Saturday, June 3, 2017

VA Oficial Busted !

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in German:  

Hallo liebe Freunde und Leser.
Gibt es einen speziellen Platz in meinem Herzen für Deutschland und die guten germanischen Rasse. Aber genau wie die USA, es hängt davon ab, welche Art von Führer wir wählen, die über uns herrschen. Wir wollen alle gute Arbeitsplätze, Sicherheit, Glück, Freude und Frieden. Wenn wir es ernst meinen, was richtig und was falsch ist, und wir wissen, was die KJV Bibel sagt über die Zukunft dieser Erde------- dass die bösen Männer, die durch die "dunkle Kräfte - Dämonen" in die Irre geführt, die wir für diese harten Zeiten vorbereiten sollte, in meiner bescheidenen Meinung {IMHO].
Meiner bescheidenen Blog wird übersetzt und geschrieben, andere bekämpfen Veteranen wie mich anzuziehen, so dass wir kommunizieren können und unser Wissen teilen, auch gegenseitig helfen und beraten, wie wir älter werden. Ich schreibe gern, auch anderen zu helfen, wenn ich kann.
"Euer Herz erschrecke nicht und fürchte sich nicht." - - - Johannes 14:27.
Herzliche Grüße,
Tom Schuckman
Meine Email:

Friends and Avid Readers,
    Sorry to burst anyone's bubble or fragile sensibilities, today,  Saturday,  June 3rd,  2017, @ 12: 20, Noonish.....  but this recently new revelation is just the 'tip of the ice berg !'   We Disabled Combat Veterans of the Armed Forces FEAR to ever rely on others to do our personal, financial, home work, etc.,   because WE all KNOW thru the 'grapevine' how miserable, and CORRUPT the VA is toward us.   And thank GOD for President Trump,  who is trying hard to repair all the breaches in the dike after Obama did so much intentional DAMAGE to all Veterans ! ! !

OK,  there are good and bad employees all over the world,  but for hire help --- staff and even doctors looking to enrich themselves by screwing over and stealing from older Veterans has got to be a grievous sin and crime !!   But,  as I have posted/ emailed/ blogged so often, studied, educated, Christians all know that the KJV Bible has warned all of us that these nasty thing WILL CERTAINLY HAPPEN TO ALL OF US IN THE LAST DAYS OF THIS SATANIC WORLD !   Count on it !  
         And by now, the ruling, satanic, Elite in the world have seen and read my blog posts, and are out to shut me down,  or worse,  and I sure do know it !  Someone or something is "Blocking" my messages from finding all the people in the WORLD that usually read my modest column,  and they have all the big money and power to mess me up, or even take my mortal life.   They are enjoying the "high life," now,  but just like the devil,  they prob. know that God will intervene and put an end to them --- also punishing them for all eternity,  for NOT believing and following His Son,  Jesus Christ.... in word and deed.  
       And that certainly follows and goes for the stinky little, VAMC [Veteran's Administration Medical Center}  U.P. here in Iron Mountain, MI !   The new higher ups in the Gov't now have a campaign to cut back on serious pain meds, and other meds., used to give some relief to the Disabled Veterans who really NEED some relief from constant physical, severe, PAIN and agony,  ACCROSS THE BOARD, WITHOUT EVEN DEALING WITH THE PATIENTS/ VETERANS ON A CASE TO CASE BASIS !!   It's the "Broad Brush" VA way/ mentality, and they really don't give a rat's ass what happens or who gets hurt !   And I expect to see more suicides and other 'acts of desperation' in the near future, even retribution!   But I will never be the one to commit any violence,  ever,  because that would bring shame on the Christian Brotherhood, and my good name and family.   I am a man of peace, grace, kindness and full of the HOLY SPIRIT.   And the fruit of the Spirit is,  'love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.'   
        So, now,  does the Democratic party and RINO's most Gov't heads of State and people in power show these "Fruits of the Spirit ?"   Do I.   Do you ?   We should ALL have at least SOME of these fruits if we claim to be Bible - studied, Christians.   

Well,  it's Saturday, so I certainly have some rest from continuous nagging VA phone calls, etc.   And I just ate some cucumber salad, with Italian dressing.  It is soothing to my poor, old, stomach, while I have to take all my VA--harsh medicines in my old   And now after a whole month of haggling,  the VA has just approved my getting a new medicine.... "rat poison,"  to thin my blood ...  LOL ! 

I am trying to make my modest blog a site to draw as many Veterans to me as possible, to get their stories/ thoughts and view points, so that we can have a meeting place of sorts.  

So until next time,  good bye and have a great day!
   I am the Soldier on the Left with dark hair -- Tommy Schuckman,  Sp/4,  'door gunner.'    At age 21, in Bear Cat, RVN,  1970

And here is me, in 1986, a Power Lifter !   >>>>

BREAKING: Sick VA Official BUSTED Doing Nasty Thing To Veterans In His Care

The Department Veterans Affairs is a cesspool of corruption where shady officials get shuffled around, immune from any oversight — and it’s our beloved veterans who suffer.
A former police sergeant who was hired by the VA to help disabled veterans manage their finances has pled guilty to embezzling more than $250,000 in veterans benefits. (via The Daily Caller)
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Glenn Pearson pled guilty to misappropriating funds, obstructing tax law, filing false tax returns, and wire fraud. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 19th.
The former police sergeant is a disgrace to his uniform and abused the trust of all Americans by taking advantage of our most vulnerable heroes.
Pearson was hired by the VA as a fiduciary for eight disabled veterans. It was his job to help those who were incapable of managing their own finances.
Pearson had access to the veterans’ funds and used his position to embezzle and misappropriate more than $250,000 taken directly from his clients’ bank accounts.
The stolen money would then be processed by Pearson’s personal tax preparation business. He was caught producing over $1.5 million by filing phony refunds on behalf of his clients.
When the IRS attempted to audit Pearson’s clients, he obstructed them, and made false statements to auditors, costing taxpayers millions.
“Our veterans deserve the best care, and we will hold accountable those who seek to profit at their expense,” charged Acting U.S. Attorney William Weinreb. “Mr. Pearson abused his position as a fiduciary and took advantage of vulnerable members of our society.”
Pearson is facing over 25 years in prison across his multiple charges, and he has agreed to make restitution to the veterans he defrauded. The embezzled funds were apparently used by Pearson to pay off his mortgage while allowing him to live outside of his means.
Veterans Affairs is plagued with corruption, as officials have a disgusting habit of taking advantage of those who risked their life for the betterment of us all. Between stolen drugs and funds, officials leave little for the veterans in their care.
It is imperative that the VA be reformed to better serve our deserving vets. Do you agree? Let America know!

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