Friday, February 17, 2017

"Shadow Gov't."

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends all over the Civilized World,
     I think that we all need to start talking about the real,  "Shadow Gov't" put into place by the snake that just slithered out of the WH, on Jan. 20th, as the good gentleman moved in, President Donald Trump.   As long as I have lived, in 68 years, I have never seen so much foul, dirty, low down, vulgar, stinky opposition against an incoming  U.S. President !!   Give the poor man a chance !!     The every day fake news borders on the insane as so many different types of losers dream up such STUPID things to say and do just to slow down our new POTUS, and  most of the Congressional Dems are guilty.     I honestly think that we Americans will have to help do something constructive and legal to push the 'Lefty-Libs/ Socialists back under their rocks, and soon.   And too much time is being squandered in everyday fighting instead of doing the Peoples' Business in Congress, etc.   Some one better gets things running smoother,  BEFORE the Chinese currency-- Yuan,  over takes the U.S. currency and that will drag us down all the way to the bottom,  and the Dims [sic] know it,  [but they and Soros are big time Global One World Gov't thugs,   so this is really a stalling game.   6 wild lions will eventually take down a strong African Cape Buffalo.   Beware....  and help our President, if only you can pray for his safety and health... please.  
        Pres. Trump is not used to this B.S. political mud slinging, and some think that-- right now he is wasting too much important time fighting the wrong people,  but someone needs to hamstring Chuck Schumer, and the oinks,   although he seems to do a good job of making himself a foolish, clown all by himself !   And what a total disgrace he is to his Jewish linage --- that  nasty, evil, oink !  

I also think that the gentleman/ author below needs more than our prayers,  just to survive and stay "Healthy."  We should write or email him to see what he thinks we can do to help him,  please.   His posts are filled with smart things and real News that we can use !  

Well,  I made those 2 -- large round steaks in my valued Crock Pot this morning and just in time before they went bad, and added a nice sweet onion and a bag of carrots, so that now it all cooked up and fell apart in the pot.   That kitchen appliance -- suggested to me by my local nice VAMC dietician was a great, smart idea, to do my own cooking at home more often, with my own fresh ingredients  without the preservatives and tons of salt.   And the young landlord, really my old deer hunting buddy who helped me when I was in a jam, came in to visit me, said that the cooking smelled so good !

I also called an old Army friend of mine who was an outgoing platoon sergeant in the same Aviation outfit as me, the 240th AHC  -- Assault Helicopter Company, @ Camp BearCat, RVN., 69-70, just to see how he was doing, and he told me that he lost both legs to complications of diabetes !  How sad and terrible !  Bill T., helped me out a few times when I really needed someone to stabilize me, after my wife and son  both died, and I was having my own knees replaced with stainless steel, etc.... and what a royal pain and deep depression I was in at that time.     I just hate to see my dear friends suffer !   But I believe that he knows the Lord.   His father was a Field Grade Officer in the Army, too.   I feel so sorry for his nice, beautiful family...

I am so grateful for a new friend that I have, and thankful that some folks can still see the kindness and goodness in me, as my beard is growing back nicely... PTL.  
    I went to WalMart today, early, which was so crowded with golden agers, and even U.P. here in Northern Michigan,  the people are starting to act rude and discourteous --- albeit, they were always very ignorant... lol.   I don't know if it's the poor school systems U.P. here, or the water,  but I have never found them to be very 'swift,' or brainy.... Ha!   I know... shame of me !  
     And there is a very good place in Norway, MI., called the Thirsty Whale, where they made some great hamburgers and fries,  but I end up paying almost $15 for everything !  I just cannot afford to tip them as much as I used to.... sorry.   So now you know why I am cooking at  home, these days.   Yes,  as I have mentioned so many times,  our food prices are just going thru the roof, maybe because they have to truck the goods up here so far, or we are inflated, with heard times, already.    WalMart is cheaper,  but their meats are 2nd class, IMHO.   I think that we all need to continue to stock up.  BTW, it seems that the price of gold and silver are also going up again.   Maybe we should look into Copper Coins... 1 ounce coins, shinny.   MMX.  

Have a great week end,

Tom  Schuckman
    I am the Soldier on the far Left with dark hair, at Camp BearCat, RVN: 69-70, at the EM Club, after a day's work, flying all day.

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It's an all-out media WAR. Click hear to read about how I'm being threatened.
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