Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Real Story of John McCain.

Tom's Journal.

     For once, I just thought I would do some digging on the real John McCain, Navy flyer, to see BOTH sides of the story.   Since Sen. McCain seems to be harassing and criticizing our new, hard working President Trump, even back stabbing our POTUS [when he,  McCain] was recently in Europe --- I just wondered what the real story of his 'adventures' were all about during the war in Vietnam... as I was there too,  1968-70.  I want to be fair,  because I KNEW that our POTUS was not a Saint or choir boy,  but I researched his I.Q. and his achievements, too, and I voted for him.    I also voted for John McCain, when he was running with his V.P. Sarah Palin a few years back....   but we all know how politics run their course in America.....  sorry to say.      I think that is very, un-American,   unprofessional, and disloyal that John McCain did  to a member of his own party, making things even harder on Pres. Trump, for the past month or more.   Doesn't our new leader already have enough problems from the Socialist party of Dims ? [sic]   
      Now.... I am not judging,  but instead:  You be the judge.

Share if you like.   Maybe it's about  time that the elderly Senator from AZ  RETIRED, and let someone else have a shot at helping our nation, and POTUS.   With friends like McCain --- who needs enemies ?    Sorry,  but that's the way I see things.
     BTW,  I have a lot of respect for all of my brother combat warriors and especially our POW's.  I KNOW what the Viet Cong did to American prisoners, and vowed that they would NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE !     But just let the whole truth be known, please, and stop the bashing of our new, good, President.   
     "Critical Times, hard to deal with,"  are soon to visit us, all over the world, including the USA.   The Bible tells me so.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

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