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Trump to overturn obama Gun Ban.

Tom's Journal.

How is it even possible that this sow is still FREE and not in prison ??

Look What We Found! Loretta Lynch Signed a Secret Deal with NSA before Leaving Office.


Hi  Friends,
   It's just another cold, Winter day where I live, but I did get out on the road again, to pick up the mail and a few things.   I think it's not only strange and funny to have to drive all the way to the local yokel, P. O. to sign for my Diabetic Socks that I ordered... as if they were guns, or gold.... duh,  but that's the way it is now days... just a tad,    And with goofy, Left Wing, political laws in place from an escaped Alien who somehow snuck into the WH, 8 years ago,  we now have that 'joke' reversed, as we can read below !  

Not to turn a good day into a 'Blue Day,'  but our good POTUS has really got his work cut out for him, just like the story of the little Dutch boy who saved his community by plugging up the Dam with his fingers!   If anyone can pull of a 'miracle,'  he can,  but he is surely fighting a Herculean battle against so many people in both parties,  plus a world of enemies on the outside, all manipulated by that nasty old,  STD --- Satan the Devil.   Some Christian folks see this as a 'reprieve.'   For what ever reason, besides Mercy from God Almighty, the God of the KJV Bible,  America is being given some extra time, IMHO.   And we can already see that the prophecy at Genesis 12: 3, looks like a fulfillment now. 
Spiritual Meaning of GENESIS 12:3
previous  -  next  -  text  -  summary  -  Genesis  -  BM Home  -  Full Page AC 1421. Verse 3. And I will bless them that bless thee, and will curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all the families of the ground be blessed. "I will bless them that bless thee," signifies all happiness to those who acknowledge the Lord from the heart; "and will curse him that curseth thee," signifies unhappiness to those who do not acknowledge Him; "and in thee shall all the families of the ground be blessed," signifies that all things true and good are from the Lord.
AC 1422. I will bless them that bless thee. That this signifies all happiness to those who acknowledge the Lord from the heart, is evident from the signification of a "blessing," as involving all and each of the things that are from the Lord, as well those that are good as those that are true; thus celestial, spiritual, natural, worldly, and corporeal things; and because in the universal sense "blessing" embraces all these, it may be seen in each passage, from the connection, what is signified by "to bless;" for this adapts itself to the things of which it is predicated. From this it is evident that "I will bless them that bless thee," signifies all happiness to those who acknowledge the Lord from the heart; for in the internal sense, as already said, the Lord is here treated of.
[2] Among the ancients, "to bless Jehovah," or the Lord," was a customary form of speech, as is evident from the Word. Thus in David:--
Sing to Jehovah, bless His name, proclaim His salvation from day to day (Ps. 96:2).
       So let me sum it up for you....   If we, as a Nation, bless, protect, love, the Nation of Israel --- God will do the same to US !
       And how can we protect our friends if we are defenseless, and may not physically keep and bear Arms ?   Go figure,  if unruly, lawless crowds of Socialist rioters egged on by Obama and his dirt bags, that also spill over into neighborhoods, being pillaged, raped, set of fire, destroyed, with LEO's even being told NOT TO INTERFER,  WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE THE COMMON MAN ??
       We know that the goofy judges on the Left Coast ruling on illegal aliens not being shipped back to hell, where they belong-- is only a stalling tactic, until Pres. Trump gets his new SCOTUS MAN installed,  so in the meantime,  our good president doesn't play golf like the last phony did,  but he does what he can to make things happen for us all.... in other words,  Trump follows the Law and Constitution.   So, we can be happy for another day.  

I have been very blessed in my efforts of searching to meet new, n ice, people, lately, and look forward to knowing them better, if that is what the Lord wants of me.   I guess my challenge in the past was that I was too impatient and pushed too hard.   I HAVE the Holy Spirit in me all the time,  but perhaps I need to let Him empower me more so, instead of doing things MY way.
     Let me share a few of my favorite scriptures with you, please.   Ecclesiastes 4: 9,  "Two are better than one,  because they have a good reward for their labor.   For if they fall, one can lift up his fellow."    And,  Psalm 6: 1,  "O LORD,  rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chasten me in thine hot displeasure."    Ha!  Half the time, my own foolish action end up punishing me, anyway.   For example,  2- weeks  ago,  I 'zigged when I should have zagged' and slid into a ditch early on a Sunday morning, and had to pay $150 for some, crabby, old ding dong to pull me out.   You see,  when something happens to me,  I sit down later and figure out where I went wrong,  and try never to do that again !   'Once burnt -- twice shy.'   A father BLESSES his children by teaching them these bible precepts and explaining them, while they are young !  You see,  I never got that good BIBLE teaching at home, although my Dad tried his best to teach me things.    And I have also tried to teach my own 3 kids the way of the Bible -- and when I messed up,  I admitted as much to them all !    But if  a man is prideful,  there is little hope for him...  sorry.   Pride is a grievous,  bad, shameful, destructive sin !  

I know that it "sounds like" I brag too much,  but you need to get to know me-- to figure out when I am 'BS'ing' my close friends.... lol.   But rather, I am just stating the facts, that I am an expert, or a near expert in a few areas, and I have SOMETHING to show for my 68 years on earth, and also God has blessed me in many ways.   But I have my personal fears and phobias, that I try to hide.   I am just being "discreet" that I don't advertise them to others and show my weaknesses, and the bible says that the wise one keeps his mouth shut... so flies won't fly   Obviously, in these treacherous times with enemies floating around from dangerous heathen, Islamic lands --- it would be foolish to brag about your 20 metric tons of gold and silver, and stable of purebred race horses....  duh !

Now,   I love to share and teach my knowledge of different subjects, and also learn from others, too.   I wish I knew more about Electricity and how to build my own solar generator, and aqua-phonics fish management/ vegetable thingy, etc.   I wish I had a pilot's license with my own airplane and helicopter, too.  And I wish that I could somehow fix my sore back and lose 100 pounds of weight !!   I wish that I had back my body from age 33 !!  That is the amount of years that Jesus lived on earth.  

I don't much get around to FaceBook, anymore,  because I believe that "Big Brother" is watching our every move, etc.  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
My email:  

My son,  Andy, dancing with the dog.

Measure to Overturn Obama Social Security Gun Ban Gets Sent to Trump's Desk

Click on the Take Action button to let President Trump know the gun community is cheering his expected signature to overturn Obama's Social Security gun ban.  And let him know that we also hope that he will soon repeal Obama's Gun Collectors Gun Ban and move to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Not a GOA member yet? You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

Thanks for Your Help in This Outstanding Victory!
Dear Thomas:
I want to thank you for taking action and contacting your Representative and Senators over the past couple of weeks.
In a stunning victory for the pro-gun community, the first bill to repeal an Obama anti-gun measure is now headed to President Trump's desk.

Earlier today, the Senate voted to overturn Barack Obama's Social Security Gun Ban. 
[The vote in the Senate was 57-43, with all Republicans voting for the repeal. They were joined by only four Democrats and one Independent. The earlier House vote was 235-180.]
The resolution, House Joint Resolution 40, now goes to the president's desk, where Donald Trump is expected to eagerly sign it. 
This action is expected to be the first of a series of pro-gun actions to be taken by Congress and the Trump administration. 
The Social Security Gun Ban was pushed by Barack Obama beginning on January 4, 2016.  
It was a flailing PR stunt following a terrorist shooting in which an ISIS Islamic militant shot up a gun-free community center in the gun-hating state of California.  
Somehow Obama thought he could convince the country that nationalizing California's failed laws would prevent more of the same. 
Under the soon-to-be-repealed Social Security Gun Ban, garden-variety bureaucrats could look through applications for benefits and summarily impose gun bans on law-abiding Americans, even though they had no training in medicine and no contact with the applicant.  
Conditions as benign as "anxiety" could be used to strip Americans of their constitutional rights with no due process whatsoever. People receiving benefit payments through a guardian would also lose their guns.

True, the victims would theoretically have the "right" to spend $10,000+ to hire lawyers and medical experts necessary to reverse the summary judgment of an untrained bureaucrat.  
But our experience is that few affected Americans have the resources to do this. 
So, congratulations! The repeal of the anti-gun Social Security Gun Ban is only the second regulation to be reversed this year under the Congressional Review Act. 
Now you can send President Trump a quick note, letting him know that you are cheering his expected signature on Obama's Social Security gun ban.
But let him know that you also hope that he will soon repeal Obama's Gun Collectors Gun Ban and move to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty -- as well as repealing the State Department's international trade (ITAR) guidance, and a generation of gun and magazine import bans.  
Thank you again for your activism.
Larry Pratt
Executive Director Emeritus

P.S. Let President Trump know the gun community is cheering his expected signature to overturn Obama's Social Security gun ban. But remind him that we are hoping he will soon repeal Obama's Gun Collectors Gun Ban, move to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty, and repeal a host of other Obama anti-gun executive actions.


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