Friday, July 28, 2017

EMP Survival 101.

Tom's Journal.

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       What we do know for sure is:   All of Father God's promises have always come true in the past.... and 'God cannot lie.'   That is the peace from above and hope that all REAL, Bible learned Christians know and love.    We might say,  THAT is our 'body armor.'   And we are actually told to put on this armor, according to the Holy Bible --KJV.    A great place to buy a good, well made, accurate, KJV Bible is:         --- Go visit that fine web site, please.   I just ordered a great, giant print Bible for my Fiancé, with name engraved on the front cover, as a present !  

I am short of time right now,  but I will add more onto this post, latter on.

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Thomas G Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

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EMP Survival 101

All of our lives would be drastically impacted if either a man-made or natural EMP disaster happened. It would not take weeks, or even months, to repair the power grid and all aspects of modern life, but years!

If the vital piece of United States infrastructure goes down, we would awake in an entirely different version of America – one which most non-preppers would not be equipped to survive.

Not fully grasping what an electromagnetic pulse actually is and how it works, has played a substantial role in the development of the two most dangerous myths about EMPs.

What Exactly Is An EMP? An EMP is a short, but very strong burst, of electromagnetic energy caused by a rapid and intense increase in charged particles in the ionosphere. The acceleration of particles can occur as the result of a solar storm, a nuclear bomb, or even due to a simple, yet strong, bolt of lightning. Once the ionosphere experiences a particle surge, a wave of electrical currents emerges and shorts out all, modern equipment which needs electricity to function – including the transformers are necessary to make power grids all around the world, work.

Bugging In: What To Do When Bugging Out Is Not An Option

While general focus is on bugging out, true emergency preparedness requires you to be prepared for all eventualities—including the less exciting thought of bugging in. In fact, bugging out should be your last option in most situations, not your primary plan. Think about it like this—home is where the bulk of your supplies and gear are located, right? On top of that, there really aren’t that many potential scenarios where bugging out is going to be your best ...

How to Freeze Dry Food: 5 Easy Methods

Freeze drying removes moisture from food through vaporization, which turns water molecules into vapor. Freeze drying food affects its texture more than other preservation methods, like canning or freezing, but the nutritional value and flavor stay intact. Since freeze dried food is so light, it’s great for taking on backpacking trips or storing in your emergency preparedness kit. Read on for information on how to choose what to freeze dry and process it using one of several freeze-drying methods.

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