Friday, October 14, 2016

Paul Ryan !

Tom's Journal.

Islam teaches that any person NOT Islamic must be killed. De-capitation is the ordered method in the Quran (Koran).  Below is a video link on how Islam is taking over the planet by breeding. They are here in America for welfare benefits and creating future jihadists.     WE deserve better than this, but any person who votes for Hillary Clinton or "stays home" on election day deserves whatever they get.  You may not want to deal’ with it, but it is a fact of life.  


Hi  Friends,
     The Fourth article is what totally blew me away,  and 'who knew ?'   This weird, strange stuff just cannot be made up!    You know, friends and readers.....  in stead of trying to keep up with all this mind-boggling, constant News  Info  over the InterNet,   I am so glad, thankful, and GREATFUL to have a long studied knowledge of the Scriptures, the Gospel, and Revelation.    The Promises of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that can never be 'trumped' by any human nor demon.   It also seems like so many other Christian friends and associates feel this same way --- and so we find, Joy and Peace among the "Brotherhood of Saints."   
     OK,  I know that there are many petty, little quarrels in various churches... even the good, Bible teaching churches.   But if we truly know and follow the good bible, the KJV Bible, that is most pure and less messed up [not trying to start an argument here...], we will and must agree with the main, 'Black and white,' issues of sin, salvation, heaven and hell, etc.   We also need to forgive each other more, faster, and not keep accounts or past hurts and sorrows, please.    I know I still need to work on that one, yet.   That's right,  If I need to change, there are those I trust who will set me right and give me the council that I need, too.   The book of Hebrews says that, 'correction is never easy,  but we should not buckle under discipline, either.'   And that correction should be done in love and kindness,  because we will all be judged some day.   And we will want justice and mercy, too.  
     Now,  it will amaze and shock you all to read and find out just how wide spread and corrupt the entire American Gov't is !    It will hurt you and upset you,  but then [now]  you will finally understand WHY God must take such drastic action.... and SOON !!   Ha!  it won't be pretty --- but very necessary because human beings/ Christians are getting butchered as we communicate.   Now do you all see the urgency of sharing the Gospel to everyone... every day that we can ??    I am told that I am a good writer....  but really we are all just 'dust in the wind,'  DIRT, Clay, just like the Lord used to create Adam, about 6000 years ago.   Yes,  dump those goofy climate change, block heads, and evolutionists !!   Just wait until they are judged and on the "hot seat."   Just follow the money, honey.   And you can tell them easily when they look at you with a daze ---      like a 'dog starring into a fan on a hot day...' -- LOL.  
        So,  I don't gloat and trust in "what I have/ own/ possess,  but in what I know, and what is in my heart....  Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.   He just keeps picking me up after I fall down, too often, and He forgives me.   And I have a 'get out of jail free card'     [think:  Hell !].  

Read 'em and weep.

Tommy Schuckman


Dave Hodges!
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The UN Is Positioning to Control US Water Supplies

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Area 51 Is Preparing for the War of Secret Weapons- What Else Are They Hiding?

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The FBI Is In Near Revolt

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Paul Ryan Could Be Your Next President

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Prophesies -- Fullfilled.

Tom's Journal.

Ich wünschte, ich wüsste, was der gute Deutsche Nation Gedanken über die ganze Welt, dass jetzt gerade geschieht, und wenn Sie einen Plan haben, um das Vaterland zu verteidigen, ob oder wann die Islamisten eine umfassende Angriff in deutschen Städten. Senden Sie mir bitte eine E-Mail, um meiner tiefen Neugier. Deutschland uber Alles !
Herzliche Grüße,
Thomas G Schuckman
Meine Email:

Dear Friends and Folks,

     The following article sums up ALL OF MY PERSONAL BELIEFS !   I advise that you, also read every word because it is perfectly worded and super easy to understand, and if you need a translation, I will personally do that for you, too.   As I might have said before.... 
'Be careful what you ask for /  pray for.'   Because Father God, in His infinite mercy will protect and grant you that prayer/ request, if it's within His Will.   
I know that our human minds and hearts suffer with so many adverse conditions and facts of life, arraignments,  less than perfect lives, commitments, relationships, or lack of them.   Everyone has their own set of desires and needs.   I well know what loneliness is, alone in a big, old house....   but I still know how very blessed I am, with the studied knowledge of the KJV Bible [and there are other translations, the NASB, etc.].   Please don't continue making excuses, folks.   Just pick it up and read the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the book of Roman, and then pray, before and after, and welcome the Lord into your heart...  forever !  And down load:   Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, CPM Network, The Word Network, various local stations, or Check your local listings.

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God Bless, 

Do that TODAY, or TONIGHT, please !  
      I also believe that the only reason God has permitted me to life all these years, sinner that I am,  that I may Share this Gospel account, borne along by the HOLY SPIRIT, to help others get into 'the fold' before the Rapture,  The Gathering begins.   Friends,  I  DO NOT WANT TO BE "LEFT BEHIND !"  

Ha!   You all can call me crazy, eccentric, weird, a dreamer, goofy, warped, spaced out,  but not   I am just a simple, old, tired Soldier waiting for my marching orders.   And I bet that I WON'T be lonely in heaven.  Oh, bless my soul, Lord.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
     ---Proverbs 27: 17,  "Iron sharpens Iron."

October 14th, 2016



In my lifetime, I cannot remember an election season like this one. One where the stakes have been higher or the choices so -- shall I say -- unexpected.

I know that many of you feel the same way. I know, too, that some of you are so discouraged by the situation, and by what is obviously a stacked deck, that you are considering sitting out this election.

I certainly understand, but I pray you will change your mind.

Like it or not, one of these candidates will be the next President of the United States. He or she will play a direct role in our lives and in the lives of our children and grandchildren.

He or she may well determine whether our republic survives a while longer or quickly becomes merely a territory or region under the rule of a global regime.

There is no perfect candidate. There never has been. There never will be.

As voters, we must do our best to discern between the choices we are presented.

We are admonished in Romans 13 to be good citizens of the land in which we live. In a republic, good citizens vote.

We are also instructed to be good stewards. And stewardship does not extend merely to money. As Christians, everything we have comes from God. That includes not only money, but also our time, talent, and influence.

I believe your vote comes under the heading of "influence." It is influence that God has entrusted to you. He expects you to use it faithfully for Him.

In Matthew 25, Jesus spoke of three men who were made stewards of various amounts of money for their master.

Two of them were good stewards. They took the money into the marketplace and multiplied it. They were rewarded.

But the third dug a hole and buried the money in the ground to avoid losing it. He was punished.

Don't bury God's gift of the right to vote. Be a wise steward and use it.

Remember, also, that there is more to be determined than just the next President. There are many important statewide and local races that need your participation.

Crucial political, constitutional, and moral issues are often decided at the state and local levels.

So prayerfully consider all of the issues and the qualities of the various candidates. Pray earnestly for God's guidance and vote the Bible.

Then trust the outcome into God's hands.

And just when we think we've seen it all, it turns even more bizarre!

As of last week, the United States of America is officially accusing Russia of trying to sabotage this year's U.S. presidential election.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a joint statement accusing Russia of stealing "e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations.... (that would be the Democratic National Committee) These thefts are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process."

Well, first, Russia insists that they didn't do it. Second, no one in the government seems to be concerned about the shocking revelations of corruption, collusion, and criminality that these hacked e-mails reveal about the "U.S. persons and institutions...." (and especially) the "U.S. political organizations (once again, that would be the DNC)."

I don't know how all of this will eventually turn out. But I do suspect that the government, the DNC, and the mainstream media will push the Russian theory to the hilt to distract from the content of the hacked e-mails. Which are shocking.

I also suspect that the rhetoric will heat up substantially. I pray that it will not reach the point where the President attempts to suspend the election because of alleged "Russian tampering."

I do know that not since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the "end" of the Cold War has the rhetoric and anger between the two nuclear superpowers been as heated and dangerous as it is right now.

Not only is this alarming in its own right, but in light of Bible prophecy, too. Remember that Ezekiel predicted that in the last days Russia (not the Soviet Union, but Russia) would rise in world prominence. He also predicted that Russia would join with Iran to invade Israel.

As a result of the contentious relations with the U.S. over the civil war in Syria, Russia has recently announced that it is making its air base at Latakia (Syria) permanent.

The Associated Press is also reporting that the Russian military is now looking at re-establishing its Soviet-era bases in Cuba and Vietnam.

As I said recently, folks, this is not just Bible prophecy, this is Bible reality!

In view of the breathtaking pace at which the world is shaping up just as the ancient prophets foretold for these final days, I want to take a deeper look this week at our "blessed hope." That is, the return of Jesus Christ to snatch away all true believers before the terrible Great Tribulation unfolds upon this earth.

If everything you are seeing happening around you makes you afraid of the future, don't be. If you have received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior; if you have accepted the free gift of pardon for your sins that He died to purchase for you, then you are not going to be here when all hell breaks loose on this old world.

If you haven't accepted that gift of pardon, then you need to hear what I am going to tell you this week. And you need to make certain your family, your loved ones, and your friends hear it, too.

Folks, time is short, very short. There are no remaining prophecies that need to be fulfilled before Christ returns for His Church. As the Word of God warns us, now is the time, today is the day of salvation.

Get ready.   
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God Bless,


Hal Lindsey

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