Tuesday, January 17, 2017

'Dance with the Dog !'

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Come on  Guys and Gals !  
      There comes a time when we just have to release some of the steam/ pressure, from everyday, constant fighting and bickering.   So let us enjoy a few great JOKES and SMILE !!  Someone did me a great favor today --- and I just feel so good about life right now.

Have a great day/  or night !   'It's time to dance with the Dog !'   And what a beautiful Rottweiler !

Tommy Schuckman

Description: Obama Bathroom Gender
Obama's only legacy ...........transgender bathrooms.
Description:                                                          Gender                                                          bathrooms
Description:                                                          Bathroom lady                                                          at urinal 
Description:                                                          Obama bathroom                                                          safe spaceDescription: Obama unemployment numbers
 Description:                                                          Hillary                                                          avoided                                                          prosecution so                                                          far
Description:                                                          Hillary Trump                                                          Hitler 
Description: Guns Chicago killings no NRA members
Description:                                                          Guns                                                          conservatives                                                          not violent or                                                          destructive
Description:                                                          Guns cars                                                          drunks 
Description:                                                          Immigration                                                          Israel border                                                          wall 
Description:                                                          Islam Golda                                                          Meir Jews 
Description:                                                          Wisdom Reagan                                                          bombed Libya 
Description:                                                          Stupid                                                          liberals                                                          bikers behave                                                          better 
Description:                                                          Stupid                                                          liberals                                                          professors                                                          should teach                                                          for free 
These kinda make you want to send them to your friends don't they!!

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