Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Civil War in America ? ?

Tom's Journal.

Frankly,   I would forget about buy 'the book',  but start buying as much silver as you can afford !!   I would suggest tapping the fine, company that I also trust:     --or,  MMX.    Human nature is:   'If you don't learn to survive on less now, to invest in the smart things,  you WILL piss away your money else where.'   Been there -- done that.

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Trending News: Chinese Assault On USD Begins... Trump, Former U.S. Congressman Issue the Following Warnings:

- Former U.S. Congressman: 'The End is Coming'
- Chinese Yuan to Replace The US Dollar by Spring of 2017?
- Federal Government to Steal our 401Ks & IRAs to Solve Fiscal Crisis?
- Warning: Economists Expect an  80% Stock Market Crash to Strike in 2017
- National Debt Hits $19 Trillion,  Total value of IRA’s $23 Trillion… is your retirement account safe?

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- Trump Warns US Financial Collapse Is Coming
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    I cannot believe I just read this stuff a few minutes ago,  but when you think about how LOW, CORRUPT, DIRTY, ILIEGAL that Clintons and Obama were, and are,  it IS believable !   Sure there has always been corruption in most Governments all over the world, including the USA,  but this stuff is surreal and actually frightening !   Well,  it's still a good thing that Donald Trump got elected,  because at least we Patriots, Veterans, and hard working Americans still have a short time to gun-up, prepare, get ready for what will happen... no matter what happens.    But on the other hand,  it just makes us worry more.    And for those of us who know that the KJV Bible is the inspired Word of God,  we also know that we will be "rescued" and "taken UP" before the really bad stuff happens.... visits this earth.  

I think that I am so blessed [although my Mom doesn't agree] because having work most of my working life,  I could have self respect and pride enough to support my family  in the Middle Class way/ standard.    Two of them knew the Lord and were Saved.   I lifted too much today, and then had a few chest pains,  but I think that I have been blessed, and have loved many people.   And maybe the Lord will soon bring another love to my heart, too.  
    My cleaning lady, Heidi, came over today and did another fine job cleaning my house, doing so many things, and that way we BOTH benefit, as I pay her an honest, good wage, for her hard work, here.    It's been a cold, chilly,  windy day,  but all is well, and I am certainly looking forward to the morning sun.  

So,   I hope that after you take your time to read most of this stuff posted here now,  tonight,  that you won't be too afraid,  because we bible smart Christian KNEW stuff like this was bound to happen, and we can look at things still in  a positive way --- time to be busy doing the Lord's Work !!   If you have learned anything from my blog posts,  please know and understand just how much Father God really loves us.   So now,   how will we show our love and gratitude for Him ?

Warm  Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

NYT lays out narrative to justify civil war
Mike AdamsI interrupt our regular schedule to warn you about the danger in which we now find ourselves.
The NYT is waging a treasonous campaign to lay the groundwork to justify civil war in America.
Elements of the deep state are functioning as "sleeper cells" to sabotage Washington, and the media is no doubt planning on taking part in an upcoming false flag event that will slaughter left-wing rioters while blaming Trump supporters.
Read the full article that explains what just happened...

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