Saturday, July 22, 2017

FGM-- Sick.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in German:

Hallo Freunde,
ich halte mich selbst für einen sehr "gesegnet" ausgebildet, und auch amerikanischen Mann reiste, und nach Europa und Asien vor meinem 20. Geburtstag, und die Meisten von den USA, Mexiko und Kanada. Ich liebe die verschiedenen Kulturen und Sprachen zu lernen und neue Leute zu treffen. Aber ich kann nicht verstehen, noch die barbarische, Heiden, die muslimische Kultur von FGM dulden - - Weibliche Genitalverstümmelung! Was für eine schreckliche, krank, unmoralisch, sadistisch, Satanische, Sünde und Verbrechen auf kleine Mädchen und sogar in den USA!
Bitte leiten Sie die beigefügte Geschichte/Post auf meinem bescheidenen Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL.
Herzliche Grüße,
Thomas G Schuckman

Muslim Doctors Alleged Masterminds of Largest Medical Fraud in U.S. History: $1.3 Billion

The mainstream media may be reporting on a massive opioid prescription fraud -- but they're not saying much about the Muslims who are at the heart of the crime.

Dear Friends,
     The nasty, horrific practices mentioned below by the scum of the earth --- from the armpit of the world, now go on, and usually they get away with these crimes, unheard of in the USA, ever since I was a pup !   And who ever tries  to cover up these sinful, crimes, for whatever political reason should also be whipped in a public square,  too.    Yet,  the 'Dim's' stand up for and hide the proof of these crimes all the time.  
        After I got home from Vietnam in 1970, with a slightly mixed up mind and a good dose of Combat PTSD,  I got sucked into a "False-Religious  Cult"  for 22 years,  the JW-cult,  WatchTower gang,  but finally managed to get myself out...Thank God !    The trouble was that my parents and other friends never knew their Bible well enough to prove their points [Bible points] that the JW-Club was false and messed up !!   But I begged God for help, and He did get me out, and also led me to the Lord, Jesus Christ, back in May of 1995  !   I had to re-learn the Bible, and do a lot of extra study to get back on track -- plus 'ALLOW' the Holy Spirit to teach, change and re-condition my heart.   Actually,  I am still learning that good stuff, and begging for help,  but I can hold my own at this point, and have helped  many people find the Lord in the last 7 years, and before, like the good wife that passed away about 7 years ago, named Sharon L. [Carlson] Schuckman.    So I know what being in darkness is like !    But I was open minded enough to reason things out and study until I had the answer.   A few special people also helped me get back on track.

The problem with these new groups of strange, different, heathen 'people'  that Obama helped smuggle in the USA--- and bussed them into major cities under cover of   night,  is that they cling together and never ever planned to assimilate into our American Society.   They love their little enclaves and ghettos in the big cities where they breed like  rats and roaches.    Obama-oink had a 'smoke machine' blowing a heavy fog in America's eyes all this time, for about 7 years, and his sub-standard, pigs --DNC, and "News Media,' had orders to suppress the real truth of the News,  but now we are getting the truth from the  GOOD POTUS, Donald J. Trump, so let us get involved.   We might just have to "Rock and Roll" in a civil war in the near future, as Lefty-Loser assassins try to cut down our Patriot leadership.   

My wife- to- be,  made some great spaghetti for us today, and some of the best I ever had !    I know that everybody makes it different,  but we ate it all up.   All the noodles, anyway.  
      I bet her $100., that I lost some weight these past 2 weeks,  but she wouldn't take my bet.  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

(Angry Patriot) – By listening to Muslims speak–particularly the extremists–it is evident that they have no regard for their women or female children. Their disregard for the female gender goes beyond their native countries, and now they are bringing more disturbing behavior to the United States. This has to stop NOW.
Detroit doctor Jumana Nagarwala was arrested for mutilating the genitalia of little girls. According to documents filed by her defense attorney, this case is far from over. In fact, she said that we need to expect female genital mutilation charges to come up in Chicago, Los Angles, and other places across the country.

Nagarwala was the FIRST doctor ever to be arrested in the United States on federal charges for this horrific crime, according to Breitbart. The horrible act likely has been going on for a while, but the girls never spoke up, and the doctors were never caught. Now there is real hope that little girls will never have to experience the horrors of genital mutilation again.

Muslim Michigan Doctor Muslim Doctor Nagarwala caught performing female genital mutilation.
After Nagarwala was busted, a second Michigan doctor, Fakhruddin Attar, was caught performing this sick procedure. That was just the tip of the iceberg, because four MORE were arrested! Now, Farida Attar, Tahera Shafio, Farida Arif, and Fateme Dahodwala are going to pay for their criminal acts.

Muslim Michigan Doctor Fakhruddin Attar caught performing female genital mutilation.
It’s hard to fathom how these people have no problem disfiguring little girls. It is THIS kind of disturbing behavior that we are trying to keep out of our country. If you have to ask “Why should we ban Muslim law in the United States?” think back to this case.
The Left likes advancing the narrative that Muslims are peaceful and don’t want to hurt anyone. It’s false. They have no respect for their children and treat their women like garbage, too. They want to kill ANYONE who does not follow their laws–infidels, they call us.
In addition to the investigations of doctors in Chicago and L.A. for female genital mutilation, there is also an investigation of someone performing this procedure for Muslim families in New York City.
As troubling as it is, this is not an isolated case. There’s no telling how many other similar circumstances go unreported and uninvestigated. If we want to stop these little girls from getting hurt, we have to put a stop to this.
There is enough disturbing stuff going on because of the influx of traditional Muslims into our country. These people are not willing to assimilate, and believe that we have to let them practice their disgusting rituals from their home countries. In the United States, we are all about diversity–until you start infringing on the rights of others — especially CHILDREN who do not know any better. It is plainly unacceptable.
The doctors in these cases need to be arrested and imprisoned, as well as the parents for supporting the mutilation of their children. These children deserve a chance at a happy life away from the traditions that destroyed their parents. By embracing these twisted practices, they do NOTHING but harm to these children and devolve our society as a whole. We WILL NOT stand for it any longer!

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