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Money and Markets
Getting the Edge on Your Attacker
By Jeff Cantor
Jeff Cantor
Dear Subscriber,
In November 2015, an 18-year-old savagely stabbed four people on the campus of the University of California at Merced. The campus police shot the suspected terrorist dead, but fortunately all four victims survived.
Confirmed terrorists have recently launched brutal knife attacks upon innocent passersby in England, Germany and Israel. They killed over 20 people and wounded nearly 100.
Knives have become more and more popular with criminals and terrorists as governments make it harder for them to get and carry guns.  However, for the same reasons, I think you should consider carrying a knife for self-defense.
This past January, a robber pulled a knife on the owner of a convenience store in Fall River, Mass. Instead of giving up the money, the owner pulled his own knife and chased the robber out of the market.
Read on for more about why you should learn how to handle a knife to protect yourself and your loved ones.
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Hi Again,  Friends,
   Usually,  when I don't know what a word means,  I just type it in the PC "Dialogue Box" up above, and hit "ENTER."  So, last night I typed in, "Humanism" and got a real education ! ! !  Wow!   You all just need to copy me, in that respect and gain another whole dimension to broaden your horizon, dear friends, and all countries.   Because the ultimate goal of the UNITED NATIONS is just that.... and Agenda 21.   Period.   Many important nations are/ and have been into that 'sour soda pop' for a long time !  But they love  to side track us with stupid, lying, politics, to 'divert' and distract our attention, while they are super busy implementing this horrid idea !  Veterans like me have a target painted on our backs, and front, believe me.   I am NOT some paranoid, over medicated,  bumpkin, oaf, and I don't smoke those 'funny cigarettes!'    I have a good education and been around the world before I was age 20, even worked for the Gov't for 3 long years !   My Dad taught me tons on the farm in WI.,  but the KJV Bible is my TM [Training Manual],  PTL.   
      Now, even STD [Satan the Devil] is trying to make most folks believe that he, himself,  doesn't even exist --- that he is just a "quality" or figment of the imagination.   He has been deceiving mankind for 6000 years.... [not 6 million years... duh].   Remember that, "God cannot lie." --Titus 1: 2.    But  Satan is the 'father of the LIE !'    He has servants and followers on earth, and many think that he has a good following in the WH....  smile.... and in the Congress that seems to be so complicit.   Sorry to say that BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.... are not that far apart.   [Ha!  That should cut my readership in half... LOL !].   Honestly, the Congress could have /  should have stopped this so-called,  'president' a long time ago, if they really wanted to.  But there is a lot of "Black Mail, graft, payments $$$, favors, threats, etc., and people also "disappear"-- to keep the Congress cowed and in their place, and so the USA is slip -- sliding away, on the road to become a servant- 3rd world nation, not even mentioned once,  in any way, shape, color or form,  or even referenced,  in the KJV Bible !!   While many other nations ARE MENTIONED in Ezekiel, Chapter 38, who will be warring/ marching against the State of Israel !   But Israel is still in a "Covenant relationship with Father God, in heaven" and so Genesis 12: 3,   is still in force.   And woe to those who try to diss or harm the State of Israel !  Beware,  the good old USA FITS IN THAT CATEGORY, folks.   That's right,  anyone who even raises a hand against Israel, will be severely punished by God.   Are we not being punished right now ??  Yes, our 'god of money $$$$' is just about to collapse, friends.  I will be hurt;   And many others who have not even started to engage their tiny little mouse brains... the dumb liberals....LOL., who have not started prepping for the storm.     Who knows but I might just move soon to a place far from here.... although  the entire world will experience a hard, ass-kicking.  [Sorry to be so blunt and graphic, friends].  I keep shouting from the roof top, that Venezuela is already eating all their dogs, cats, pets, etc., and are out of TOILET PAPER, sugar and coffee,  etc.   That same scenario will also come to our once great country.   Oh well......

OK,  it's true that God will take care of His own,  but we might get a little crazy living on sardines every day, or old Fido...   And they don't call the Green Beret... "snake eaters" for nothing...

But back to Humanism, where the world is racing ahead with 'Science' and new technology, incorporating an 'exoskeleton' with the human body and/ or brain, to allow man to live longer ... or 'forever'...  runs in the face of the bible, and God!  [and what do you think scientists are doing with aborted baby parts...?  If you only knew...]   BTW,  Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton are BOTH, very,   Pro-Abortion !    Yes!  Humans were originally made to LIVE FOREVER in a beautiful Paradise Earth... see the book of Genesis, please.  But all that had to be shelved for 6000 years, and Jesus had to come to earth and die a horrible death on the cross to redeem mankind -- those who took advantage of that ransom sanguinary sacrifice for all of our sins-- will be "Saved."   But those who are too dang proud and full of themselves to 'bend knee' and confess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior WILL NOT INHERIT THE EARTH.... nor heaven !   It's as simple as that, dear friends.    However...  we shall ALL live forever.  It's just a matter of WHERE.  Ponder on this, please.  

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Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, also retired from Chrysler Corp. --Kenosha, WI. 

Below:  a picture of my dear son, Andy T. Schuckman,  passed away about 6 years ago.

This Will Be the End of Humanity Unless This Is Stopped


Transhumanism, our frightening future.
Transhumanism, our frightening future.
Yesterday, I wrote an article in which I detailed how the undermining of traditional, heterosexual human beings having children was being undermined by the so-called global elite.
To quickly recap, the first salvo was the militant gay agenda. The agenda did not just wish to have political equality, they demanded that children be indoctrinated and everyone must glorify the lifestyle (e.g. wedding cake law suits). Secondly, came the transgender bathroom issue. Canada is actually planning to jail people for two years for insults against transgenders. This issue, with the transgender pejorative teams (e.g. not male or females, but terms like Ze’s and Hir’s) serve to undermine traditional society. It will erode any semblance of traditional human values. If the lines are blurred between men and women, the lines will become blurred against things “age of consent”, thus making pedophilia acceptable by bootstrapping the issue to the sexual revolution being forced down the throat of the average American.
As bad as this sexual revolution is, the worst is yet to come. The sexual revolution will not stop with what is being described here. It will quickly morph into changing human beings into something other than a human being. The underworld sexual revolution is being used to usher in transhumanism.

Vance Davis of the NSA

Vance Davis
Vance Davis
Twenty years ago, I was befriended by a former NSA operative, Vance Davis. Although I did not realize it at the time, Vance was mentoring me and what I learned from Vance was that even the NSA teaches some of its agents that the battle between good and evil has been raging for eons in the cosmos and the goal of the Satanic forces on this planet is to seek to control the human soul. However, they have failed in their attempts. To compensate for their shortcomings in this endeavor, the globalists have a very specific compensatory plot which seeks to destroy, enslave the survivors and to morph humanity into something that is almost to hideous to speak of, namely, transform the human race into something that is totally nonhuman.
Vance Davis and I met frequently in his Mesa, Arizona home from the early to the late 1990’s. Davis revealed to me that the Satanic forces that rule this planet have largely given up on their their attempts to steal to the soul from every individual. Therefore, these forces of evil have resorted to changing the human species to a level where we are no longer recognizable as the human beings that God created. In short, 20 years ago, Vance Davis was teaching me the NSA’s version transhumanism and its inevitability.
I have interviewed Steve Quayle, Daniel Estulin, Barb Peterson and Patrick Wood on this subject of transhumanism. This is Satan’s ultimate insult to our God. In short, if we ever allow the globalists to establish their kingdom, humanity many not survive in its present form and there will be nothing left to save.

My FEMA Contact

In the 1990’s, I was a Maricopa County volunteer first responder. This meant that if there was a pandemic or a chemical/biological attack, I would be expected to help dispense treatment. This also meant that my family would be first in line for any treatments. The program was eventually absorbed by FEMA. From the absorption, I began a friendship with a FEMA employee, his expertise was bioterrorism based pandemics.
In 2012, he “early” retired as did many of his colleagues. Unknown to me, he and several of his colleagues had been preparing a “bug out” st location in a remote area.
My friendship with this person became a part of my awakening process. In the course of the last couple of decades, I learned, firsthand, how many of our alphabet soup agencies are not about protecting the public interest. In effect, they are fascist in nature and serve to protect the interests of Big Pharma, other major corporations and the eventual imposition of martial law. Today, this is not a stunning revelation. Nearly 20 years ago, these notions were considered to be on the extreme fringe.
From several intense conversations I had with this individual, I can now clearly see the unfolding of the collapse of this nation, step by step. In the following paragraphs, I will detail how various false flag attacks will fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in order to achieve this aim.
This individual spoke often of potential false flag events ranging from nuclear attack, artificially created pandemics, the release of new viruses unknown to the world at that time. He said other false flag events would likely take place in order to have the government more control. However, he was especially concerned about the poisoning of our food (e.g. GMO’s), the poisoning of our air (e.g. chemtrails with their deadly chemicals descending from the atmosphere), and the poisoning of our water through neglect and the creation of artificial shortages. He told that FEMA had practiced all of these scenarios. However, what he most feared was the morphing of humanity into a nonhuman existence. Today, we call this transhumanism.

The Endgame

Many now expect that brutal martial law will be ushered in through the use of a series of false flag cocktails, with each event designed to peel back the onion that was once the United States.
Although this is a different topic for a different article, if one wonders what life will be like for those who survive the imposition of martial law and the coming World War III , I would suggest reading everything you can get your hands on with regard to Agenda 21, for phase one, and transhumanism, for phase two of the New World Order which could be only a matter of years away. A good place to start reading  is Steve Quayle’s work entitled Xenogensis. This book writes the ending of where this entire scenario is ultimately headed.
In short, the globalists want to escape their bodies, take advantage of human spare parts technology and attain immortality. There was actually an episode on the original Star Trek series in which the crew of the Enterprise encountered a race who did exactly what I am describing here. Remember, the original series aired in the 1960’s, Gene Roddenberry was certainly ahead of his time when it came to predictive programming
What about the rest of us? There is massive amounts of literature which clearly states that globalists have a depopulation agenda of 95% of humanity. Those who are allowed to survive will barely be recognizable as human beings. This is the ultimate slap in the face of God.
The end of humanity as we know it.
This issue must become humanity’s line in the sand! The issue must be met at the point of the takeover. And right now, this is the transgender bathroom issue. Nobody is trying to deny someone the right to go the bathroom. However, and XY remains and XY, regardless of what medical transformations are applied. We must meet the enemy of humanity at the pass and they must be stopped.