Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    I don't know about you folks,  but as I look back at my own past history/ and life,  I remember regretting my getting into certain relationships and wished that I had never made that move -- to get together, where someone was just taking advantage of me.   And perhaps I should have listened to a little voice inside me,  or a big red flag going up in he back of my head !   --LOL   Now,  still we are all human and all sinners, and all make many mistakes in our lives,  the book of Proverbs is so enlightening, because it often shows us the "Parallels" of life's lessons --- What to do, and what NOT TO DO.   If we LEARN from a lesson, then we have benefited, and can move on and rejoice that we were not killed, maimed, or injured too badly.   And sometimes a little scar is a good reminder of 'what could have happened to us...'   I have a few scars, and they all tell a story.    I have seen some bullet wounds, too.  
     I know that some of you are tired of hearing these things,  but some of us are TRUE VETERANS in every sense of the word, and we all have the scars to prove it.   Sometimes the scars are not visible,  but they still hurt, and we carry them deep inside.   I feel that a certain place  in the heart of Milwaukee, WI., called the,  "Vet Center,"  [yet not connected to the VA--- and that is why Veterans feel safe....], is responsible for saving my life, in the early 1990's.    Just finding out that other folks carry the same scars that I do,  was a great relief,  and woe to those who love to tell lies to Veterans including the Gov't, the corrupt VA system, and others, even false religions, and spouses ! ! !    OK,  I know... some people would say to me,  'Tom, why are you griping ?   You got all of YOUR benefits !'   And I will say back to them,  "to the least of my BROTHERS who still suffer, because the VA system has cheated them, big time,  I still fight for them !!"    Got it ?   Most, if not too many, go to their grave too early, and suffering, because their country treated them like 'used toilet paper,' and the VA failed them !   But I am sure that Mr. Trump will set things right.   I also want that 'turkeys' that cheated the Vets to face JUST prosecution !   Ha!  I still have the 1st and 2nd Amendment working for me.

The Bible points out that Satan is/ was a LIAR, and also a MANSLAYER !   How?   Because as I have said before....  you/ we can cause a man's death by telling a lie !    There are numerous ways and examples...   but let's say that one man perverts or lies about the Bible, or what God says or wants us to do, or what God does NOT want us to do... and another person follows that bad, untruthful advice.   Well,  2 people, or more might get killed or end up in hell.   The one telling the lie, and the one who commits a sin, worthy of death, either thru ignorance, or what ever.   Got it ?    
     I have personally made some big mistakes in my own life, listening to someone I thought was telling me the truth,  but they were misled too !   Governments lie to their people all the time, and false religions lie to people all the time, too.   And both are greedy, and love the lime light and the money and fame.    It is said that only an 'educated population can/ should have a form of Gov't such as Democracy... although we in the USA, have a Republic.   It is far from perfect, with many faults,  but still, perhaps the best form of Gov't on earth 'right now,'  until "God's Kingdom" finally comes.    I would rather live here in America than any other place on earth, and I have been around to make that educated statement,  Europe and Asia !     Yes,  so many arrogant, prideful,  selfish, have managed to seize power in America in the last 4 decades that it doesn't  even look like the America most of us older folks knew in the 1960's and before.    And places like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria,  also used to be great places to live, until Socialism came to town !   After the Flood in Noah's time, the people started to disobey God's general order again, and built big cities for the purpose of wanting to be GREAT, and do wrong.... having only ONE LANGUAGE AT THE TIME.   Instead of 'filling the earth and becoming many,' as Jehovah told them, for a 2nd time, in the book of Genesis,  mankind rebelled again, and so God "confused" their languages, so that they were scattered to the four winds, and became many nations.   And that is how and why so many people come from different areas and national groups.   Yet, we all came from Adam and Eve [not Adam and Steve...].    
     Yes,  one reason why there is so much strife and discord in the world is because most people have discarded   God's 'Instruction Book,'  the Holy Bible !   Marriage was a very sacred, special, hallowed, Institution in my family, forever when,  but now that is being dumped on the scrap heap, too.   Enter the dragon.... and enter Women's Lib !!    Now days so many woman just ditch and dump their marriage partners, and even their kids, in search of their own "FREEDOM !"  Their word, promise, wedding vows, contract, mean NOTHING !!   And men are just as bad.   So many folks don't even get married anymore, to avoid the "responsibility."   People make fun of me and call me STUPID because I did get married... and maybe they were right.... lol.    If I had to do it all over again,  I wonder if I would have made the same mistakes.    But I figured that if I just sat down with a woman and laid all my cards on the table, explaining what I wanted in life, and what I would do in return,  maybe the woman would figure things out and make an "educated decision."    But so many are fickle, and they watch too many day time drama and Women's Lib, BS, and their heathen  girl friends, etc., and figure that they are not bound by any contract,  agreement or promise.   Oh well......  all that is over with now.  

So,  here is the Winter, but actually,  December 21st, and it takes more energy to stay warm, walk on the snow, ice, and dress properly, etc.    When I was younger and only weighed about 200 pounds, and a power lifter,  things were so easy for me to do,  but those days are gone, too.    We used to help our older neighbors  all the time,  [FOR FREE, of course] , like young lions and bulls, so strong and mighty.   Somehow, with every day life, working for the man, getting involved in accidents and injuries, much of the 'wind in our sails' has slacked off.    Like I said before,  I envied so many other couples who made things work, and even the bible said that they 'have something good.'   I had something very good, a nice wife,  but she passed away about 6 years ago, and left me alone, and not much has worked well after that.  

So, again,  perhaps now you know why a lot of older folks like me look to the Rapture for EVERYTHING.   I wouldn't care if it came tonight while I was sleeping all alone !  What a blessing it would be for me !  Even better than that great Mexican lunch I had today at Carlos Cantina, in Iron Mountain, MI !   I enjoyed 20 hot peppers with my excellent food today !    Great for the digestion, folks.

A der friend sent this following article to me, and I thought I would share it with you.   Enjoy.

---Tommy Schuckman

I have always known about  the intense hate that the Muslim terrorist in the white house holds for Israel, but never did look at his satanic hate for Jews through the words of Prophecy.  If you scroll down and read the article concerning the subject line in this email, you will understand how much the Muslim terrorist really hates Israel and what he has done to work diligently for her destruction.  While some try to dismiss the Muslim terrorist's hate as a mental condition, in reality his hate is structured through the worship of evil and Satan.  One day he will pay.  Or, one day he could be given a second chance like Nebuchadnezzar.