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Boycott !

Tom's Journal.

Hello Thomas,

here I met a website which I think could be very important for every American national assuming you are an American national as well.

There is a mass of real and good information for everybody born and bread American.
It is free, even recommended to distribute every or all the articles on her website, can be relayed to everybody throughout the country and the other states, including thru Social Media naturally.

If you haven’t heard about this before, I do hope it is useful info for you and your family, your friends, connections, neighbors, other veterans like yourself.

Good luck with the material.
I can hardly stop reading this very interesting stuff.

friendly regards,

Foreword in Russian: 

Дорогие друзья и avid читателей,
около 140 лет тому назад, мои предки переехали из Германии в Россию, когда театр царевны Натальи Алексеевны Кэтрин России сталкивалась специального решения для ее коллег немцев мигрировать ближе к ее, так как они были великими пшеницы фермерам в Поволжье, со многими сжатое перки и правами человека, но сезоны изменен с войн и невзгод, поэтому smart немцев затем мигрировали в Америке, и продолжение их жизни в качестве пшеницы фермерам в западных равнин штата Канзас, США, а также затронула огромных семей, плюс крупный рогатый скот и свиней и т.д., - История моего отца народа... и они были названы "Volga-Germans". Насколько мне известно, есть еще люди в России с моего последнего имя, Schuckman. Если они никогда не читать этот скромный блог: Tom's Journal, сообщите, что Америке используется для быть великой страны в полной мере мужественных христианских воинов. Но теперь, сатаны дьявола и его земных служащие имеют соблазнил большинство стран мира и социализма укоренилась во многих землях которых обычно болит true христианство, по моему скромному мнению. Скажите мне если я неверно, пожалуйста. Но вскоре Иисус Христос вернется.
Что касается теплого,
Томас G Schuckman
Мой адрес электронной почты:

Here.... you see down below,  something is not "RIGHT" with this picture, when a few months ago, my 'readership' in the USA was usually about 1300 or more, READERS,  but I think that liberal-Left-Socialist Groups and Orgs., don't like to hear or see the TRUTH about things in the USA, AND SO THEY HAVE DONE SOMETHING EVIL to block out others from seeing and reading my humble Christian/ Patriots Blog !!   The Father in Heaven will certainly deal with them,  soon enough !

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Dear Friends and Readers,
     My purpose for writing this humble Blog is not for glory, power, notoriety,  fun, or privilege,   but to help bring many people closer to the KJV Bible, Jesus Christ, and Salvation !   Long ago,  I was floundering and barely surviving,  when a few good souls saw something inside of me worth saving, and helped me up and out of despair and depression.   I was also lost in a "False Religion" and more/ or less,  "brain washed,"  so Father God had pity on me and sent some of His earthly servants to help me.... and here I am now.  

You know, friends,  we could all cry in our soup --- and wish, "IF ONLY THIS, THAT, or the other happened in my life --- things might have turned out different,  or better."    But that's not the way I see things in life.    The ones to be pitied were/ and are those who DIED without knowing true Salvation through the blood sacrifice of our One and True Savior,  Jesus Christ !!   Yes !  That is the true shame!
     So now,  if you truly understand this fact --- why are not more of YOU people doing your BEST to share the Gospel ?  ?  ?   If you don't fully understand it --- then READ and STUDY it until you do ! 
    When I was in college at GateWay Tech., in Kenosha, WI., studying more Welding and Print Reading, etc.,   my instructor told me that sometimes a brand new subject took reading and re-reading the text, maybe 8 times to make it sink in !!   You just do what ever it takes to make it work.   Period.  And I have also used the analogy:  'If getting to heaven meant that you needed to learn a whole new language --- wouldn't you just do it ?'    The alternative is just too terrible,  sorry.   Hell is forever..... and it's not a stupid, party, either.   And if you are suffering in life, now.... why would you ever want to suffer, forever ?   And if you are just too stupid to assimilate this stuff --- I doubt if anyone can help you... sorry, again.    Because,   "Ignorance can be cured --- but Stupidity is Forever !"

So,  I don't see what I am doing here is "preaching"  --- but just plain old "reasoning" with average, normal, common sense, people...  friends and readers of my humble blog.    If Father God loves you all,  then I must love you, too.   
     But now,  please don't  confuse, helping and loving mankind,  with being weak in the head, and letting others push me around, hurting, stealing from, or abusing me.    If a person or a gang, crowd of buzzards comes to my house at night to rob me, or hurt my loved ones or me,   I am an "edged weapons" instructor, and well qualified with most fire arms, also carrying a CCW [conceal carry permit for firearms], owner.   And I have not forgotten everything the U.S. Army taught me over in Vietnam !   Other than that,  I need not, and will not tell the public just what is in my humble hovel -- home, sweet, home.    That is strictly for me to know --- and for others to dream of.... LOL !   I am soon to be engaged to a fine, Christian lady, and she has her own "Hardware" too, and knows full well, how to handle herself.    Please don't get on her wrong side, fellows,  because she will not hesitate to protect herself and me, too,  plus she has a mean ass dog !
   Actually,  she says that many things are going to change when she gets way U.P. here,  like my diet, and 3 square meals... so I won't get so hungry that I "pig out" on ice cream, etc.   That's why I am eating it now.... Ha!     I guess my new diet will consist of SALADS every day, and eggs.    I probably don't deserve her,  but I will treat her like my queen, and study the Bible with her often, and pray a lot more.   

Yes,   I believe that Father God has truly blessed me,  by sending me such comfort and joy, and I surely intend never to repeat the old sins of yesteryear,  truly learning from my mistakes.   I am living with a lot of physical pain,  but losing weight should help me quite a bit,  I pray.     I don't trust the local VA system farther than I can spit, and who knows what foolishness will come down the pike.     I know that just ONE MAN cannot change our country, even though I voted for him and support him.   Yes,  I will vote and support,  but only God can change our destiny....   but just read a small portion of Revelation, please:    "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings,  which havec received no kingdom as yet:   but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.   13.  These have one mind,  and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.  14.  These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them:  for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings:   and they that are with him are called, the chosen and faithful."   ---Revelation 17:  12- 14.      So you see,  that the 'kings of the earth' -- the worldly leaders of the world will ALL be on Satan's side [see Verse 17 !], and will fight against Jesus Christ, and His Saints -- the ones Raptured up to heaven BEFORE the Great Tribulation and Armageddon !   Now do you all really WANT TO BE "LEFT BEHIND ?"   Shake your head, "NO !"  
      If you pray in Ernest and humility BEFORE you begin to read and study the BIBLE, this will most probably help you understand the text--- but  you must have the Holy Spirit to really understand God's Word.   Just ask for it.  

    But for now,  we Christians and Patriots will try to keep what Freedoms and Liberties we still have, until that day [or night] when our Lord 'takes us up-- and out of this world.'

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

BOYCOTT THEM: Popular Restaurant Tells Veterans to REMOVE the Flag and GET OUT

Sponsored:   Degenerate liberals don’t want anyone to be allowed to express patriotism near them. This restaurant must be run by some of their snowflakes.
In Kentwood, Michigan, a Dave and Buster’s told American Legion officers they had to take off their jackets because of “gang affiliation.” The jacket had an American flag, the prisoner of war flag, and a bald eagle on it. (via The only “gang” these gentlemen belonged to was the “veteran” gang.
Sponsored by Revcontent


Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown, who are both American Legion Riders Post 179 had stopped at the restaurant to get some food. Instead of a meal, they were reprimanded for their show of patriotism.
A spokeswoman for the company, April Spearman, stated that the no-gang symbol policy is in place “to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.”
The spokesperson argued that the company knows the American Legion has a positive message and mission, but they couldn’t allow the individuals to wear their jackets, just to maintain consistency.
It’s understandable that the restaurant, which largely caters to families and children, wouldn’t want any gang affiliation on the premises. But the American Legion, with American flags and bald eagles, is not a gang! If it is, We the People are officially gang members.
The restaurant tried to backpedal and apologize for the frustration for the incident, but they should have apologized for their stupidity instead!
I think the real reason why they wanted them to remove those jackets is because some liberal was offended and complained to the management. Simply put, the bald eagle and the American flag are now reason enough for leftists to throw a fit — overly sensitive morons.
It’s ridiculous, frankly, that our veterans had to deal with this. They only wanted to show their American and military pride, a pride we should all share. Telling them that they can’t show that pride is like shoving their sacrifice back in their face.
These men were clearly veterans and were looking for nothing more than a warm meal so they could get on their way… and they were embarrassed for being proud of their service to our country.
If Dave and Buster’s want to turn away our veterans, then so be it; but I will no longer be a patron of their company. Unlike they do, I have American and military

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