Friday, December 23, 2016

Things to Ponder.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
     Well, Folks,  I have 'cut and pasted' a jolly old sack of Goodies for you all to munch on tonight, or later, and I hope you find some interest in them.  Some of my close friends who live all over the USA, gave me some advice recently that I ASKED FOR, and I am thanking them for helping me to become a better writer,  something I started doing back at Waterford High School, in Wisconsin, in the early 1960's, and a great outlet.   Several medical doctors and one of my attorneys encouraged me to pursue this pastime, as a true artist does, and there are many worthwhile, therapeutic reasons to write and share things.   I wanted to be published some day,  but after I got called back to my good paying job at Chrysler in Kenosha, WI., and after finding the Lord about the same time,   I had a shift of priorities, in my own mind.   It used to 'represent a goal of Glory' for me, at least part of it, but I figured that " had already filled my quiver with enough sharp arrows..."

But, perhaps,  I was still living in the past, of sorts,  thinking that there were still SOME bible smart, good women left in the world that a Christian man could settle down with....LOL. [laugh out loud], and just maybe there still are.    But they seem to be getting pretty 'thinned out' and scarce now days,  just as the bible, in Matthew 24, says.   You all might be sick of hearing this,  but Satan is behind,  "Women Liberation Orgs., and such."   It's true, that the KJV Bible says that men and husbands ought treat their wives as 'weaker vessels  in the sense  that they are physically less strong compared to most men, and just 'made different,' emotionally, etc.,  But they are also our equals when we get to heaven !!  That is important to understand and remember.   I could write/ speak on this subject for a long time...  but you prob get the message.   Men are to love, honor, respect, treat with kindness, love, tenderness, appreciation, the women in our world.   However, some Islamic women now days want to blow us up, kill us, and bring down our country.  Even in Vietnam, some women,  Viet Cong, enemies would conceal hand grenades in sensitive places in their own bodies  -- to hurt and kill us later !!

But,  I JUST realized and admitted this to myself today, right now,  that part of my problems could still be linked to the massive compulsion of the JW-cult, 'church of the poisoned mind --group' that brain wash their captive 'Wisdom Hole' people !!   That the woman/ wife should always be in SUBMISSION to her husband, and they do have a valid point there -- but how many wives NOW DAYS are into that kind of  'submission ??'   Ha!  Quite the opposite, as I have been trying to point out !   The very name/ term of Satan ---means:  "Rebel"  -- or Resistor !    Devil -- means:  Slanderer, or Liar, and those 2 terms fit him perfectly !!   I have talked and taught on this subject many times.   Satan is misleading the entire inhabitant  earth/ world.    Christ has promised to bring an end to that, in the near future.    But Time is a relevant thing.   Near, could mean one month, one year, or 7 years.....

I, personally, have an inner struggle right now... and am torn in half between my own wants, needs, desires, securities, etc., --- and the promises of God, in the Bible.   It's not so much the need for sex... at my age of 67,  but I would love some comradery, companionship, support, friendship, someone to share my meals with, shopping, talking, etc.,  with a woman of good moral character.   Not someone who just wants my money, income, pension and health insurance benefits, etc. that I worked so hard for all my life.   In return,  I would support her, pay half of her bills, make her happy, protect and shelter her and have a good time !   And so,  I plan to move back to WI., as soon as I can, and surely by this Spring time, if God wills.    Maybe I am asking for too much, and I need to lose weight and eat healthy foods, drink more pure water, etc.   I am better off than most other men in the world, and God has blessed me,  but I have also been through the mill, worked very hard, and got into many terrible accidents, including war.  

I am taking positive steps right now to prepare for the near future,  but if you all read the various situations down below,  you can see that things VERY WELL COULD fall apart, too !!    The book of Ecclesiastes talks about the great benefit of a married couple supporting each other, when one falls down, etc.   Ecclesiastes 4:10 - If either of them falls down, one can ...
Ecclesiastes / Ecclesiastes 4 / 10 ... If either should fall, one can pick up the other. ... If one falls down, the other can help him up.
  • Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV - Two are better than one, because ...
    9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 If either of them falls down
  • It's only good logic that in many cases, "two are better than one."  Especially if they both are Christian Believers !!   However,  as I said many times before,  these last days,  so many people 'CLAIM' that they ARE Christians,  but they don't even know the Basics about the KJV Bible, the Gospel of  Jesus Christ, nor do they even care to learn !!     In other words,  they are FAKES,  plastic, wanna-be's,  LIARS, and snakes in the grass, men and women !!   Sorry,  there is no need for being, 'Politically Correct' here on my Blog.   I mean to tell the truth as I see it, according to the bible that I am well studied in,  and that just offends the hell out of most folks, and also scares them.   It's just like smoking -- you either do -- or your don't.   I quit in 1972, and never, ever looked back, or missed it one little bit !!   Ha!   I still have lots of flaws, and still a sinner, not to worry.   

  • So,   that is where I stand, today, and I do have a 'battle plan,'  but we all know right now that so many things could pop up and change everything in the world --- over night !   But the best thing we carry for defense, protection, and peace of mind,  is our relationship with Jesus Christ.   The more you know about Him, and the KJV Bible,  the BETTER !     If we are really Followers of Christ,  should we not at least KNOW and UNDERSTAND the slim, trim, Basics, of how He got here, why, from where, and what He plans to do for all of us ???   I keep telling everyone,  just read the Gospel,  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...  plus the book of Romans.  And then you WILL have the Basics !  

    Merry Christmas

    Warm Regards,
    Tommy Schuckman


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