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Texas Secessionist Movement ? Serious Stuff.

Tom's Journal.

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Silver may never be this cheap again...

By: Nick Bently, Senior Editor, The Capitalist
The piddly 30% gains we’ve gained so far is nothing.
Once we get going, we’re likely to see 200-300% gains.
So following its largest drop in several decades - you can reasonably expect prices to double, triple, or more.

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Jeremy Russell repots:

We’re not talking about trades or speculation, we’re talking about wealth preservation. An asset you can (and should) hold for years.
If nothing else, silver serves as an insurance plan...
Gold and silver typically are financial disaster insurance, because investors seek safe havens in times of uncertainty.
Much like right now.

The downside to silver? Well.. it’s not much. If silver starts to tumble again, there’s a good chance other assets like shares of high quality businesses, do well.
Just like anything else, keep silver and all holding as only a small percentage of your overall portfolio, say 3-5% even a 50% drop in silver prices won’t harm your overall portfolio.
We prefer physical silver to stocks because you’re less likely to sell in the midst of swings. But, if you must purchase shares, and want to bet on the silver boom, we suggest SLW (Silver Wheaton) and First Majestic Silver Corp as potential silver plays.
If silver continues its uptrend you may never have the opportunity to buy at these levels.
Talk Soon,
Nick Bently
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The "Powers that Be" don't want me to cut and paste this super, education, truthful,  article ! ! !  Beware !  Prep....    Life is Short --- Pray Hard !   Folks/  Friends,  One way or another, Bible prophecy MUST come true, at God's chosen date and time !  That alone should humble us.    It is best, smart, highly intelligent to FIRST...  get right with Jesus Christ,  read/ study the Gospel accounts [Matthew, Mark , Luke, John... and the book of Romans.  NOW !!].   THEN DO ALL YOU CAN TO PREP, share your Faith in Jesus Christ with your relatives and friends ---- ONLY if you love them !   Oh.... but that takes courage.   The truth of Jesus Christ as Savior, is usually easily understood, IMHO,  by most Soldiers, Marines,   and other  Military men and women,  because it's logical, smart, and most Military combat Veterans already have Courage and a stout heart.  Following Jesus takes HUMILITY, and Soldiers already know how to take orders and obey their battle commanders and the U.S. Constitution, as we all "swore a holy Oath to defend our Nation against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC."   
        I, presently don't own the house I live in,  but rent it, from an old hunting buddy who used to go to the same church as me and also knows the bible,  but they may want to sell the house soon, and I might be looking for another place to stay --- and I don't know if I care to buy another house at this time, when there is so much uncertainty.     So far, I've purchased FOUR houses in  my life time,  but I can no longer shovel snow or mow the lawn...  being a disabled combat Vietnam Veteran:  68-70.   So... my life is in God's hands right now..... actually it always was !   I really don't want to relocate to a 'big city' where we all expect some huge, nasty riots, pretty soon, when the ghetto people run out of food, water, and common sense....  sorry.   I know,  that so many people laughed at me and called me a stupid old man.... Ha!   I have a few resources.... but like I said:  'My life is in God's hands right now.'   Please pray for me, as I am all alone right now, with no shortage of bills to pay every month, like most other folks.   I welcome your PRAYERS, dear friends.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman


Should America Follow Texas’ Secessionist Movement?


texas seccession
Englishman James Delingpole wrote a stunning article for Breitbart News that was entitled “If You Truly Believe In Britain There’s Only One Way To Vote Today…”
In the article, Dalingpole offered a tribute to his nationalist patriotism and what his love of the UK means to him:
 “…a heartfelt sympathy with our island story–-1066; Magna Carta; the Civil War; the Glorious Revolution; Waterloo; 1940 “Our Finest Hour”; and so on; and an appreciation of the achievements of the heroes and heroines who made it possible, from Alfred the Great through to Queen Elizabeth I, from Shakespeare to Elgar, from Florence Nightingale and Isambard Kingdom Brunel to Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.
And knowing that the European Union is the conscious and deliberate obliteration of all valued European traditions, we can quickly see that a true English patriot had no choice but to vote “Leave.” Indeed, the EU is a peculiarly toxic beast that should be offensive to patriots of all countries: It’s one part Orwellian Superstate, one part politically correct playpen, and one part welfare-funding source for future Islamist terrorists, all serving the financial interests of a few big banks and financiers.”
Dalingpole is one Englishman that understands the depravity of how the New World Order works. His sentiments carried over to his fellow Brits as they voted to leave the EU in the BREXIT vote.
There is another reason why the BREXIT vote was successful and the spirit of the Brits was accurately described by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. It is O’Reilly’s opinion that the British people also voted against unchecked immigration by Muslims who refuse to assimilate. They are tired of having their culture turned upside by the Muslim London mayor who ordered all pictures of women in bathing suits taken down from the London subway.

The reasons for the British vote parallel what is happening around the world. And what we are seeing is a classic chicken or egg question. Is it Trump’s philosophies that are inspiring great increase in grass roots democracy around the world. Or, is Trump simply tapping into this spirit? At the end of the day it does not matter. The people have had enough of global elitism and there is no way that the globalists are going to be able to unring the bell. In short, the global elite and the people are on a collision course and mark my words, there will is extreme violence looming in our future.

The New World Order Fearmongers Threaten Freedom-Minded People

“In five years, there will no longer be a United Kingdom” 
Richard Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.
If the average Englishman, or anyone else who believes in self-determination, thinks that the global elite are going to just roll over and succumb to the populist inspired will of the people, they are sadly deluding themselves. The criminal global elite will stop at nothing to assert their will over the will of the people. And I mean they will stop at nothing.
Please note the background behind Clinton. She serves Richard Haass and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Please note the background behind Clinton. She serves Richard Haass and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Every globalist from Richard Haass to Hillary Clinton are projecting doom and gloom over the BREXIT vote. Because of Britain’s vote, they will surely fail as a nation state.
These statement predicting the fall of the UK are not merely the prognostications of a pessimist, they are directly verbal threats for committing the sin of thinking that the will of the people makes any difference in this global elite-dominated world.
 When we critically look at these thinly veiled threats, we can safely conclude that the NWO is going to bring holy economic hell upon the people of the UK. I foresee food shortages, bank closures and a trade shut down. These events will have devastating effects around the world as the British currency will be driven into the ground.
Because of the plummeting British currency, UK exports will initially grow because of the favorable monetary exchange. However, the prosperity will be short-lived. As the Brits money bottoms out, nobody will touch their currency and the UK will lose its trading partners and that is when the shortages will creep in. Anything that the Brits need that they presently import will soon be unavailable. This crisis will reverberate across the planet.

Problem-Reaction -Solution

But wait, the banksters will have a solution. The solution will be the opposite of the 2008 bail-outs. Instead of the people bailing the banks out, the banks will bail out the governments of the world. The present system will be replaced a one world government and a one world economic system.
This is a classic Hegelian Dialectic which underlies all false flag attacks. Before BREXIT, the criminal elite would surely have had a contingency plan and the hitting the global reset button was their Plan B all along.

Texas Has a Better Idea

The concept of TEXIT is sweeping across awake Americans. Many are coming to realize that there is nothing that can be done to prevent the global economic meltdown. Before BREXIT, the world could have continued down the path of have the Credit Swap Derivatives debt eventually crush the nations of the world culminating in a one-world government and economic system. Or, after BREXIT, with a few silver bullet false flag attacks, the global economy will sink faster than a submarine with screen doors (I certainly hope you have food, water, guns, ammunition and gold set aside for your survival after the crash).
We may not have a choice with regard to our economic demise, however, we do have a choice on how we respond.
Texas is seriously considering leaving the United States. Recent polling in 2014 showed that 54% of Republicans, about half of independent voters and over a third of democrats believe that Texas should become an independent nation.
If all 50 states were to leave the union, who would the globalists rule over? In a nation in which all 50 states leave the union, each state would be free to choose to how they will respond. Every state would be free to regulate and prosecute the bankers and their allies, the corrupt politicians. Now, that is real self-determination.
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American Slowdown $$$.

Tom's Journal.

    My Father used to tell me:  'When a man tells you a lie,  can you ever really believe him again ??'   You all know that I love the Psalms and Proverbs, and other cool quotes/ explanations, including Murphy's Law.  Habitual liars will not enter the Kingdom of God.  And all Soldiers and Marines KNOW that you can never really trust the Government !   We learned that lesson well when we came home from the war [not police action....duh] in Vietnam, loaded down with PTSD and Agent Orange, and our Gov't and VA just jerked us all around and our survivors -- after we got croaked from the poisons that Dow chemical company and others sprayed all over the Republic of South Vietnam in the 60's and 70's.  Sorry,  we cannot and will not forget.

So when our corrupt, lying Gov't tells us repeatedly how well our economy is doing,  do you really swallow it ??  And you know that the American dollar $$$ will continue to be manufactured in the back room even after it is near WORTHLESS,  good people !!   
      I am only an AVERAGE MAN, a retired, disabled man, who might be a little bit better off than many,  but I am not young and able anymore to just 'move myself' to another location after the SHTF,  sorry.   I well know that my big mouth gets me into trouble too often,  but my Mom tells me that I had a hard life, and against all odds, for some reason, the Lord has kept me alive and OK, even though I have had too many heart aches and sorrows.   My close friends know the truth and still love and care for me.  But I don't feel so invincible and enamored as I did when I was 20 years younger and full of muscles...    
       Just take a look at everything and compare.   Then take some kind of smart, wise, action,  TODAY !    At least I have the "Cleaning Lady" coming over today to help me clean up things in the house.


Great American Slowdown in Buying, Selling and Shipping: “These Numbers Are Absolutely Staggering”

Michael Snyder
June 24th, 2016
Economic Collapse Blog
Comments (57)
Read by 7,946 people

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.
Editor’s Comment: How much more can the economy take? It seems that already bad numbers are just getting worse. As average Americans are paying more for living costs, while millions face fewer and lower paying jobs, consumer spending is really taking a hit.
Even the biggest box store corporations on the planet are seeing dramatic declines, and the logistics of shipping and supply is showing serious strain on commerce, in turn forecasting even more difficult times ahead. Is this really headed where everywhere fears it will, or could things turn around? Don’t count on good times to come; prepare for the worst and get ready to tighten your belt.
The Amount Of Stuff Being Bought, Sold And Shipped Around The U.S. Hits The Lowest Level In 6 Years
by Michael Snyder
When less stuff is being bought, sold and shipped around the country with each passing month, how in the world can the U.S. economy be in “good shape”?  Unlike official government statistics which are often based largely on projections, assumptions and numbers seemingly made up out of thin air, the Cass Freight index is based on real transactions conducted by real shipping companies.  And what the Cass Freight Index is telling us about the state of the U.S. economy in 2016 lines up perfectly with all of the other statistics that are clearly indicating that we have now shifted into recession mode.
If you are not familiar with the Cass Freight Index, here is a definition of the index from the official Cass website
Since 1995, the Cass Freight Index™ has been a trusted measure of North American freight volumes and expenditures. Our monthly Cass Freight Index Report provides valuable insight into freight trends as they relate to other economic and supply chain indicators and the overall economy.
Data within the Index includes all domestic freight modes and is derived from $25 billion in freight transactions processed by Cass annually on behalf of its client base of hundreds of large shippers. These companies represent a broad sampling of industries including consumer packaged goods, food, automotive, chemical, OEM, retail and heavy equipment. Annual freight volume per organization ranges from $1 million to over $1 billion. The diversity of shippers and aggregate volume provide a statistically valid representation of North American shipping activity.
When they say “all domestic freight modes”, that includes air, rail, truck, etc.  As you are about to see, the total amount of stuff that is being bought, sold and shipped around the country by all these various methods has now been declining for 15 months in a row.
If it was just one or two months you could say that it was just an anomaly, but how in the world can anyone explain away 15 consecutive months?
Not only that, but the brand new number that just came out for May 2016 is the lowest number that we have seen for the month of May in 6 years.
Of course the number for April was the lowest number that we have seen for that month in 6 years too, and the number for March was also the lowest number that we have seen for that month in 6 years.
Are you starting to get the picture?
Below is some analysis of these numbers and a chart from Wolf Richter
The Index is not seasonally or otherwise adjusted, so it shows strong seasonal patterns. In the chart below, the red line with black markers is for 2016. The colorful spaghetti above that line represents the years 2011 through 2015. The only month this year that was not the worst month since 2010 was February; only February 2011 was worse. That’s how bad it has gotten in the Freight sector:
Cass Freight Index - Wolfstreet
“Truck tonnage continues to slide for both linehaul and spot markets,” according to the report. And railroads are also singing the blues.
To me, these numbers are absolutely staggering.  How anyone can look at them and then attempt to claim that the U.S. economy is heading for good times is a mystery to me.
And this is especially true considering all of the other news that is pouring in.  Just today, we learned that new home sales have fallen by the most in 8 months.  If you are trying to sell your home, hopefully you will get that done very quickly, because this latest property bubble is starting to burst in a major way.
Of course there are many, many more numbers that tell us that a new U.S. economic crisis has already begun and has been going on for quite a while.  If you doubt this at all, please carefully read my previous article entitled “15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See“.
Today, I also came across a stunning IMF report that was just released that criticized the U.S. for our shrinking middle class and our rising levels of poverty…
A rising share of the U.S. labor force is shifting into retirement, basic infrastructure is crumbling, productivity gains are scanty, and labor markets and businesses appear less adept at reallocating human and physical capital. These growing headwinds are overlaid by pernicious secular trends in income: labor’s share of income is around 5 percent lower today than it was 15 years ago, the middle class has shrunk to its smallest size in the last 30 years, the income and wealth distribution are increasingly polarized, and poverty has risen.
If you follow my work on a regular basis, you already know that everything that the IMF said in that paragraph is true.
A little bit later in the report, the IMF shared some absolutely startling facts about the growth of poverty in this country…
There is an urgent need to tackle poverty. In the latest data, 1 in 7 Americans is living in poverty, including 1 in 5 children and 1 in 3 female-headed households. Around 40 percent of those in poverty are working.
This distressing growth in our poverty numbers has taken place during Barack Obama’s so-called “economic recovery”.
So how bad are things ultimately going to get for America’s poor now that a new economic crisis has begun?

GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.
Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream
If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming.

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Prophetic Implications of Brexit.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
    Yes,  as I said before,  when ever I try to print something controversial, my PC --computer fails to get all of the content on the blog post... and a funny, strange pink box comes up that doesn't want things to be printed.   I am trying to stay away from Face/ Book, too,  because I don't trust those folks either.
      As I have said before, giving me some 'wriggle room' --- that we HOPE the Rapture comes to take us off planet earth before the real harm and danger comes....  yet we Christians are in this fight to the END!!   And if things come about that we have to die -- so be it !   Our lives belong to Jesus Christ, as we even called ourselves "Christians" -- defined as a 'follower or imitator of Christ.'    And when we review our past mistakes and sins,  are we not glad that God is so merciful and long suffering with us ?   James 4: 4, says,  "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?   whosoever therefore will be a fr8iend of he world is the enemy of God."   So we are just here on earth for the ride, a temporary abode, until the Master calls us HOME.    And James 4: 14, says that,  "Life is a vapour." [Sic] KJV.   Too many people see this life as a game,  to cheat, swindle, and steal money and feelings from our fellow men and women.   What a sham how so many people look at the 'dating game' as a means to gain material things with no real intention of playing fair,  but looking to get something for nothing, while playing with the feelings of other lonely people, and perfecting the 'Lying Game' to the fullest.   That is why I have toned down my expectations in looking for real, honest friendship/ or future mate.  The odds are against it !!   The MAJORITY of 'ladies' out there are just looking for a good time, excitement, and a way to make some ill-gotten gain, money, and gifts.    And I have had wives who would 'sleep on the couch' when they couldn't get their way, or the money they wanted so desperately, and then the local preacher take their side, too.    And purposely depriving a husband of the 'marital due' so that he finally does mess up and sin, is an old wives trick too, to gain the sympathy of the local church, so that they can say that they now have the "Scriptural means" for divorce!    They will surely be accountable to the Lord, in the long run, no matter how pious and holy they act or appear every Sunday...  Ha!   Maybe they can 'get away with it' here and    Yes,  there are always two sides to the story, and usually it's never all one way, or all one's fault !
          I am not sour on life, nor singing the blues,  but just more practical and realistic these days.... as I become more hinged and dependent on/  to Father God, the Son, and the H.S., and the Word of God does not lie, or promise something it cannot deliver.   I am thankful for every single day of life, and all of God's blessings !    I do not seek vengeance or retribution, either,  because I know that God will deal with all my enemies and people who have wronged me, one way or another.   Now... some folks say that "Massive Success" is the best revenge.  But it's been my experience that if I make a mistake and sin [and I know I do this every day of my life!], just admit it, ask forgiveness and try hard to fly straight from then onward.   And it people want to continue to point fingers or dig up the past -- others will see the folly of their ways and get tired of them.

And for those who have to make some quick sudden changes to their 'prophetic books', ideas, arguments and errors of the past,  I say, 'eating a little humble pie' is good for us !   We don't want to be prideful,  anyway.    We are in this battle in the "End Times" potentially, to the very end, whether it be death, Rapture,  martyrdom,  or what ever.    So let's stick to what the BOOK says.  What is wrong with keeping our knives and brains sharp and ready ??  
     My own take on this UK split, is that they just wanted to stop the constant rape of their own people, country, wealth and freedoms.   When the Gov't just turns a blind eye to justice, letting all the murderers and rapists go free,  then it is high time to revolt and correct things to a more normal, Just system.   I am not advocating revolt nor plotting the down fall of ANY COUNTRY,  but we do have a good set of Rules, modeled somewhat after God's own Laws,  so why not stand up like real men and protect our women, children and freedoms ??   Isn't that what godly men are supposed to do?  Or do we all want to be cowards and crawl in a hole or under a rock --- 'sucking the public breast of welfare and food stamps ?'    I think there is room for improvement for all of us.   
       And DON'T let our corrupt Gov't here in the USA sell us out to the Islamic, heathen laws of the United Nations' baloney !!   Stay alert and keep your clothes !   When the ancient temple guards in Israel  fell asleep on their watch and were caught --- they were stripped of their clothes and chased thru the streets naked and beaten with rods, for all to see !   Keep your clothes, gentlemen !

Warm Regards, 
Tommy Schuckman

The Daily Jot

Daily reporting and analysis of current events from a biblical and prophetic persp

NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 
Monday, June 27, 2016

Prophetic implications of Brexit
The exit of Great Britain from the European Union has left many wondering whether this accelerates or decelerates the one-world order Beast empire of the end times. One school of thought is that it delays prophecy because the revived Roman Empire predicted as the platform for the antichrist is suffering a setback. Some say if Turkey moved ahead with plans to enter the European Union, that it would then become a primary stakeholder in the revived Roman Empire theory. Turkey, however, has grown increasingly Islamic and less European in nature (It is part of Asia Minor, not Europe). But there is yet another way of looking through the prophetic lens at the toothless European Union and its break up.
Daniel 12:4 says, "But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." As we approach the end times, knowledge is increasing, especially about what the prophets were saying about the end. As we study the Old Testament prophets, map their words with those of Jesus and the Apostles, and apply history to them, the picture becomes clearer. Not one European nation is mentioned among the nations that come against Israel in the end times. Those that are mentioned are all traditional enemies of Israel going as far back as the foundations of Esau and Ishmael. Today, they are all Islamic nations.
The Islamic Caliphate/Ottoman Empire, headquartered in Turkey, was one of the longest lasting empires in history spanning 624 years from 1299 to 1923. It ruled over much of southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. Its control over the Middle East was far greater than the Roman Empire. Some scholars now believe that a revised Ottoman Empire is the one prophesied by Daniel as the end-time antichrist system. Also the antichrist army of Ezekiel 38 is led from specific locations in Turkey--Magog, Meshech, Tubal. Jesus is quoted in Revelation 2:13 that Pergamos is "even where Satan's seat is...where Satan dwells." Pergamon is in Turkey.
Given the current Islamic invasion of Europe under the guise of "refugee migration," it is possible that within a short period of time, traditional Europe as a political body will be even weaker than it is today. As Islam increases in power, the possibility of an end time caliphate of traditional enemies of Israel can rise to tremendous political power as a platform for the beast empire. Britain's exit from the EU signals a setback in prophecy to those who believe a revised Roman Empire will be the one that the antichrist rides to power. Britain's withdrawal signals an acceleration of prophecy to those who see the antichrist leading a coalition, or caliphate, of Israel's traditional enemies in the Day of the Lord. Irrespective, it's on God's time.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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