Friday, January 27, 2017

VA Corruption -- Justice, Finally.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    OK,  You good people read my humble column and see all my accusations about the U.S. -- VA, being corrupt all the time, all over the Country.   Well,  I like to usually prove what I say is true, and right here is a good example.   And those corrupt officials THINK that they have so much POWER and authority to hurt, trick, threaten, Veterans, AND their own staff.... and I could go on and on with my first hand experiences and Info/ Intel ! !   And you need to also know how corrupt Obama was for the past 8 stinking, upside down planet of the Apes, scenario !
      I am just so happy to finally see some JUSTICE before I die !!   Praise the Lord !   Protect President Trump, and all his wonderful family.   He is not a god, nor our Savior ---  but just a good, mortal man who wants to 'drain the swamp' and help good Americans.

Please pass this post on to other combat Veterans.   And if I can help other Vets in any way, here is my email:  
       I am on Face Book, too, but I don't know for how much longer.... lol.    Have a great day   !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

BREAKING – Trump DEFIES Obama, Makes BRILLIANT Move to Save Our Vets

Donald Trump promised to take care of our military heroes — and he is doing it! The Department of Veterans Affairs has just been shaken!

President Trump’s administration has been saying, “You’re fired!” to corrupt VA staffers. Two such employees in Puerto Rico were fired this week, and many more such actions may soon be on the way, The Daily Caller reports
DeWayne Hamlin was one of the two men fired by the Trump administration. When serving as VA hospital CEO, DeWayne Hamlin allegedly offered an employee $305,000 to quit after she was involved in exposing his arrest — on drug related crimes.
“Mr. DeWayne Hamlin was removed from federal service effective January 20, 2017,” the VA said in a statement issued on January 20. Under former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald, Hamlin was allowed to remain at his post even after a lengthy investigation into the retaliation he levied against whistle blowers had been completed.

The VA only began a months-long investigation into DeWayne last year after Bob McDonald had been intensely prodded by agency leadership. The investigation was led by an outside agency, the Office of Special Counsel.
Even though the VA, under Obama’s rule, knew about the problems with Hamlin, McDonald still chose him to serve as a “coach” at the Leadership Shaping Leaders training sessions. McDonald reportedly said the workshops were the best way to shape the culture at the agency.
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VA officials reportedly told Rosayma Lopez she was being terminated for refusing to fabricate a reason to fire a fellow staffer, Joseph Colon. Colon was reportedly targeted by administrators after he exposed DeWayne Hamlin had been arrested during the wee hours of the morning on charges of drunk driving and illegal drug possession in Florida.
Government ethics officials were able to block Lopez’s firing even after the bribe to keep quiet came to light. Lopez refused the bribe that would have required her to quit her job at the VA.

VA general counsel Leah Bradley, also under Bob McDonald, told Congress Hamlin’s attempts to get rid of Rosayma Lopez were not conducted in retaliation for refusing to fire a staffer without just cause. The investigation into the matter was still ongoing at the time, and Bradley offered zero evidence to support her claim of innocence for Hamlin.
Evidence in the case ultimately proved Hamlin was attempting to retaliate against Lopez. The other Veterans Affairs staffer who was recently fired illustrates just how bad things got at the agency tasked with aiding the heroes who protected America.

Elizabeth Rivera took part in an armed robbery and was still allowed to keep her job. She was still receiving a salary from We the People while she was sitting in a jail cell!
Rivera was even able to work at her job in the VA hospital’s security office while wearing an electronic ankle bracelet! When news about the staffer first broke, administrators tried to claim Rivera had been fired.
The VA officials eventually changed their story and then tried to claim it was not possible to fire a staffer for committing crime while off duty. Even if that is true, which it does not appear to be, Elizabeth Rivera could simply have been fired for missing work for the duration of her stay behind

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