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Dear  Friends,
  Here as an 'after thought' that I just added, is a very SCARY scenario !!    Please read and share with all Patriots, Preppers, and lovers of Freedom !

The Two Hottest Commodities For Investors In 2017
We are poised on the edge of a massive breakout...
Report: “Distinct Possibility Obama Will Initiate Measures To Place Us Into A War With Russia”
The problem is that everyone sees Obama as “going out the door,” and there are no true checks upon his actions up until the last couple of days before the inauguration.
‘White’ Philosophers Next Ban At College: “A Real Danger Of Political Correctness Out of Control”
Have politically correct whiners ruined the value of a good education once and for all, to instead replace it with ‘acceptable’ and curated views only?
When Cash Is Worthless You'll Need This For Barter
This Underground Survival Community Proves Preppers “Don’t Just Survive, They Thrive”
In an unsuspecting location exists the world’s largest survival community, where doomsday preppers can invest in an eco-friendly bunker for just $25,000.
“A Coup Just Occurred” Homeland Security Uses Russian Hacking to Takeover U.S. Elections
This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency: DHS, if deemed necessary, could utilize armed agents and take over states’ offices that resist.
Frugal Prepping: 12 Survival Tools You Need in Your Bug Out Bag
When you’re in a bind, you may have only what is on your belt or in your pockets to rely on…

   We had a goodly amount of snow U.P. here where I live, and it's still coming down, so I was debating in my mind if I should venture out into the Winter Wonderland of the far North.   Well,  I did put out the garbage earlier, and fired up the old, 2015 Dodge Ram, 4WD,  and went out for a late breakfast, an omelet, as usual.   Then I went shopping for a few groceries, and came home.   I bought a Pecan Danish Cringle [coffee cake ring],   even though I don't drink coffee, and some green fresh grapes, etc.  

'Tis the Season to get split finger tips that hurt !'    That means:   Drink more pure water to hydrate the skin !   But I am spoiled.   Ahhh, the joys of a long, cold Winter.... but we shall take it,  Lord.  
     I admit that I was just too depressed and blue with the Holidays... all alone, as usual, but for some odd reason I am feeling much better now, and maybe part of it is because I am following
doctor's orders in using my Symbicort inhaler so I can breath better.    I feel stronger and just a tad lighter, too.   And getting a few Cards, Calls, and phone visits from my friends all over the USA helped me a lot, also,  PTL.   The prospect of probably not meeting a Christian lady so far North where I live doesn't seem so bad anymore, as I think about how poor and desolate the general population is now days,  thank you, Obama !   And when you read the reports down below today,  you might get the same picture in YOUR minds.  

A good friend named, Judy, emailed me with some thoughts, about Father God dulling the minds and eyes of the general class of unbelievers on earth right now  --- also pushing into the 'Great Tribulation' that will soon follow the Rapture of the Saints,  'giving them a reprobate mind... and blinded.'   But reading the short article below shows that it looks like we are already there now !!  
      We all started noticing a big change in the mindset back in the mid- 1960's to the 70's of rebellion against the establishment.    And they WERE crooked, corrupt with a double standard !!   But the churches and religion started to wane and change, too !  The morals tanked and disappeared,  and some things changed were good,  but the pendulum swung too far to the Left, as Socialism entered our Society, and just look where we are now, folks !   So, now the Liberals and Lefties CALL themselves "Progressives"  but it still  the same old song.... a bucket of spit, at best.   

The one good thing that happened, was that the eyes of many honest hearted people were finally opened by the Word of God, the KJV Bible, and MANY, MANY, combat Veterans that came home from the war in Vietnam, came to know the Lord, and helped share the Gospel !!   And God picks the kind of people that the 'WORLD' casts away and disregards as "trash,"  but all we really did was to "change Armies !"   Now, we Christian Veterans serve a new Master and Lord,  Jesus,  and this time --- we get to Win !!   We win when we die in God's mercy and Grace, Saved by the blood of the cross... and many will survive to also be Raptured.   Like I said,  we are still Soldiers,  but now we fight for Jesus, by sharing the truth of the Gospel, and we have the Holy Spirit to help, guild, support and teach us the true meaning of the Good Book.   And really, friends,  you simply cannot understand the Bible without the aid of the H.S...  sorry.  

Well,  now I have the rest of the afternoon to 'thaw out,'  and my other friend, named Greg, from IL sends me the current weather developments that say a high wind is blowing him away near, "Chi-Town."   And just think,  the Democratic town of Chicago, had more killings and murders than New York and Los Angles, combined last year !!  Woo- Woo !  

Too,  every day I pray harder for Mr. Donald Trump, to make it alive thru Jan. 20th, and safely take office with his find group of new men and ladies, all very smart, capable people.   He seems to like his Generals.... lol.   He will be sooooooo  busy in the Oval Office for he first 100 days !   May God protect Pres. Trump and his entire family !  Please, Pray with me !    And I wouldn't blame him one bit if he rode around in an armored Military Tank !   Like the Abrams Tank.   And I have seen what an Armored Army Tank does to a VW auto-- bug, in Germany ---Deutschland !   Squash !   And I also just heard on the News that Chrysler Motors Company is falling into line, now, too.

Have a great day !

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman
Email:  tschuckman@aol.com 

Here is a older picture at Victory Baptist Church, South of Kenosha, WI., with my passed wife,  Sharon L.  Schuckman, about 8 years ago.   We did everything together, and she taught me a lot !   She is in heaven now.


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