Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CPAP Machines and Oxygen.

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Hi  Friends,
   I just wanted to pass along/  and share something that I thought was very important to many people around the world, concerning,  "SLEEP APNEA."    That is a condition where a person's throat/ air way is too narrow, for a multitude of reasons, so that they need to use a CPAP machine to help them breathe at night, or anytime they are sleeping.   Many,  to many people die every year from sleep apnea, as the stop and go -- breathing while they 'try' to sleep and sometimes the heart just stops for good and they die !     Heavy people, and some athletes who have a thick neck [and need to have a thick neck, as in football, to survive the brutal hits and contact sports, etc., lest they get a broken neck...].   It seems to run in my family, and not too much effective surgery can be done,  except to lose the weight and LIVE longer.   People just die in their sleep and never wake up.  
      If you THINK you may be at risk,  you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get it checked out with a simple, painless,  "Sleep Study," in an over night visit at some hospital !    From here on,  today,  I plan to really lose the weight so I can have more quality of life, and then many things will work better !  
     So,  along with the CPAP therapy a person might also benefit from Oxygen at the same time, and that is why I have attached some important information here on this post.    And here is the scenario;   Most smart folks know that our electrical grid is so antiquated and fragile that we have grid failures too often, in parts of the USA.  And,  the terrorists KNOW this fact, and have already tried to damage and shut down our national power.   Plus, a few of our enemies/ nations who hate us because of our Freedom and Liberty, want to destroy us, and they already have EMP devices at the ready, and prob planning to use them at the right time, so then they can send in ground troops to take over, and plunder our natural resources !  This is NOT A JOKE, or fake news !!    Obama never did anything about this situation,  but instead allowed thousands of Illegal Aliens and hateful Islamic terrorists into our country !    What a traitor and rat !  
    So, for this reason, and even our Sun could produce the same EMP effect and fry our hardware, etc., so as to put us all back into the "Horse and Buggy Days," in a heart beat.   Well...  for those of us who need electricity to operate our medical machines and software, etc., that could mean our 'Death Sentence.'  
      I hope this article helps you.   Be safe -- and Be Prepared.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea - Do You Have Sleep Apnea?
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