Monday, July 25, 2016

German Inventors.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends and other Readers,
     With so much news from Germany lately, with unfortunate Islamic heathen murders from the armpit of the world, Syria and other African neighbors invading the WESTERN EUROPE, including Germany,  I did some research and found some delightful history and inventions from the land of my fore fathers.    One cannot help but to make comparisons with the fruits and inventions of other countries.   What has any specific country given to the world of mankind to help them rise above poverty and poor health ? ?  Have the Muslim lands/ countries given us a lot, considering that Islam is a religion of "Peace ?"  To date,  besides Algebra,   I can't think of too many....  duh.  
      OK,  we all should know by now, the real reason the West is allowing the goofy importation of 3rd world people into their systems,  bringing all kinds of loathsome diseases, violence, murder and rape.    I think that is one reason why England, the UK, 'got out of Dodge,' a few weeks ago.    The Western countries of Europe are not 'regenerating' their population.... not having many/ enough  babies  to restock the heritage of their respective countries!   So they needed a fresh, new, younger 'work force' and 'cheaper labor force' ..... to take over when the German, French and Italian older workers retired.  ...Does someone have to teach them how to have/  make  kids ????      But.... it's kind of hard to make a 'silk purse out of a sow's [female pig] ear !'   [By the way, the pork that I grilled outside, two days ago,  on my new Weber grill turned out so tender and delicious !!]  "Pork --- the other White Meat !"  And, BTW,   the Germans love their pork and sauerkraut  !   So there you are,  the German Gov't has allowed these mostly illiterate, unruly, heathens into their country,  and now they are paying the high price of 'blood on the streets, and cafe's, etc'  --for their error in judgment !!   Too bad,  because I was in Germany for 6 months in early 1968, serving in the American Army Aviation, helicopters, etc., and got to make a few German friends and tried hard to learn the language.   For the most part,  I think that Germans are a hard working, truthful, honest, cleaver and intelligent class of humans !    I always figured that I was mostly of  German blood, descent,  and heritage.   Also a bit Croatian [ the better part of Yugoslavia].   So I know what both Schnapps, and Slivovitz taste like.    And German beer is KING !!   I just love German food, too.   My Grandmother used to cook some fine German dishes, with a hint of Hungarian in them.   In fact,  Hungarian cooking is just the same as German food, except that the Hungarians add more Paprika and sour cream to the mix.    I still have the coveted,  "German-Hungarian Cook book",   that my Mom gave me after my father passed away.   Dad was a full German-American man, who also fought in WW-2 as an American,  U.S. NAVY,  in Saipan,  SeaBees.    He was born in Liebenthal, Kansas.   I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  USA.

My intention was not to divide the races or infer that one is superior to another.  All nations have SOMETHING to throw into the pot, and something special to share.  
      Fact is:   I can track who /  where, what area,   reads my humble blog posts,  and Germany is right up there !   Remember,  that I have shared and studied many cultures and been to a few far away places, like:  Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia,  and Japan, plus most of the USA, plus  Germany, Alaska and Hawaii.   But I prefer living in    Mid-West States, like Wisconsin and the U.P. Northern part of Michigan, where the people are mostly kind, clean, happy, with very low crime.  That suits me just fine,  and every time I drive down to see my Mother near Burlington, WI., and other friends near Kenosha and Racine,  I get that 'high strung' jittery, fast paced warning in my brain and heart,  that they are really a big old "rat race" kind of people, with high blood pressure and big worries,  about high crime and high taxes, etc.
   To be sure,  I do get lonely up here all alone, most of the time,  but with constant prayer and now finding a new, good, Bible peaching church,  I have some happiness and joy.   For I know that this mortgaged, over taxed system / land cannot last too much longer, as the USA and many other countries are barely hanging on...  and bankrupt now.... NOW !!  Chicago takes the cake, and I would never, ever want to "live there !"    The murder rate there is way too high, and we KNOW what kind of people love to shot and kill themselves....    sorry to say.   That's how a Democratic party system works though.   
     God surely blessed me, when I spent some time in Germany.  And my Dad always told me to see, sample, and explore other countries and places,  because I would never get another chance.   He was right.    Living, sharing and visiting other countries is a great education in itself !!  But now days, we are better suited to AVOID some places because of Islamic violence, and even the State Department tells us not to go to certain places, for our own safety.   I am not trying to slant my opinion --- just tell folks my own studied experiences.  

Have a great sunny day.
Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

This picture taken about the year:   2000... below:

German Inventions Are Essential For Our Life
From the magnificence of a Christmas tree to nanotechnology and beer, the world owes much of its comfort and progress to German inventions. What would the world be like without the contributions of Albert Einstein — the greatest mind of all times?
While his theory of relativity set the world buzzing in all directions, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the physicist discovered X-ray. Nuclear fission was achieved by splitting an atom by chemist Otto Hahn, his assistant Fritz Strassman, and the physicist Lise Meitner in 1938.
German inventions literally rule the medical field starting from the humble Aspirin tablet invented by Felix Hoffman in 1897. He figured out how to cut back the side effects of nausea and other ills of salicylic acid while retaining its pain killer powers and came up with the perfect headache pill. Today it’s credited with more beneficial powers that even helps protect against heart attacks and strokes.
Another wonder pill that came from Germany was the contraceptive pill that gave women a tangible freedom to do what they pleased when they pleased. It would seem only right to mention now that the first scientific pregnancy test was also a German invention created by Selmar Aschheim.
For more German inventions of the medical kind, go back in time to 1714 when Daniel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer. Robert Koch, in 1870, peered through a microscope and discovered the little critters that caused infection. The mystery of bacteria was out in the open and his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus in 1882 ensured his place in history.
Starting with the invention of the gramophone by Emil Berliner in 1887, Germany has re-enforced her reputation in this field with the invention of the tape recorder in 1928 by Fritz Pfleumer and, the crowning glory, the MP3 by Karl Heinz Brandenburg and Bernhard Grill of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in 1987.
The television that we so take for granted was invented by Manfred von Ardenne in 1930. The incredible chip card now seen in its common avatar as the credit card was invented by Jürgen Dethloff in 1969.
The credit for the invention of the automobile goes to Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. What was deemed “too loud, too fast, too dangerous,” is now the king of the road. Mercedes Benz should also be credited with the invention of the thoughtful addition to automobile safety in the form of the air bag. This was fitted for the first time in their S-Class in 1981.
In 1894, Otto Lilienthal invented the glider drawing inspiration from the flight of birds. Another spectacular German invention came about in the form of a helicopter inspired by the rising of a maple seed turning on its own axis. The genius behind it belonged to Henrich Focke and the year was 1936. Even more amazing would have to be Hans von Ohain and his invention which is none other than the jet engine which changed the face of aviation.
German inventions stretch from high tech to the mundane such as the tooth paste invented by Ottomar Heinsius in 1907 and the Gummy Bear by Hans Riegel in 1922.
Other everyday stuff that we can’t seem to do without such as Adidas, Nivea, Levi Strauss, Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Gutenberg and many more are all Germany’s gift to mankind. ;-)