist group has figured out a novel way to attack aircraft and is concealing its involvement in order to replicate the attack elsewhere,” intelligence advisory company Strategic Forecasting said in a report issued over the weekend.
— The Horn editorial

     Yes!  I firmly believe that God loves me, even as I stumble along many times, fall down, and even act foolish, mess up....  Just as a human father has mercy and long suffering/ patience with his own human son/ child.   God doesn't strike us down with a bolt of lighting when we sin or take the wrong road.   And if we truly love His Son, Jesus and declare it with our lips,  WE ARE SAVED !   Right now,  I am in 'good peace'  with myself as I reflect back, and measure where I am right now,  in the hands of the Lord, and I love to read the Psalms!    They teach me how merciful our mighty God is !  

But, there is a limit to God's mercy, and just as the short article below says.... things are 'evolving' just as the Bible predicts.  I figure that so much 'CAN/ COULD HAPPEN' before that particular prophecy is fulfilled.   America could see a collapse, or the good candidate who respects and loves Israel, 'could fall' or "have an accident,"  and I pray that never happens !!   But he has my vote, anyway, even as he has a bunch of human faults... don't we all have faults ?  Sometimes Pride.    But we need a strong Conservative leader, not someone who bows down to the enemy.... literally.  Ha!  You guys already know that I am opinionated...LOL.   But I know my rights and STILL have the right to speak my piece/  my opinion.  Although,  I think that FEMA and other 'alphabet types' have painted a 'target' on my back.   This isn't the good old USA I grew up in.... folks, like back in the 1960's.  

Friends,  the good thing about being retired after working 30.5 years at Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI., [and many other places] at the tender age of 54, back in the year, 2002, with full bennies and  pension,  is that I can take my time and do almost anything that my physical body allows.   I always wanted to write a book or two, but now, I just love to sit in the sun and get a rich dark tan, while reading the Bible and growing closer to the Lord, and thanking Him for every good thing that I have.   An old  clean house, with a big, tall refrigerator and freezer!! [Thanks to Mickey and Ron!]    And right now I have a little time on my hands to reflect upon things,  many things.  The fact that I often have the tendency to 'push too fast, too hard,'  sorry.    Or to concentrate on certain issues, read, study, learn new things......  just like I learned recently that I've  been cooking my bacon the WRONG WAY!  I should have placed the bacon in my cast iron frying pan first and then start to heat it up... instead of heating the skillet up FIRST and then throwing the bacon strips in....  duh !   And I found out that bacon and eggs are GOOD for me.  Eggs are good for the lungs!   "Cackle Fruit."  Smile.    And I sorely need to  pump iron [lift weights to strengthen my body].    But I enjoy emailing my friends and making new friends.   I know that I must get back to church this Sunday, for sure, because I sorely miss the Brotherhood of good people who are so kind to me... and not judgmental.   I feel that this is the 'calm before the storm,' and the smart ones will prepare themselves now, TODAY !   Now is the time to prepare the mind, heart, soul, and spiritual healing --- getting back to the Lord.  Yes!  Seek the Lord, now, while He may yet be found !   Seize the day!   Make the time!   Give thanks today, for what you have.   And vote for the right person, who respects and loves Jesus Christ, and the USA, the Constitution, and the 2nd and 1st Amendments.   That is .... if there IS an election this year, pray.  Amen.    There is a reason why our current "president" is keeping all our fighting forces over seas, where they can't help us at home, if and when we need them....  He wants them all bottled up in other countries, so they won't be able to help "We, the People" at home.   Ponder on this.

Warm Regards,

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Monday, May 23, 2016

A disastrous prophetic move by America
On September 11, 2015, Republicans in Congress were meekly trying to break a Democratic filibuster aimed at stopping a "no" vote on the "president's" Iranian nuclear deal, which eventually unleashed some $100 billion in sanction money to the terrorist state. The "president" said it would bring peace. But at the same time the debate was taking place, the Ayatollah in Iran was calling America "The Great Satan" and vowed that Israel would be a mere memory within 25 years. For a decade, the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency played cat and mouse with Iran on its development of nuclear weapons, saying Iran was not a threat because it didn't have a missile delivery system. That has changed.
The Fars News Agency, a semi-official arm of the Iranian government, reports that Ahmad Karimpour, a senior adviser to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' elite unit al-Quds Force, said if Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei gave the order to destroy Israel, the Iranian military had the capacity to "raze the Zionist regime [Israel] in less than eight minutes." It was widely reported that Iran tested ballistic missiles in March, including two with the words "Israel must be wiped off the earth" emblazoned on them. The Times of Israel reports US officials confirmed that Iran is not forbidden to test ballistic missiles under the "president's" nuclear deal, but the tests are "not consistent" with a July 2015 UN Security Council resolution.
The US "president" has effectively cleared the way for billions of dollars to be pumped into Iran in reward for agreeing to delay its nuclear program for at least ten years. Many analysts believed Iran would instead accelerate nuclear development. These missile tests are evidence that the White House narrative was deathly wrong. Iran will need to be in submission to Gog of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (all in Turkey), for the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38 prophecy of Gog leading a coalition of Persia (Iran), Libya; and Ethiopia (Sudan) against Israel. When we see Iran being brought into such a coalition with Turkey and these prophetic nations aligning against Israel, we know this time is near.
The Lord says in Zechariah 12:3, "And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." Many find it hard to imagine how, for example, the United States would be gathered prophetically against Israel. This is why leadership is so important. The US had supported Israel since it became a nation. The current "president" reversed this backing and by supporting the enemy of God, Islam, who manifests on earth its rebellion against the one true God by terrorizing Israel. Left intact, this US foreign policy will have disastrous implications for America and its citizens.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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 I think you will get some good pointers in the film to help understand and see that history kind of repeats itself. Bad part has been since the military has not been permitted to WIN the fight that we are required to engage..

Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran
"Greyhound Two" 1969-1970