Friday, January 20, 2017

Chinese Assault on USD.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Readers and Friends,
     About the Chinese assault on our American USD  --$$$, I think that it's going to happen,  but we can only guess what time this year of 2017 it will  happen.   And then, many 'experts' say that it will be a 'gradual thing' -- kind of spread out.   However,  I have personally noticed the price of food steadily going UP, UP, UP, like a 12 oz. can of Mushrooms costing,  $1.75 !   It comes down to the "Boiling a frog," scenario, IMHO.   If the Gov't or world elite do is slowly, they think that we will be too stupid to notice it.   Ha!  
     Well, folks,  I know that you all have heard my rants for a long enough time,  so if you good people have any other ideas or thoughts,  I would love to hear them, please.
    Here is my personal email address:  

No matter how good, how smart, how charismatic, with all the right motives that our new POTUS has.....  it never hurts to prepare and think for ourselves.   And besides that,  president Trump has already WARNED us  about the "Bubble !"   Sorry to say,  MOST people don't know how to listen and pay attention [especially the loony Liberals and Socialists, who would rather be entertained, 24/ 7 ! ].   Actually,  a hard day's work and a glass of water would kill most of them !

But, I am not about to throw a wet towel on today's great Victory for America, with our new, beloved POTUS, and his beautiful family !   God bless, President Trump, and his family, and let us all give him a chance, please !

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

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