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Arrest George Soros.

Tom's Journal.

Fore Word, today, in Russian:

Здравствуйте друзья,
фактически, мои предки могут быть отслежены с XV века - Германия, но позднее в семье история происходит, мы были, "Volga-Germans" и театр царевны Натальи Алексеевны Кэтрин великой или иным образом сделал сделку, где примерно 25 граждан Германии перешли на часть России в начале 1800-х годов [Я думаю] для проживания там в качестве пшеницы фермерам, и все было хорошо пока не пришла война. Поэтому некоторые из моего родственников пришли в Америку и приняла американской культуры, также боевые действия в Америке войн и т.д., I am a 4 поколения Америки, также инвалидов войны во Вьетнаме ветеран: 1968- 70.
Я нашел Господь Иисус Христос, и изучил высокие духовные качества имеют свои границы Библии на протяжении более 40 лет, отправился в колледж в два раза, стала для сварки и также работал в Chrysler двигатели компании для более 30,5 лет, в настоящее время в отставку.
Мой адрес электронной почты:
я полагаю, что существует много реальных христиан во всем мире, и я слышал, что существуют более "Сохранить" христиан существующих, "метро" в Китае --- чем в Европе и Америке, в сочетании ! !
Что касается теплого,
Tom Schuckman


Hi  Friends,
   There is a lot more to George Soros than just this small article -- and all you have to do it DIG a little bit, like I do.   Actually,  I have heard college professors say that you don't learn all that much just sitting in college,  but they teach you how and where to find things out !   And with the PC --Personal Computer,  the whole world is right in front of you, so you can become so smart and well educated in the comfort of your own home !   Finally getting my first computer years ago was a dream come true !   And now that I am retired, I confess that I do spend a lot of time, reading and researching things  --- because I am somewhat disabled and have trouble walking for any long distances.... unless I lose 100 pounds, like yesterday.... lol.   And I would be SO GRATEFUL TO THE PERSON who could help me on that journey !   I would just bless that person with many goods and pleasures and my undying love.

I was also looking up the I.Q. of some 'famous people' --- but I remember some older wise person telling me long ago,  that a high I.Q. doesn't mean so much if that person has an evil, wicked heart.   In fact, when Adam and Eve were kicked out of their paradisiac garden, in the book of Genesis,  Father God, made their lives heavy with hard work just to survive... and not to be mean and hateful.   But just think for a minute,  that someone with a perfect mind and body,  with such a high I.Q. -- could do so much major DAMAGE if they had a lot of time on their hands, and life was super easy !   Genesis 3: 19,  "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread."    In other words,  Adam's life would no longer be a picnic in the grass....  And Eve didn't have it that good either.   The serpent [STD--Satan the Devil] was also cursed.   After the Flood in Noah's time, the curse was lifted, so that the ground yielded better bounty, fruit and grain, etc.   But the FIRST prophecy of the Bible, Genesis 3: 15, has not seen it's total fulfillment yet !   That will come in the future, when the devil is permanently throw into the 'Lake of Fire,'  book of Revelation.   Kaput !  
      I guess that most of the protesters, rioters, and Socialists just have too much time on their hands,  so instead of working every day like the rest of us -- who also have to support THEM, plus ourselves,  they find bad, unproductive,  ways to fill their time, so they burn, rob, destroy and hurt people, instead.   Ha!   I have a feeling that some things in life will get worse [like the world economy] ---so that their 'entitlements' will discontinue, and they will have to finally work,  Won't that be a hoot, lazy bums trying to find a job, with no marketable skills or talents... Ha!   Sorry that I cannot donate,  as I am just a poor, old, Disabled Soldier Man, living on a fixed income.   But I do understand the U.S. Constitution pretty well,  especially the 2nd Amendment part...  Smile.   So, too,  just like sinful Adam,  Soros needs to be taken 'out of circulation' for his humungous High Crimes against humanity, and fomenting division, discord, riots, and fighting to pull down our new President Trump from office !!  Shame !   And Obama, too !  Plus all of Obama's secret political "Leekers" to the 'Fake News.'   In fact,  telling lies can get people hurt and killed !  Hey... 'Elections have consequences,'  Mr. Obama !  Remember ?   The lawless Socialists- Dims [sic] WANT the Trump Administration to fail, and that is why they are trying hard to sabotage every WH effort to get things rolling and in place, so we won't be able to get ready for a world wide economic MELT DOWN !!   Trump really needs to 'flesh out' his new organization and full cabinet stations -- on down the line, and the Dims are preventing him from doing just that !    But there IS a God of Justice, and He will also have HIS day !   PTL---Praise the Lord. 
     It's nothing short of a miracle that Pres. Trump can even continue to plow the corruption under with his John Deer tractor, with all the rabid dogs nipping at his heels, constantly.    But Donald Trump's I.Q. is very high, however, he uses it for the good of all America, and the world.   I think that our Father in the Heavens has given the USA a short 'reprieve' -- in holding back the 'dogs of war' and the Great Tribulation, mentioned in Matthew 24, so that more people will 'see the Light of Jesus Christ,' before the 'Final Harvest.'   But that is only my humble opinion.... friends.   It will still be a 'hard row to hoe', friends,  but please tell me what is easy in life, even for the young people in grade school, who are now besieged from every side, with dumbed down, poor instruction, and even Satanism and Islam pushed in schools  now days !   The churches are sleeping, and many now try to include Islam into their so-called 'Christianity' preaching.   I have personally, even been to a few Baptist churches that were teaching sometime else besides the KJV Bible !!   I walked out quickly and never, ever gave them another penny !   Satan is very active in these last days !   Beware.   And here is a word to the wise:   If  you ever walk into a new church, and see NO bibles on or near the pews/ seats, nor do you see any of the members of that church even carry in their own copy of the Bible  --- Beware, and then leave !   Go figure.... if our ANCESTORS could read, write, and do Math, hundreds of years ago,  why can't we do these basic, common functions NOW ??   You have seen me print it HERE many times, that the KJV Bible is written on a 5th grade reading level !   I have taught people, as an trained instructor,   how to read, in ESL --- "English is a Second Language."   And I loved it, worked for free, of course,  but what a special reward and privilege !   I have been blessed to do so many good things in my life, and still work all my life to provide for my family, etc.   Thank You, Lord !

So,  it just so happens that George Soros, the Hungarian Jew, who hates all other Jews, and worked for the Nazi people in WW-2, to help hurt the Jews, is also a good friend of B.H. Obama, and they have been working together to promote the OWG ---One World Gov't, that the greedy world Elites hope to RULE and play with.   Soros has already collapsed a few nations, bankrupting them just to watch them suffer.   He must be brought to justice, and soon, before he can do more damage !   He also supports with his vast  store of money, many divisive, hateful Orgs., like Black Lives Matter, etc.,   so just dig a little bit, and then share the facts with others, please.

Oh,  BTW,  I just read where Sheriff Joe Arpaio, [Sp?] and his investigators have finally found out that the so-called, 'birth certificate' and the stolen SSN of BHO are all frauds, and Obama looks like a big, nasty LIAR, now.   I hope this true news is developed more and made public.

My email:

Warm Regards,
Tom   Schuckman
Here is a pic of me at CuChi, RVN [Vietnam] in early 1968, when I first got 'in-country.'   I started then drinking a lot of beer, but after a few months I reasoned,  'I might just survive this war,  so I'd better start saving my money !'   But it was a long time before I figured all that out... lol.  Now, I certainly believe in Prepping and Investing.  

The air temps today are in the high 40's !  PTL.

BREAKING – After Big News, George Soros is Officially Under INVESTIGATION

For years, people like George Soros have been actually running this country through their donations and influence without repercussions. That is about to change.
Lawmakers, including Mike Lee, R-Utah, are going after Soros for his interference in European political affairs. The evidence appears to show that the Obama administration, working with the Soros group, was funneling U.S. taxpayer dollars into Macedonia, namely to left-wing groups.
“I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another,” Lee wrote. (via Fox News)
This week, Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., led a group of House lawmakers in writing to Ambassador Jess Baily — an Obama appointee — demanding answers.
And you thought Soros was only interested in controlling the United States. No, no. This guy feels entitled to rule the entire world. And, the Obama years made it easy for him to complete his missions.
Why target Macedonia? The small country near Greece is largely run by Conservatives. Their tax rate is only ten percent, and they keep their government nice and small. The government has also pledged to support Donald Trump.
All of these things mark the country as an enemy of globalism and everything Soros and Obama stand for.
Unfortunately, for Soros, Obama is gone and a new government is in power, one that intends to drain the swamp. It turns out that doing so will also benefit our friends in Macedonia.
The former Prime Minister of Macedonia has made a statement about Soros’ impact on his people: “If it were not for George Soros behind it with all the millions he pours into Macedonia, the entire network of NGOs, media, politicians, inside and out … the economy would be stronger, we would have had more new jobs.”
And Soros’ own home country of Hungary holds similar concerns. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has recently spoken out against Soros’ powerplay in Hungary, primarily over his pushing of open borders and advocating to allow Syrian refugees into the European Union.
So, its true, a rogue billionaire is sabotaging conservative values throughout the world. Soros has no regard for the rule of law — in any nation — and has to be stopped.
Soros probably got into some bad habits with nobody holding him in check, well, now things are going to be different. Donald Trump and the conservatives in Congress are going to hold him accountable for his actions. Hopefully, this will put in him in jail

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