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Here’s a summary of stories from this past trading week, with a link to the full articles online.
Lessons for President Trump (and investors), Part 1
While the press is hyperactive with speculation about what President Trump will, or will not, do. Martin Weiss, Ph.D., has decided to turn to an entirely different kind of story from a different place and time. If you want to learn the worst ways to fight corruption and other ills, then click here.
Amazon Shakes Up the Delivery Business

With a growing fleet of cargo planes, Amazon’s gearing up to compete with the Big Three freight handlers, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Tech expert Jon Markman explains why they should be very afraid.
The End of Big Government?
On President Trump’s first day in the Oval Office, he made good on his campaign promise by withdrawing America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations. Gold guru Larry Edelson declares: “Mark my words, this is only the beginning.”

Edelson’s cycles analysis predicted a Trump win weeks in advance! Now, discover how it could make you much, much richer in 2017.
We are in for five years of chaos in the economy, the markets and in our business and personal lives. As this supercycle courses through the world economy in the months ahead, the investors our governments count on for loans will snap their wallets shut. Be sure to read Larry’s website in its entirety so you can shield your money. Click here now!
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Brexit Supreme Court Ruling: U.K. Needs Parliamentary Approval
The high court decision turned out to be a dud for the markets as the pound showed little reaction to the news. Currency expert Boris Schlossberg reviews what you should expect going forward.
SECOP: How to “Remove” Your Fingerprints
If you want to vanish without a trace, then you need to know a few simple techniques so you don’t leave a telltale trail of fingerprints. Special ops expert Jeff Cantor teaches you how to keep from getting fingered by your enemies.
Trade War Scoreboard: China 1 – USA 0
If trashing the Trans-Pacific Partnership is indeed the opening salvo in a new trade war, it looks like the first shot from the U.S. backfired. As a veteran analyst of world markets, Mike Burnick gives you the bad news … and the bad news.
What’s the CIA Really Doing?
The Agency’s actions as of late have been strange to say the least… fake news, questionable accusations agains Russia… NEW revelations about the death of a former CIA director shed light on a far bigger threat to the US… Click here to find out more.
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Taking a wait-and-see approach…
While the mainstream media are filled with controversy surrounding our new billionaire president, longtime financial analyst Bill Hall focuses on one big point: Kick-starting the U.S. economy will be a Herculean labor because of government debts and cash-poor consumers. How should you invest now?
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