Thursday, February 2, 2017

So Much to Do, In a Short Time.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    OK,  Let's Pretend !   Let's pretend that the stickiness on my fingers from just eating a great, juicy, Cheeseburger, with fried onions, and fresh slices of tomato, and some French fries on the side with a tall, 'cold one' to drink, all have a peaceful, settling effect on my mind, body and soul,  but.... I still need to wash my hands because I hate THAT particular feeling.   But wait !   The power is out and my water won't run, either !   Well,  now what am I going to do ? ? ?    Now what am I going to do, and that 'Cold Drink' makes me want to use the toilet pretty soon, too !   If you lived in a big city,  some of your problems might even be compounded....  duh.   And these are just some of the SMALL conveniences that many of us will face, when the SHTF.....   sorry folks.     And Hey!   I am just trying to be your friend and help you,  but I am stuck way U.P. North in Michigan.

Well,   dumb ass Socialists and Liberals might be in a fix,  but,  "The Good Old Boys, Country folks, and Veterans"  might be OK,  at least it wouldn't be the 'End of the World as we know it'  time.   But NOW IS THE TIME TO GET STARTED.... if we even have a little time left, IMHO.    
     First of all:   Stop spending your money of FOOLISHNESS, like,  too much alcohol, tobacco, smokes, 'Fast Food',  eating out, and "Brick a Brack" stupidity, hobbies and a lot of entertainment....  for starters !   I could teach you what I used to  you what I used to teach families when I worked in Finance... how to free up some money to invest in quality Mutual Funds,  and at least the Principle would apply and help you all.    Is it easy?  NO!!    
       It's called:   "Pay yourself First."   you take 10% off the top of you weekly or monthly paycheck and that belongs to YOU, only, for this special purpose, of stocking up, or Prepping.    So,  in a pinch you could use,  'Wet Wipes' for the sticky fingers.   And you could invest in  a personal, temporary sit down 'take a dump' bucket with a lid, and yes, you can get one on-line.   Or go to Home Depot to buy their sturdy 5 gallon buckets, Orange, and get a piece of  5/8 inch plywood to over it up, and some  tall,  plastic garbage bags to line the potty/ privy.     Stock up on paper towels, wipes, and start filling empty wine and milk  gallon container with pure drinking water... TODAY !!    What in the hell do you THINK our fore fathers used to do to keep clean ??   What to the smart Amish people do ?    I know that they don't run around dirty or stinky !   Study,  NOW, their books, medicines, healing Herbs, how they hunt, butcher, raise live stock, farm and live.   DON'T BE SO LAZY !   Or you will cry and die.   But then,  most Liberals will do that anyway.    They are a bunch of dumb rabbits.... sorry to be so graphic.   BTW,  raising rabbits for good, delicious meat and hides, is a smart idea, and I used to raise California Giants, etc., for meat, and they are so tasty on the grill in the Summer and Fall !   Brush a little Bar B Q sauce on them, next to you zucchini squash, and beans  --- and you will think you are a king !    Learn to make your own wine, but never in any metal, or you will poison yourself or go blind !   Use, glass, plastic, wood, for your wine and beer, and remember hundreds of years ago, smart people drank beer and wine a lot with a lower alcohol content because it wouldn't go bad, like water.   That is where a good "Cooper"  was a valuable skilled trade.   
     So, paying yourself  FIRST  and limiting your goofy spending is KEY right now, friends and readers !

---Tommy  Schuckman

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