Monday, September 5, 2016

Mandatory RFID Chips ---Think: "Mark."

Tom's Journal.

There has been a lot of sensationalism surrounding the new Russian law on religion and Neocons are delighted to be able to say "see? the Soviet Union is returning!"
But none of these Neocons reads Russian or has cited the actual impugned text portions of the law verbatim, so all of their info comes second hand, usually from Neocon, anti-Russian sources. The law is in fact aimed at stopping terrorism and recently, thanks to a lack of political correctness, Russia proper has been a LOT safer from terror than the US despite the astonishingly high percentage of Muslims there. Whole provinces such as Tatarstan, Dagestan and Chechnya are majority-Muslim and yet terror has been under control in the Orthodox territories.
New Russian law on religion
Written by Mormon:
Orthodox Church comments:

This latter article points out the terror acts that have occurred in the past in the RF territory. If politely omits mention of the involvement of the CIA, USAID, Soros foundations and clandestine groups from the US that trained, funded and introduced terrorists into Russia.
Here is an eye-opening report on that

Frankly, if I were a Russian legislator, I would consider a bill similar to the one suggested by Trump but aimed at keeping out American groups "until we can figure out what the hell is going on."
Don Hank

Hello  Dear   Friends,
     I find the Dave Hodges articles this morning very alarming,  but I need to hold myself in check,  remembering that we humans are living on earth subject to God's Will, and for all the Saints/ Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ, a temporary setting/ living arraignment.    And the Hope of the Resurrection is the solid foundation of our beliefs.  
     The Islamic people/ belief is flawed, IMHO,  because they think that the heroic men who die in Allah's name will go to heaven to receive 70 virgins.   But what do the good virgins get ??   I have always wondered about that point.    Does that sound fair or even loving?  
     As far back as 5th grade at a Catholic graded school in Milwaukee, WI., called Sacred Heart, on Kinnicinic Ave., St. Francis, I liked Ancient History class, and was thirsty for information and knowledge.   I liked religion class too.   Sorry,  but humans have not changed too much from when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden,  about 6000 years ago !   It's so important to know the book of Genesis, written by Moses with God's Holy Spirit directing him.  The first prophecy of the bible:  Genesis 3: 15, has not even seen it's total fulfillment.   Christ has not yet "bruised Satan in the head, yet."   So.... after reading the Gospel and Romans, I think it very important to then start reading Genesis to get that solid foundation of basic knowledge,  to put everything together and get the total, well rounded out BIG PICTURE.   Did you know that Moses and Christ had much in common, as we learned this past Sunday at church ?    To think.... the daughter of Pharaoh  Ramses' daughter was a VIRGIN and found baby Moses in a basket floating in the Nile river where she regularly bathed.   And Mary was also a VIRGIN who had a special birth fertilized by the Holy Spirit !   And, as Moses led his Jewish people out of bondage from Egypt ---- Jesus died for all of our sins on the Cross, about 1900 years ago !  Luke 3: 23, gives us an accurate trail of linage of Jesus Christ.... all the way back to ADAM !!   So,  if you think that Moses, Noah, and Adam and Eve are just fanciful 'fairy tales,'  you are called God and Jesus liars !!   You really don't want to do that !   And the more you know about the KJV Bible -- the better off you will be.   You will NEVER be able to sneak by --- claiming IGNORANCE, like Hillary Clinton frequently does...  or say that 'you just don't remember anything...'   God can see into your mind and heart, and will certainly Judge us ALL !!  
       I have admitted that I am not smart enough to get away with any crimes, like stealing, theft, murder, robbing a bank, etc.,  so it's best for me to just work hard all my life and try to invest, save, and live a good life, as best I can....  LOL !    And with God,  we certainly don't have to be perfect,  because we were born in sin--- inherited from our human fathers and Adamic sin.   But IF, if we take advantage of the free gift of Salvation and Justification of Jesus' blood sacrifice on the cross --- we will be Saved.   Period.   Remember that Jesus sent the "Helper" --- the Holy Spirit to help and teach us the proper way to life, along with the Word of God -- the Bible.  

As you read below what horrible inventions sinful humans are creating to rule the humans on earth in concert with Satan's wishes and plan,  we need to stick very close to God and Christ, and let/ allow the H.S. --Holy Spirit train, direct, and teach us.   That takes HUMILITY.  

More later,  Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman
 My email is:  

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