Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Cosmic False Flag."

Tom's Journal.

Foreword,  and  Post Script:
     After doing some deeper home work on this Prime subject matter, The "Cosmic False Flag" designed by ultra powerful, sick, wicked humans, ie:  'Global Elite' who  have been planning for many decades to kill off most of humankind in their sicko desire to change the earth into a weird social experiment fit mostly for flora and fauna -- but not so much for humans,  they already have advanced ways to 'depopulate' the earth,  but making it all "SEEM" that we got invaded by R.T's / other world alien beings.... duh.   Please,  get comfortable in a comfortable chair with a cold drink and just listen to this gifted man explain what is really happening on earth RIGHT NOW ! !   It might just scare you.....
      But this is just another valuable, smart reason why we must all get much closer to God in Heaven and the KJV Bible, NOW !   Your life and those of your loved ones depend on it.

    Bible smart, real Christians have know for YEARS now,  that the Governments, and the Global Elites will use that,  "Cosmic False Flag" to fool all of humanity [that will be 'Left Behind' on earth AFTER the Rapture..],  as a feeble excuse for the sudden 'disappearance of MILLIONS of people from earth, all at once !!   But,  those who had heard the basics of the Gospel and the Rapture story at some point in their own lives,   will REMEMBER, and they will be soooooo sorry that they 'didn't get with the program, BELIEVE, and take action, way back when.... Duh !   They will cry, scream, have much remorse,  but it will all be TOO, DANG, LATE !    Sorry,  but Tom Schuckman, did his level best to warn people all about this stuff, as mentioned, also, in the KJV Bible, and his humble rants on his humble Blog:    TOM'S JOURNAL.   
       Some will listen   ---- Most will not.   And it was almost the same thing in the days of Noah, where only 8 souls of humans survived that 40 days of super heavy rain.   Indeed,  God the Father, always gives ample Warning, many years in advance, BEFORE He brings disaster upon those who are wicked.    Even big time sinners can hear the Word, repent, turn around from their evil ways, and survive harsh Judgment.  

---Tom  Schuckman

Experts warn of "cosmic false flag" that will fool all of humanity
Mike AdamsNot kidding: Experts are now warning about a "cosmic false flag" that they claim will use human-created technology to FAKE a convincing, hoaxed "alien invasion."
Sounds crazy, right? But you wouldn't believe what technology already exists to pull this off. Click here for the article and videos.
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