Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keep a prophetic eye on Turkey
A key player in end time prophecy has made a move toward authoritarianism that could see the very beginnings of a new Islamic caliphate taking shape. The concept of an Islamic caliphate has been forwarded with the violent and barbaric Islamic State. Turkey has aided and abetted the IS through many actions from medical care to turning a blind eye to IS activity in Turkey. But Turkey could leverage its contemporary reputation as a democratic Islamic state to become the more reasonable of caliphates, establishing the foundation for the appearance of the end time antichrist figure. This is made possible by the election of a new prime minister that will solidify Turkey's president's political authority.
Reuters reports "As Turkey's incoming prime minister prepares to name his new cabinet, there is little doubt that its primary role will be to rubber-stamp what has already become reality: a shift to a full presidential system with Tayyip Erdogan firmly in charge. Erdogan on Sunday confirmed Binali Yildirim, a close ally for two decades and a co-founder of the ruling AK Party, as his new prime minister, ensuring government loyalty as he pursues constitutional change to replace Turkey's parliamentary democracy with an executive presidency....skeptical Western allies, fear growing authoritarianism." European Parliament President Martin Schulz said the power shift is a "breathtaking departure from European values."
The Jerusalem Post reported in April 2012, "Turkey has been one of the biggest winners of the Arab revolts, as people around the Muslim world look to its ruling Justice and Development Party as a model for combining Islamic values with economic growth." The New York Times wrote in January 2012, "Supporters credit Erdogan with elevating Turkey's profile in the Middle East, turning the country into an increasingly assertive regional player at a time when several of its neighbors are locked in sometimes violent struggles for democracy." That was four years ago. Erdogan's plan of assuming full power is now nearly complete. His use of anti-Israel rhetoric grew progressively in currying favor among Turkish voters.
The US "president's" foreign policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab Spring accelerated the advance of the Islamic State, allowed it to solidify as a major force, and nicely positioned the "president's" ally Erdogan as a seemingly moderate successor to the IS. Turkey figures in as an important piece of the prophetic end time puzzle. In Ezekiel 38:3-8, the Lord says, "Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: and I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army...Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them...against the mountains of Israel..." These areas coincide with modern Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and parts of Iraq, even Saudi Arabia.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Received this from a friend and wanted to share.
Bob C

Lifted the following off of Facebook.  I am most proud to say that I've
known and flown with "Artists" as described in the following.

Col Keith Nightingale
To VietnamWarHistoryOrg
Yesterday at 6:52pm


For more than 40 years I have ridden in and been mesmerized by helicopters.
As a 2LT, I rode as an unqualified co-pilot in a bubble top H-13 from Ft
Bragg to Ft Stewart.
This trip, as a novice, gave me an appreciation for the subtleties and
nuances of the bird and the necessity for constant focus
and attention.  Later, in Vietnam, I rode to work in all manner of weather,
terrain, humidity and enemy activity.  I gained a more sophisticated
appreciation for such arcane issues as density altitude, RPM, pedal movement
and hover control.  Mostly, I learned
that the aircraft is extremely complex and as a violin can be as good or bad
as the person playing.  The bird will do whatever is asked within reason and
it is possible with skill, practice and nuanced physical application.
Skills I do not possess.

It will fly into holes in the jungle seemingly smaller than the opening
provided.  It will lift more weight than is either rated or wise under
direct assault by fire if the pilot tells it to do so.  It will feed you,
protect you, save you and move you if asked.  It is a unique invention
that can be flown by the most average pilot but it can also achieve the most
extraordinary feats if managed by an artist with hands on
the collective.

Later, in equally distant desert lands, the contemporary birds have swayed
and swallowed in the darkest night to deposit our finest Soldiers on far
distant hills and rude farmland.  The rotating blades swirl masses of green
and gold mist markers from sand and air before departing into the darkness
with only the glow on the cockpit instruments visible to the naked eye.
They have proven to be utterly reliable, flexible and superb instruments of
movement and operational maneuverability.

Yet what comes to mind, as in baseball, music or art, is the output of the
instrument in the hands of a true artist.  The bird is transformed from a
heavy piece of metal into an unusually graceful, responsive instrument that
can do bidding others of the same make cannot.  It is the pilot, not the
bird that makes the difference between functionality and artistry.

Good pilots make me sick with envy.  They guide their craft with the skill
and subtle controls of a rodeo champion or classic violinist. They weave
through narrow openings over streams, waft over slender openings in the
jungle below, quickly shift and hover on the edge of cliffs and escarpments
to deposit their loads where goats would fear to tread.  Like the avian
companions they emulate, they dip and swirl with the currents of wind and
weave their sensing into the machine with minute adjustments discernible
only to the pilot.

My hands are too old, hard and insensitive to match the delicate sensing of
fingers and feet on mechanical aids to bring performance from solid to
sensational.  Rodin could mold with clay something others could not-so it is
with some pilots.
The mesh of the fingers, feet and feel on the instrument produces a result
as extraordinary as when YoYo Ma grasps his cello.
The body is sure of the movements and the instrument responds as it could
for no other.  While I can understand the physical acts and roughly emulate
them, I cannot achieve their performance level.  This makes me intensely
jealous.  It is as if I am a minor league pitcher watching Sandy Koufax or
Clayton Kershaw pitch - can only admire but never emulate the results with
my crude capabilities.

The eyes and brain sense so much we cannot.  The updrafts, side currents,
power feed, drift and shift of ground coincident with enemy action are
subtly but instantly transferred by the pilot to a response by the machine
which is perfect for the moment and the passengers inside.

The helicopter is simply a machine - an instrument of war or peace.  But in
the hands of an artist of the air, it is transformed into something truly
extraordinary - known by some but appreciated by all.  Some people are just
perfectly matched for their instrument
and we are all much better for it.
But, I am still intensely jealous of the ability to be a bird without the
feathers.  It takes a special ability to fly to the level of artistry but
the act returns a special grace and favor for both the flier and the flown.

Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran
"Greyhound Two" 1969-1970