Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We Must Pray, and Thank God.

Tom's Journal.

Here's the perfect song to celebrate the end of Hillary's political career!

Meine lieben Deutschen Cousins und feine Leute in Deutschland, ihre Liebe und Geduld ist bekannt in der ganzen Welt. Aber jetzt ist es an der Zeit zu handeln, bevor die islamischen Eindringlinge völlig ruinieren Ihr Land, mit Vergewaltigung, Mord, Gewalt und Dreck ! Schieben Sie sie zurück, wo sie hergekommen sind, jetzt, heute, und die Straßen wieder sicher für die Frauen und Mädchen zu gehen, arbeiten und spielen ! Angela Merkel muss gehen ! Wenn Sie nicht sauber, Gott wird.

    Inside this following short article,  there is stuff/ info, that people like ME knew and talked about 5-6 years ago ! ! !   It all took a little longer to actually come into being.... get here, but now it IS here !   And the big, dirty, "Powers that Be" have be holding back,  'propping' up the economy on king Obama's watch to make him look good,  but they cannot keep us afloat any longer --- and things will fall apart on Mr. Trump's early Presidency.... sorry to say.   No smiles, then.   As smart, talented, with all his wise men and ladies he appointed already, his cabinet, etc.,  Donald J Trump just won't be able to stop the blood letting... and we will bleed out and perhaps cease to exist, or become a 'slave state.'   I am NOT a dooms day-er, nor chicken little, dude.   But the Bible can NEVER be wrong, and 'God can not lie !'  --Titus 1: 2.   All I am saying on the 22nd of Dec. 2016, is to PREPARE, invest in Metals, hunker down, and draw close to Jesus Christ.... and have a family Bible study twice a week, PLUS your own personal bible study time....   please.... for your kids and for yourself.

 ---  Tommy Schuckman

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Hello  Friends,
    I am telling many people that I fully intend to move back to Wisconsin, USA, in the Spring time, to return to my closer friends and family.   It's been  a wild ride living so far North, close to Canada, near Iron Mountain, MI., and there are always good points and bad points.   I am sure that if I had someone to share my good life with me in a LTR --long term relationship, or marriage,  things might well have been different.   And when I do travel back to my old stomping grounds near Milwaukee, Kenosha,  Burlington,  I get that sudden anxiety of being left in a dizzy, high speed, "rat race."   I don't want to live in a big city, because we all know that the Democrats have turned those loose places into ghettos and islands of Welfare and crime.    Ha!   I honestly couldn't AFFORD the high insurance because of theft, robberies, high crimes and assaults, and then I'd be temped to use my "hardware" on the animals.   But the country, and smaller towns are nice.    
     So,  as always,  it's a 'trade-off,' of sorts.   The people U.P. here in Northern Michigan are born poor, and live on venison and wild turkey, etc., and even if they have a good skill or education, they still won't  earn/ make much money to 'get ahead' of the game.   Most of the people are truly friendly, especially at the local VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center] in Iron Mtn., MI.,  but that is a "Vet Thing" and we all stick together nice and close... and take care of each other.    I also use it as a 'contact place' to expand my small Christian ministry of sorts, handing out [discreetly], Bible Tracts, Inc.  papers that I carry inside my wallet, etc.   I feel the Holy Spirit working in me to accomplish that purpose.   I guess I am also hooked on my humble Blog [Ministry], too.   I sometimes translate a paragraph in German,  because next to America, that country is my 2nd largest reader... although now days,  I'd bet that most Germans read and understand English, too.     I was in that fine country in early 1968, U.S. Army, and never completely got it out of my blood....   just like Vietnam,  and Wisconsin.  

As I already told a few friends today, the weather was so snowy, windy, and the roads were so slippery,  that I would have loved to just stay inside the whole day and rest,  but I needed to mail some bills/ etc., so I just put the old Dodge in 4WD, and went to town to have another great Mexican lunch, and they know me very well at that place, too.   I ate 30 hot peppers today, and 'SOMETHING' gave me a little heart burn,  but I enjoyed the food so much !!   It's hard for me to walk a long distance with my cane,  and you probably know that story about the Milwaukee VAMC messing up my Right knee replacement surgery about 6 years ago, so that now I have the Right leg about 3/4 of an inch shorter than the Left, and that is causing pain, as they made me a CRIPPLE !    So now,  what mature lady wants a man with a cane, who cannot walk too much or run, etc ??   I might see a legal eagle about this case.    I sure don't want to go through another hard surgery, and all by myself, again !   I am just waiting for God to do what He promised...  to Rapture us at the right time, or His choosing.  
     If I could just find an old friend down in Kenosha, WI., so I could scout the area out for this Spring, and maybe get a deal to rent or buy --- and line a few buddies up to help me move .....  Hummmmm. 
      And it's also about time I called my nice, cleaning lady, to help me organize and clean here, where I live, before things get too, 'out of control,' and messy.   I do the dishes now, and also love my new 'Crock Pot' /  Slow Cooker.   it won't be the first time that I've spend Christmas and New Year's alone.
     I also plan to hold on tighter to my money and other goods in the house, etc., instead of giving too much of it away to people who then use me as a door mat, and after they get the goods, they just can't ever be bothered and don't want to be seen in public with me....  Ha!   I THINK I got my head on right now....  but I am sometimes STUPID, and a Slow Learner.    I don't ever want to "buy" someone's so-called, friendship !!    No matter, in a year or so, many people even in the USA will be 'selling themselves' for one hot meal !   I just won't be around any more.

I also wish I could find some of my old movies that might still be buried in unpacked boxes.    I don't want to be completely unpacked here, even after a year,  because I just want to get out of Dodge !   The VA is even helping me to find different groups near by to find new friends.    Still looking for a Christian church that doesn't want to poke their nose into all my past affairs and privacy.    Well,  Winter is always harder to get around with the snow and ice.  
     You just have to watch yourself -- that you don't get attach to a "User" who wants to milk you, and control YOUR life, and then steals from you, and betrays you to others.   Many people have told me that, "it is better to be alone and lonely,  than to get taken and ripped off by some sly, sneaky, "user."   People USE others to make a living off them, just like those Remora fish that "attach" themselves to the shark, and live on the little chunks of flesh that he missed when he ate another fish in the sea.   And People will soon become more Predatory in the months to come, when things finally go down hill, and our American dollar becomes worthless, or a new World Currency becomes 'King of the Mountain,' as we were for 100 years or so.    Even God's love and mercy has LIMITS.   But there is plenty of room in hell.

When I finally lay down in my King size comfortable bed, under the warm covers,  all my sore bones settle into peace and harmony, and much of my pain subsides...  Thank God !   And I then thank Father God, again, for another day of life, mercy, pure water to drink, and good food, and gas in my tank, etc.   Like I said before,  I just wish I could help a few homeless people out of the cold,  but who can you really trust that won't steal you blind, or kill you in your sleep ? ?   And that's another reason we all pray... for wisdom and understanding.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman