Monday, January 9, 2017

9/ 11 and Muslim Silence.

Tom's Journal.

    Please take the time to watch this important Video, to educate yourselves, and then pass it on to your friends and email buddies.
     I just may save your life.

Tom  Schuckman

Have read the book by Bridgette Gabriel (WHY THEY HATE US) and found it to be very interesting! Once I started reading, did not want to put it down! She is an educated, strong woman that escaped from Islamic control at an early age! Since then, she has toured the world spreading the truth about Islam/Muslims and ther evil aims! She is constantly under heavily-armed  security (and very capable herself) and does not hesitate to tactfully handle hecklers where ever she goes!  
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PLEASE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME AND GO THROUGH THE VIDEO ALL THE WAY AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES ABOUT MUSLIMS AND WHAT THEY ARE HERE FOR AND ARE DOING IN THEIR SO CALLED PEACEFUL MOSQUES...THERE ARE NO PEACEFUL MUSLIMS ACCORDING TO OUR BELIEFS AND THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.   WE WILL BE FOOLED INTO BECOMING AS THEY ARE AND ALL CHRISTIANITY WILL BE DEMOLISHED IF THEY HAVE THEIR WAY.........THIS IS NOT MY IDEA IT IS FACT~~~~WATCH, SEE AND LISTEN!!  then read all the other articles on this sight.    If you see a Muslim you see an enemy, period!  There is NO such thing as moderate or Chrislam muslims!  They are infiltrating instead of terrorizing~~~~~for now anyway.   They kill their own much less any and all of us they can!

Sent: Monday, January 9, 2017 7:16 AM
Subject: WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Children-Video of truth about Muslims
Children, pulled away from an amusement park, execute ISIS prisoners by shooting and beheading. This is the face of the next generation of jihadis. learn more

We asked our US readers: Is there a way to ensure terrorists can’t carry out attacks in airports while allowing legal weapons into airports?
Clarion Readers on Ft. Lauderdale and Guns: Here're Your Answers

The parents of murdered journalist Steven Sotloff, killed by the Islamic State, said the US government prevented them from ransoming their son.
Should Parents Ransom Their Children From Terrorists?

Zineb el Rhazoui quit Charlie Hebdo after accusing the paper of being too afraid to draw the founder of Islam, Mohammed, anymore.
Charlie Hebdo Journalist Quits, Says Paper Has

An investigative journalist explains how Edward Snowden’s leaks enabled an entire generation of terrorists to circumvent government intelligence.
How Edward Snowden Helped Terrorists Succeed

Pakistan's blasphemy laws are usually used against the Christian minority to settle vendettas or force out entire communities. Here’s a fresh case.
'Like Chickens in Cages Ready to Be Slaughtered'

Police uncover a crime ring which lures Christian and Hindu children and then converts them to Islam and trafficks them.
Child Trafficking Victims Forced to Convert to Islam
Mecca Governor Saudi Prince Khalid Al-Faisal: We Need a New Path of Moderation
Al-Faisal, who chairs the Beirut-based Arab Thought Foundation, said that a new path, based on moderation, was necessary in order to counter the ‘impotent equations’ of takfir vs. Westernization and extremism vs. moral decay.
Iraqi MP- Cancel Agreement with US; Make One with Russia, Iran
"Iraq should begin to take measures in order to cancel the infamous American 'Strategic Framework Agreement,' and try to achieve a true strategic framework agreement with the countries that are fighting terrorism - an agreement that will be truly sponsored by Russia, Iraq and Iran." 
[Re: "Charlie Hebdo Journalist Quits, Says Paper Has 'Gone Soft'"]: Can you blame them? We all need to share some of the risk to make it acceptable and we all haven't so far.
[Re:'How Edward Snowden Helped Terrorists Succeed']: Did anyone commenting read the article? It makes a compelling case for how Snowden aided terror plots against the US by sabotaging our intelligence gathering programs and methodologies. I'd be interested in hearing Snowden supporters comment on the actual contents of the article instead of just defending him in general.

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