Thursday, November 10, 2016

Violence from Sore Losers.

Tom's Journal.

The good, hard working people in the USA have to 'support the lazy asses' in our ghettos who refuse to work....  you know, the folks that have a dozen kids -- each with a different father, who never worked in their lives, quit school after they got knocked up by some drug pusher....LOL  !!   Duh.....   I guess somethings in America never change,  but I just wasn't raised that way.

Down below in the funny Joke --- 'Ain't it the Truth !!'   >>>

Ain't it the Truth  ??    Ha ! !  --->>>

World War III Narrowly Averted by Trump’s Election! China and N. Korea Remain An Immediate Threat

By Dave Hodges on Nov 09, 2016 05:50 am
  As the world’s common man rejoiced last night, at America’s version of BREXIT, I am still shuddering at how close we came to nuclear war with Russia. A Hillary Clinton election would have guaranteed nuclear war with Russia. I have seemingly endless text messages and emails from friends and colleagues that have gone unanswered. […]
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    I was afraid, and also prepared for this crap to happen after the great election results !   but I honestly believe that Mr. Trump, the President elect, is savvy, prepared, and already has a small Army of talented Warriors ready, and has fortified his 'castle.'   

However,  when ever Soros is involved we can all expect real trouble.   I had hoped that we would have at least a small amount of time to rest, relax, celebrate for a few weeks, before the "sour grapes,"  sore losers started trashing the place.    I just hope that LE can take care of business.  [LE means:  Law Enforcement].  
     And before the ignorant, unwashed oinkers even had a chance to make fun of the  "Preppers" for stocking up on goods,  violence is already here, and some of the articles down below are now advising people to stock up...   that there might be possible quarantines of whole cities, if the violence gets too bad !   Now that just sucks !  Sorry to be so blunt and direct, friends.  
    Well,  the air temps. U.P. here were so high that I had to turn my fan on this early evening.    And I am happy to have purchased some great looking Pork Chops and Italian sausage, again, and some Garlic powder to season them on the grill.    But now I kind of wish I bought a few more packages of pork.   I just wonder if I can stand the cold weather in the Winter, if I want to grill my meat outside....  Hummmm.     And as I had a great Mexican lunch again today,  the Mexicans who run the restaurant seemed kind of sour and depressed, as if they expected to be deported soon... LOL !   I really don't think that will happen, and I told them not to worry,  that we need great eating places up here.   Their  great food is so fresh and tasty, but the prices are also high.    I believe that their food is very healthy !   I could not eat all 30 hot peppers they gave me so I brought them home, to eat with other meals, here.   Delicious !   I was also thankful that the batteries in my VA scooter still had a charge as I stopped at the VAMC for a few minutes.   I love all the Veterans there, and we all respect each other and try to help each other.   We can only hope that Mr. Trump "FIXES" the corruption at the VA !   They would never get away with such gross goof ups and piss poor, sub standard, shoddy,  treatment of their patients at a civilian hospital !!    The  Gov't just gives them a little slap on the wrist and never fires them when they mistreat the Vet patients or don't do their job !!    I would know !   And some of the truthful, GOOD, HONEST VA staff/ workers have also told me that fact, in whispers.....

I wish I could keep/ store some healthy 'munchies' at home when it's too late for meal,  but I am still hungry, like right now... as I only had one good meal today.    I guess I might buy some Corn Chips with a Picante dip kind of food.    I don't want to eat candy or cookies.   If my teeth were better I would cut up some carrots and celery.  

Stay alert.  Be Safe !

----Tommy   Schuckman

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