Monday, February 20, 2017

The Devil's name starts with, "O."

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
   I know that all of my readers can see where this is all going.... LOL !   You fine people and even in Europe and Russia are smart enough to see,  "the hand writing on the Wall."   Believe it or not,  President Trump HAS the U.S. Constitution and the Military on his side, and he can put down any revolt or other B.S. now, and even could enlist some of the 2nd Amendment people, IMHO.   Or maybe that dumb donkey, Obama, thinks that he will be joined by some other Communist dictatorship waiting in the bushes, somewhere.... Ha!    I wouldn't put that past him and his Socialist-- and anarchists  oinkers, and maybe the thousands of  illegally,  imported Islamists, too.   Yes,  maybe that is his plan !   And they could even concentrate on pulling down the national GRID --- power lines.     You see,  maybe this is what the Lefty-Libs are stalling and pushing back all this time, for.... their stinking strategy.   Someone ought to tell the President about this crap storm !

You see,  I am a Chess Player, too.   And we have to THINK like the enemy would,  just like we did when we were up in our helicopters trying to out think where the Viet Cong were hiding down on the ground.    Hummmmm,  where 'would I hide if I was Charlie ??'
      The enemy also knows that the financial/ economic Crap Storm is also coming our way,  plus the change in the prices of 'Precious Metals,'  including the 'new precious metal'.... what energy batteries are made from, that the country of Chili ---  in South America.    I forgot that name..... duh...   Lithium !!   Yes,  I just turned age 69 today, and now I am forgetting.    You know, a few months ago, I ordered and tried that new "Smart pill,"  but it didn't seem to help me at all,  but that's OK... lol.    And then I would worry even more,  so why bother.    Where and when did worrying ever get me, anyway ?    Better to be a dumb   AS long as I don't slip and break my a**  !

I also think that my old age is bringing on 'dry eyes.'  And all that tears for eyes in the stores is expensive !  
     I was on Face Book for a while, tonight,  and found so many of my friends wishing me a 'Happy Birthday.'   So,  that felt good,  too.   And I went out for a juicy cheese burger at noon, too, but I picked a time when hardly no one was there,  because I don't like a lot of noisy crowds,  or loud mouthed drunks.  
    I am kind of achy and tired right now,  so I think I will go to bed early.   Because sitting in this hard seat at the key board is hurting my a** .   

Good Night.

---Tom  Schuckman

“THE DEVIL!” – Top Democrats TURN Against Obama’s Shadow Government

Finally, some commonsense is leaking into American politics, with infighting, which is now apparently going on in the Democrat party.
According to a new report on, Stephen Handwerk, the Louisiana Democrat Party Executive Director, wrote an email in response to Obama’s shadow government, stating, “This is some GRADE A Bulls-t right here.”
He then stated something I would think even the dumbest of Democrats should realize right now, “It also to me seems TONE DEAF – we have lost over 1,000 seats in the past 8 years … all because of this crap.”
Well, it is actually not crap, Obama’s work with Organizing for Action, and the shadow government many suspect it to be apart of, is treason!
Never before have we seen such a blatant attempt at a political coup by an outgoing administration’s party. The people of this country have been trying to tell Dems it is time to go in a different direction, but they are not listening, not even to their own voters.
As Handwerk points out, they have lost 1,000 seats, since Obama’s first Inauguration, yet they play to the protesters, most of whom don’t even vote! They just like to burn things up and commit crimes, which they know they will not be punished for.
Obama’s Organizing for Action was put together for one purpose, treason, and far too many older Dems are buying into the idea that this is a great idea.
In all, there are an estimated 250 offices with over 30,000 active “soldiers” and up to as many as 50,000 more expected to complete training. They have no other purpose than to disrupt our government.
To see how far this divide goes within their party, consider how many senators up for reelection wanted Obama to appear with them on the trail. According to WND, just one person wanted him on the trail. So think about that. The most powerful campaign tool someone can have is a sitting president, and they didn’t want any part of him.
A senate candidate from Kentucky outright blasted the president. Alison Lundergran Grimes took out an ad to tell everyone she was against her own president, declaring, “I’m not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns, coal, and the EPA.”
We have the old school Democrats squaring off with the Democrats who actually have some scruples, and it is not pretty.
I said just a few weeks ago that the Democrat party better listen to the wake-up call America gave it soon or the party will be dead. This infighting is just a small sign of what we are going to see in the near future.
Most Americans, except for the extreme left, will not tolerate this kind of nonsense. Lest they forget, Trump was elected because the people of this country were fed up. Nothing was getting done in Washington, except for people’s pockets getting fatter.
Now, with this treasonous plot being carried out in the wide open, the Democrats are sending even more people to Trump’s camp. If they don’t wise up, conservatives will have every seat available and the Democrat party will be dead forever

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