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A Dramatic Development.

Tom's Journal.

Mr. Greg Guttfelt, of "The Five" --TV slot at 5 PM - Group, really cracks me up with his fine, cool mirth and jokes/ sarcasm, and I think that he is the 'life of the party,' as he thrusts and parry's his way to make his point on the timely show !    Now days the stupid, unwashed, Liberals come up with everything under the sun to PROTEST, yell, scream, and complain about,  and the group,  "The Five," usually rakes them over the coals  in a way that makes everyone with an I.Q. above 70, LAUGH so hard that they gasp for air !    Good for them !   It's about time !   Enjoy !

Why Liberals Don’t Like You Correcting their Grammar

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The PC Police are out in force on this issue. Apparently, Liberals new rule for their handbook “How Not to be a Racist” is to stop correcting grammatical errors. That’s a new one. But apparently to liberals, it’s a pretty big problem.
In the biggest stretch I’ve ever seen Liberals have connected correcting someone’s grammar to hate speech. It comes as a function of racial “power imbalance” used to shut down minorities who “struggle” to get their voices heard in our society they proclaim.
I guess be careful the next time someone uses “your” instead of “you’re” or the incorrect use of “their”, “there” or “they’re”—but only if the offender is a minority.
Check out the crazy way liberals have turned correcting someone’s grammar into a reason to call someone a racist in the video below. Prepare to have yourself a good laugh.

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In the Polish Language: 

Gwałtowny rozwój nowych, czy jest warta czytania i dzielenia się. W Biblii KJV mówi nam, że przyszłość jest stark, straszne, i nie za daleko. Musimy pokazać, nauczyć i przygotować ! Witam wszystkich na moim skromnym blogu: Tom's journal.
May God bless naszego nowego prezydenta USA, Pan Donald atutem. Panie, proszę zabezpieczyć jemu i jego rodzinie.
Tommy Schuckman

Hello  Friends !
    I am a very HAPPY MAN, today !  And you can guess why that is.  The fine, smart, savvy gentleman that I voted for was sworn in today as POTUS !   And I was so happy that no one got hurt or killed, and everything seemed to go off with out any negative incident !  Hurrah !   And praise the Lord, for answering my and millions of other Christian's prayers !  
   Mr. Trump, POTUS, is NOT the person I worship, and not my great Lord, Jesus Christ !   But I firmly believe the he will do a much better job in the future than 'Hilly's corruption machine,' ever could !!   So....  allow me and other to celebrate this brief moment of glory and joy, please.   

Back at the ranch,  the main study Book that "We" have, called the KJV Bible,  says that a perilous, scary time is ahead of us, not too far down the road, and a good scholar named,   Hal  Lindsey, down below, has some very important stuff to teach us.   Please check this out.

I just made a new Air Force Veteran, friend today, and his name is Abel !  I feel good about that, too.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

January 20th, 2017
This week, I will continue my two-part series with "The Prophetic Year in Review: 2016, Part 2" (PYIR). For those of you who are regular viewers of the program, you remember that at the beginning of each new year I look back on the previous one and highlight the developments and events that I believe hold particular prophetic significance.

Two weeks ago, I devoted Part 1 of "PYIR: 2016" to Israel. In Part 2, I will take a look at some of the major prophetic developments across the rest of the world.

Perhaps the most dramatic prophetic development of the past year has been the rise of Russia on the global scene, particularly in the Middle East. It has become the dominant power in Middle Eastern geopolitics. Under Barack Obama, the United States ceded its traditional role there.

On the world scene, Russian President Vladimir Putin has loudly reminded the world that Russia is the other nuclear superpower, even tacitly threatening to use his weapons if Russia doesn't get its way. One prominent national security analyst noted that, "Russia is getting ready for a big war which they assume will go nuclear, with them launching the first attacks."

At the same time, Russia is warming its relations with Turkey. And it's doing so in spite of the fact that during 2016, Turkey shot down one of Russia's warplanes and Russia's ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in Ankara. Either of those events would normally cause Russia to freeze its relationship with Turkey, or even retaliate. But bigger things were happening in 2016.

The Bible predicts that in the last days, Russia will be part of a coalition that includes Iran and modern-day Turkey, who are normally enemies. Headlines just this week declare that Russia, Iran, and Turkey are joining together to defeat the rebel forces opposing the Assad regime in Syria.

Coincidence? No. The Bible predicts that this very coalition will one day attack Israel. Until now, this coalition has not existed, nor even been possible. The Syrian civil war has brought them together, just as the prophets predicted.

At the same time, the European Union appeared on the verge of collapse in 2016. The massive migrant invasion of Europe from the Middle East has triggered the rise of nationalist movements in many EU member nations.

Most notably, citizens of the United Kingdom shocked the world when they voted to leave the European Union. The referendum was known as "Brexit." That's loosely an abbreviation of the phrase, "British Exit from the EU."

Interestingly, they did so despite the fact that American President Barack Obama went to England and tried to influence the vote by campaigning against "Brexit."

At least five other nations are considering withdrawing from the EU. Mostly because the unchecked migrant invasion has strained their resources and the EU and other globalist powers have usurped their sovereignty, thus their power to protect themselves.

But never fear, the European Union is not dead. In fact, The Express of London reports that the dominant members of the EU are now revealing a blueprint to do away with individual European states. It will create a "superstate" that will have its own "army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all of these powers being transferred to Brussels."

That sounds eerily like the Bible's description of the Antichrist's European power base!

Across the world, the persecution of Christians continued unabated during 2016. Though the social stigma of being a Christian in America has increased of late, many of our brothers and sisters around the world are paying for their convictions with their homes and lives. Never stop praying for them, for God's mercy, strength, and peace to be upon them. Our time is not far off.

Also in 2016, we saw a steady rise in lawlessness across the world, but particularly in the United States. It was especially dramatic in the way respect for law and the officers who enforce the law hit a new low. An alarming number of officers were specifically targeted and assassinated. And support for the "thin blue line" from the highest levels of our government was glaringly sparse.

Jesus warned that lawlessness would be a hallmark of the last days of this Age.

Another prophesied hallmark of these days is the dizzying increase in knowledge and technical prowess. But that isn't all good. It brings with it an increased ability to regulate our behavior. Three of the dominant forces in social networking (the exploding phenomenon of the last few years), are Facebook, Twitter, and Google. They have each signaled that they will begin to place more restrictions on the public expression of ideas.

Their excuse is that they want to stop terror and "fake news." And even though it is true that there are purveyors of "fake news" on the internet, the ultimate result will definitely be that the "fake news" label will be used against any ideas that differ from left-wing academic and political orthodoxy.

And that will someday include anyone who presses the claims of Jesus Christ in the public square.

There were many other developments over the last year that have definite prophetic significance. Among them we could list the "superbug apocalypse," North Korea's continued threat to the world, China's increasing belligerence, the turmoil engulfing Central and South America, and the rise of drug abuse and occult practices in America.

Jesus personally warned us that in the last days, deception would be a great danger. I have never seen a time in my lifetime that so perfectly needed that warning. Because Satan has so permeated the thinking of man and captured his imagination, it seems that everything we once knew and believed has been turned on its head. It feels like we can trust no institution and no leader.

The Bible also says that because man will reject God and accept the lies, He will give them over to that delusion and allow them to believe it. Only God could write such a perfect description of what we are seeing around us on a daily basis.

Folks, that means that time is short. Christ's return to snatch away His true believers cannot be far away. One thing is sure, it grows closer with every passing day. So get ready!


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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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