Sunday, February 12, 2017

19 Girls get put in a Cage.

Tom's Journal.

I whacked my Left middle finger tip on the bathroom door this morning and it started to bleed and hurt really bad, so I put on a band aid and medical tape.   but the result was that I keep making so many mistakes and "typo's" now on my blog post, here....  sorry.

Hello Again,  Dear Friends,
    Let me tell you about a big blessing that I have, and I am so thankful for my "Inner Circle" of Friends in the USA, that support me with their kindness, friendship and comments via emails and occasional phone calls !   I love them more than my own siblings, who are usually jealous of my advancement in life, health, and income.   And why can't those kind of people just be happy, content, cordial, and satisfied with their lot in life....  but they are not Christians.....either.   Because being a Christian means that they would have to be 'accountable for their actions --- to, "Some One," namely God in heaven.   Oh well, let us be somewhat cheerful today, on Sunday, as the cold wind whistles thru the trees and my windows... LOL.  

For sure,  the fact of the matter is:  that I AM ALL ALONE U.P. here4 in the Great Northern part of upper Michigan,  but have a hope and desire to move back to Wisconsin sometime this coming Spring -- of God wills it.   I am going to miss the very kind, service of the local VAMC --Hospital near me, 10 miles away.   So that is one thing that might be holding me back, plus the rent and property up here is cheap !   And I just HATE moving, again !   Plus, even though I like, love, hope, trust that President Trump does well,  he simply cannot be blamed for the INTENTIONAL damning, destruction of America, on purpose, so that the Globalist Elite can come in and carve up our country, to make it all fit into their OWG --One World Gov't... or the New Order, that Revelation, chapter 13 vividly explains.   Christians, of all people MUST SEE AND UNDERSTAND THIS !!   It is pure Bible ! 
        President Trump and all his, smart, wise,  merry, men can and will slow things down for a while,  but even he knows that we are so far into major National DEBT, that we just cannot pay off/  pay down, our National bills, and debt to other countries !   Sorry,  I am just telling the Truth as I see it.   
    But,  Christians can still be a HAPPY People,  because we are promised that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and we KNOW that he will pull us all [real Christians] out of vicinity of the earth, before he deals with the unholy, unjust, wicked, UN-Believers 'Left Behind,' on Earth.   Period.  Pure and Simple.   And we call this,  "The Rapture" -- in our Christian circles.
       And Yes,  I know that I should like a broken record, preaching the same thing, probably too often.   But if I can reach some new people in other countries, like:  Norway, Germany,  France,  Russia, China,  Ukraine,  Greece, etc.....    it will be all worth it to me,  and my Lord  JESUS.   When a human being first gets a 'blast' of the Holy Spirit, after he/ she says that prayer asking for help, and confessing their sins, laying bare their heart and soul, to Father God,  it's like nothing they have ever experienced !   A new sense of Joy, Love, Hope, Freedom, Peace of mind, [AND ALL THE OTHER Fruits of the Spirit, mentioned at Galatians 5: 22...]  -- just gush out of their eyes and mouth, so that they can barely contain themselves !   But then the devil starts his attack on the "New Christian" thru different forms of persecution, etc., and usually from their own family members !!     So... having a mature, Christian friend to talk to is very important for strength and brotherhood.   Here is my humble email address:    And if you email me, and we trust each other, I will also give you my phone number, too !   Once upon a time when I was also a "New Christian" --- about the age of 40 something, in the year,  1995 ---- a few mature people also helped me in this way,  and I am forever in their debt until the day I die, in a special relationship.   A few of them:  Mary Ellen Hintz,  Robby Bohnen,  Steve Brulport,  Earl B. Wise, and an older mentor that I met at Gateway Technical College, Kenosha, Wisconsin,  USA., in my Welding class,  who has since gone to heaven, etc., just to name a few.   See what I mean ?   I ALSO HAD TO "Re-learn the Bible" so I could distinguish between the many false religions/ churches, and the real Christian churches.   Some of the false preachers and churches are so sly and crafty, so you need to beware, and be careful.  
     I also donate to the:  Bible Tract, Inc.  people, and get my fine Bibles from:     --company/ people.

Just look at what is still going on in Muslim lands across the pond !  Women and children are being murdered, butchered in cages, and  so many of the Holly Wood Elites are steeped in child pedophilia rings,  and other gross sins,   along with the Clintons [of course],and worse.  And that's why we call them the "Left Coast."  And remember that those kind of people in that locality also had a good dose  of HIV DISEASE ravage their ranks in the 70's and 80's...
       Look,  our new President Trump has figured it out...  the only way to destroy a monster, is to "CUT OFF THE HEAD of the Snake !"   However, the Left, perverts, Socialists, Libs, are doing everything in their power to slow down Pres. Trump's getting his basic Cabinet installed !!   Because they know that once our new POTUS has his well oiled Machine running good,  he will really start to kick some serious butt and 'Drain the Swamp !'   
Half of America is on the evil, wicked side of the devil,  and they just will not change.  The Bible says that a leopard can ' never change his spots!'   So deal with it.   Trump was so smart to put a number of good Generals in control, and I think that he should continue to invest in the top rank Generals and Admirals, to get the hard tasks done !   God help him.   Amen.  Remember,  Obama-oink fired over 200 good, Generals and Admirals, who refused to dance to his tune --- so now Pres. Trump is putting those same good, Patriots, back to work !   'Poetic Justice !'   Ha!   Remember:   "The best Revenge is:  Massive Success !"
     Friends,  I really need more of you good people to JOIN my humble Blog... as Followers,  Please.   it is easy to do.  Just follow the yellow brick road, on the Right column of my Blog page.   Thank you, and bless you all,  Believers, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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