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Vietnam Vet Dies with Maggots.

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Hier ist eine wahre Geschichte von einem Kampf gegen Vietnam Veteran, der in der Qual von einer infizierten Wunde in einem Oklahoma Veterans' Krankenhaus mit der richtigen Pflege und Hilfe. Dies geschieht auch in anderen VAMC [Veterans' Administration] medizinischen Zentren in den USA. Wir hoffen und beten, dass Herr Trump können diese Verwirrung durch die Ernennung der ordnungsgemäßen, smart, einer Person, die für die Post. --- Tom Schuckman --disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. Norwegen, MI 49870, USA. Meine E-Mail: Mein Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL.

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   Sorry if you think that I "dwell" too much on Veterans' Affairs, and YES I DO THINK that Sarah Palin would make a great, Sec. of Vet's Affairs ! !   If Obama was named as a 'Community Organizer' and do the half assed 'job' of screwing up our country while breaking every law and rule in the book,  surely a smart ex-Governor can do a GOOD job at helping to clean up our poor Veterans' VA mess !   Just give her the mandate and the power, and she will move mountains.

Now...  You would think that our Veterans, trained Soldiers and  Marines would get just the minimum of good, proper care at the VA and the Hospitals,   but I can tell you exactly what happens all the time at the VA ! !   I've got the time,  now retired after working my buns off all my natural life on planet earth, and have a good military and work record,  so no one can say I'm a bum !  I been to college, and smart enough to write a good blog read my many people in many countries, especially Germany  and the USA.    Ask me any questions,  but now at 2 PM, I still have not eaten, and will, therefore make this brief....   sorry.   I intend to add more later, and Bless all Believers in Jesus Christ, all over the world.

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Tommy  Schuckman
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Vietnam Vet Dies With Maggots Crawling In Wound – VA Offers SICK Excuse

Sadly, veterans are treated horribly in this country. Every day these soldiers go without critical medical care. Over the latest veteran’s death, the VA medical center has given a disgusting excuse.  
Vietnam veteran Owen Reese Peterson, 73, went to an Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs facility with an infection. However, he ended up with sepsis and a maggot-infested wound and died under their care, as per WND. In a feeble excuse, the facility blamed his death on the sepsis and not their failure to give him adequate medical care. 
“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites. He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.” Executive Director Myles Deering said. Sepsis is a life-threatening disease that complicates an infection and can cause your internal organs to fail.
Three nurses and a physician’s assistant resigned during the investigation of this death. 
Raymie Parker, the deceased veteran’s son, begged the facility to improve the quality of care that his father was receiving, but claimed he was “stonewalled” by the staff.
“During the 21 days I was there, I pleaded with the medical staff, the senior medical staff, to increase his meds so his bandages could be changed. I was met with a stonewall for much of that time,” Parker said.
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If the facility is going to try to claim that their failure to change the veteran’s bandages didn’t contribute to the maggots, sepsis, or death, they’re going to have a very challenging case ahead of them. 
Sen. Frank Simpson commented on the situation, saying, “The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs is required to maintain certain staffing levels and currently is unable to meet them.” At this facility, they had to reduce the population of veterans because they could not adequately staff the facility. 
The only way that someone can die with maggots in their wounds is because they did not have someone around to properly clean their wounds. Let’s be honest, the facility knew they were facing staffing shortages, lowered the number of patients they received, but clearly not enough. The son was around to alert the staff to their failure, but what did they do in response? It seems like they did nothing. 
It is such a shame that this man had to die like this. This was a man who fought in Vietnam, one of the most brutal wars after World War II. He could survive on the battlefield, but he could not survive a visit to a medical facility in the United States. 

Stories like this demonstrate that Trump is right when he says veterans are treated like second class citizens in our country. The left is willing to let people pour over the border, crowd our medical facilities, and take money from our entitlement system. Yet, they are unwilling to do right by our own citizens, our own veterans, our heroes! 
Men and women are serving the military right now who have to see stories like this and will be afraid to come home, knowing they will not be taken care of. If we expect them to fight for us on the battlefield, we need to fight for them at home! 
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