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Muslim Agents Spying on Trump.

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So that we are not confused:  


noun al·go·rithm \ˈal-gə-ˌri-thəm\
Popularity: Top 10% of words

Definition of algorithm

  1. :  a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor ) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; broadly :  a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end especially by a computer algorithm>


play \ˌal-gə-ˈrith-mik\ adjective


play \-mi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

What Does algorithm Mean?

The current term of choice for a problem-solving procedure, algorithm, is commonly used nowadays for the set of rules a machine (and especially a computer) follows to achieve a particular goal. It does not always apply to computer-mediated activity, however. The term may as accurately be used of the steps followed in making a pizza or solving a Rubik’s Cube as for computer-powered data analysis.
Algorithm is often paired with words specifying the activity for which a set of rules have been designed. A search algorithm, for example, is a procedure that determines what kind of information is retrieved from a large mass of data. An encryption algorithm is a set of rules by which information or messages are encoded so that unauthorized persons cannot read them.
Though first attested in the early 20th century (and, until recently, used strictly as a term of mathematics and computing), algorithm has a surprisingly deep history. It was formed from algorism “the system of Arabic numerals,” a word that goes back to Middle English and ultimately stems from the name of a 9th-century Persian mathematician, abu-Jaʽfar Mohammed ibn-Mūsa al-Khuwārizmi, who did important work in the fields of algebra and numeric systems.

Origin and Etymology of algorithm

alteration of Middle English algorisme, from Old French & Medieval Latin; Old French, from Medieval Latin algorismus, from Arabic al-khuwārizmi, from al-Khwārizmī fl a.d. 825 Islamic mathematician

First Known Use: 1926

Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Andre brødre og søstre, jeg ser at mange av dere nå leser min ydmyke blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL, og jeg vet at de fleste av dere er godt utdannede og smart. Jeg skulle ønske jeg visste ditt eget språk, men jeg er bare flytende i engelsk, men har også studert, Latin, fransk og tysk. Jeg elsker ditt ord for "Tysk", "Tysk." og den fine folk var vår amerikansk alliert i World War - 2, men nå har vi en enda verre fiende, invasjonen av radikal islam ! De kom til vår jord og ta, stjele, vår skatt, Velferd penger, hus, helsemessige fordeler, og raps mange uskyldige kvinner og jenter ! Vi må håndtere dem, snart ! Vennligst gi meg din mening om dette emnet og fortell meg nå er det i ditt land.
Min e-post: tschuckman@aol.com
varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman

Hi  Friends,
   Let me dream on, please, of years past, when I felt GOOD about my body !   After I retired in 2002, after my 30.5 years at ONE place, at the tender age of 54,  I just put on 90 pounds of weight after I retired [grrrrrr!],  because I just didn't work hard every day of the week like I did at  the Auto/ Engine Plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA --- Chrysler.   And both my knees were hurting pretty bad too, and I will also post a picture of a good, kind, gentle man/ buddy at the  Milwaukee, WI., VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center] -- of him sticking long needles into both knees to take away some of the pain, temporarily.   I never enjoyed needles to start with.... LOL !   Finally, I just got tired of the intense pain and had surgery/ replacement in/ of both knees, and that was a dang nightmare in itself, that I will never forget.   And at that same time,  I had NO ONE in the world to help me at home, after I got out of the  hospitals, so that was another nightmare...Ha!   My wife, Sharon, was at that time in a Nursing Home in Kenosha, WI., so she could not help me, either, suffering from heart disease, poor lady, I loved, and now in a far better place...   I taught her the bible well, too, and she became a well know teacher of the Word, at that same Nursing Home, as many of those people were bussed to her funeral in union Grove, WI., later, and they told me of her hard, smart, work, helping other learn about Salvation thru Christ !  What a fine testimony !   So you see how training, teaching, helping other grows with the Holy Spirit, in every day life.   Sharon was very special to me, and I can never replace her,  but still looking for a Christian lady to keep me company... someone to talk to and take out for lunch,  God willing.

Fast forward to 2017,  our so-called Victory celebration was short lived, because our beloved new POTUS is attacked and hindered every stinking DAY !!   And the proof is being manifest that sly, old, Obama-goof, is still in the back round, pulling strings, spying, and interfering with the POTUS 's  new administration.   Chuck Schumer  and the Libby, Lefty, Dims [sic] are doing everything in their power to slow down the Presidents advancement and progress !  
      I think that good Patriots like the Tea Party Org./ people,  and Veterans,   should mobilize and fight back to put some binders on the Dems, and even out the playing field.    
     Things are going to start "popping" soon enough just by nature of the Chinese taking over the "Petro Dollar"  and the Number One, top, world currency...  because they amassed a HUGE tonnage of Gold to back their Chinese money, the Yuan.    And India is doing the same with Silver !   Right now,  America has NOTHING going for them except our new, smart,  President D.J. Trump.   We should pray and support him every way possible, IMHO.
     Americans will stand around with their finger in their nose while they watch food prices to up, and their houses decrease in value.   THAT is what we have to look forward to in the good old USA.   Like I keep posting here,  places like Venezuvala are honestly starving to death, RIGHT NOW !   You don't see any stray dogs or cats roaming the streets down there anymore.   And you don't hear anything about that country in our American radio or TV News, either.   

As for me,  I am just trying to prepare, build sturdy relationships with like minded people,  and the brotherhood of fellow Christians, so that we can compare notes and help/ assist each other.  "Iron sharpen Iron."  -- Proverbs 27: 17.   And an old German Proverb:  "When one helps another -- Both are strong."   I like to quote neat stuff like that, and my Lord has indeed blessed me with a witty, smart, mind and intellect, that I HOPE I can "hang on to for a while..."  --LOL.. Ha!  Because, right now my dear, old Mom, who raised me well and taught me so much in my childhood, is now in a 'Assisted Living Home' as she has dementia and Alsziemers, so perhaps it runs in the family.  
      I am also an herbalist and studied that stuff for over 40 years, so maybe I have an 'edge.'  But I have "Some Body Special" that trumps all else...  Father God, and His only Son,  Jesus !   So,  most smart Christian just do the very best they can, and then leave the rest in God's hands.  

Now... let me change gears here and talk about a different subject that may startle some people.   A few blog posts back,  I broached the subject of 'space aliens' being said to be here on earth, and even in President Eisenhower's administration,  thing 'are said to have happened,' that humans have found some so-called 'proof' of alien life and space ships.   Now,  I am not here to say, one way or another, what I think or believe,  but the Nazi's had some pretty bright scientists that knew a lot more than we do way back then, and much of that knowledge still is kept secret from the general public.   What I do know,  is that Father God, in heaven, is THE MOST POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, and His Word, the KJV Bible is true and steady ! !   The bible speaks about  fallen angels, who are now locked out of heaven, and still do a world of harm to segments of mankind, and they still some super natural powers to deceive men on earth !   Men now know about, and have created powerful ways to DECIEVE other people of the Earth and send fear into their hearts and make them believe strange things.   So, if you go back to that blog post, sit down and be comfortable, to listen to the 3 hour long video,  you might learn a lot that the Gov't doesn't want to learn.   Be careful, please.  
      I am just saying that the KJV Bible tells us that after the Rapture,  the Holy Spirit of understanding and help will also be with drawn from the earth, and God will allow a great haze of MISUNDERSTANDING and confusion to befall the humans 'Left Behind.'     Warning -- Warning !  Don't be Left Behind !   For the first 3 years of the "Great Tribulation,"  things won't be too bad,  but after that, the last 3 years will really be hell on earth.   Just read it all for yourself in Revelation, chapter 13, etc.   And then all that terrible time will end with the battle of Armageddon -- Rev. 16: 16.

So now,  if all I say is true, and we are truly on the edge of that cliff,  what will you all do right now ? ?   I know what I will continue doing.   I will continue to pray and worship my God, every single day, and pray to Him for mercy, kindness, forgiveness, knowledge, and direction.   I will try my best to let other people know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help other combat Veterans, friends, fellow Christians and other folks that I can.  

I will thank the Lord for everything good that I have, and try to be happy with my simple lot in life.   Praise the Lord.   I will also pray for HUMILITY and a sound mind, heart, also for my children and grand children, that they will have a little kindness and respect for me, an old man, disabled to some extent, but still a lonely human being, stranded so far North in the cold Winter time.
       Have a great day,  friends !

Now... here are the needles:

WATCH: 3 Muslim Agents Caught SPYING On Trump, Evidence Points STRAIGHT to Obama

During the end of his presidency, Obama made some very questionable hires that had people shaking their heads. Among these, were three Muslim brothers.
These brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were accessing computers without the authority to do so, and may have seen classified information. These three men were overpaid, getting at least $160,000 and one of them had a criminal background. Yet, Obama hired them.

They are currently being investigated for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and they may have funneled information from the House of Representatives onto an external server. (via Breitbart)
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It is also believed the individuals are responsible for theft and the overpricing of computer equipment, the extra money no doubt going into their pockets! The three brothers, and the wife of Imran, made around $160,000 a year as information technology employees of the House.


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Even though they were being paid quite a bit of money, their financial activity is suspicious, including mortgage transfers and evading debt with bankruptcy. Abid was a million dollars in debt after a failed business venture, through this business it is believed he stole money and vehicles. (via Daily Caller)
This business, which was an automobile business, was reportedly being run while he was working for Congress, which seems hard to believe. He has been on the payroll of the government for years, but despite his failed illicit business, he was still able to be an employee of Congress.
How did the Obama administration allow these criminals to slip through the cracks? These people were doing many illicit acts that the government should have caught, but because of Obama and his soft spot for Muslims, they looked the other way. Who knows what information they have gleaned from the government’s servers.

We have long taken the stance that Obama simply did not, and does not, care about the safety of this country. Based off this information, it would appear as though Obama vetted employees for the government about as well as he does immigrants and refugees pouring across our borders.
While these men are now fired, we currently do not know how much vital information they have already given away to our enemies.
My guess is that this will not be the last we will hear about situations such as this. As Trump continues to revamp our governmental department structure, he will no doubt uncover more Obama spies that have been systematically working at cracking

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