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To: Americans Everywhere.

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BREAKING: John Podesta’s Secret Russian Money Scandal Just Blew Up In His Face
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Learn more about RevenueStripe...
July 19, 2017 9:04 pm  
(Angry Patriot) – John Podesta is, undoubtedly, one of the shadiest characters in politics. Despite his role in pushing the Russia/Trump narrative, he forgot one tiny piece of information–he is tied to a Russian money scandal.
According to Breitbart, the Kremlin-connected agency, Joule Unlimited, took in a stunning $35 MILLION from Vladimir Putin’s government, during the period that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Here is the kicker. Podesta had 75,000 common stock shares tied up in Joule’s Unlimited, according to an email exclusively released by Wikileaks.
According to the CEO of Joule Unlimited, Brian Baynes, the company has officially collapsed.
It gets worse than that. Podesta ALSO did not tell anyone that he was on the board of Stichting-Joule Global Foundation, a Dutch-based company with ties to the Russian version of the company.
All of this had happened BEFORE Podesta ended up as Obama’s senior advisor. This is a clear violation of the federal law. In fact, Podesta seems to be violating all of the laws that he has accused Trump of breaking.
It is evident that there was some shady business going on here, all of which Podesta would rather have buried. TOO bad he doesn’t get that privilege because it is all out in the open now. A report titled, “From Russia with Money: Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism,” revealed some of the common ties that Podesta has to Russia
As you can see, the same people who have been hyping the Trump-Russia connection are all mostly linked to Russia in one way or another. They can’t hide this information forever, regardless of how much they would like to keep it under wraps.
It is infuriating to see reporters touting daily that President Trump worked with Russia, even though they have ZERO evidence. There is nothing that even remotely points them in that direction, but they keep repeating it until people are prone to believe it. They should be ashamed to call themselves journalists.
All the while, their Democrat buddies are playing around in Russia with their businesses, talking to leaders, and so on. No one reports that. The reason is that the people who are pushing the Russia-Trump scandal narrative are Democrats, and they would never tattle on their own party, even if their decisions put our country in danger. It is shameful.
We need to get them to dig deeper and uncover the truth behind Podesta, Clinton, Obama and the rest of these Deep State monsters who feel like they are above the law. Someone needs to knock them down a few pegs and show them how government REALLY works.

New Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Gang: Police Investigate Almost 200 Sex Crimes in One Small Town

Tens of thousands of Muslim child sex traffickers of non-Muslims girls, one million victims - this, too, is sex slavery under Islam. And UK law enforcement authorities have done nothing, fearing being called "Islamophobic" and "racist" (Islam is not a race).
The Quran says to beat women “from whom you fear disobedience” (4:34). That creates a culture in which misogyny and abuse of women are seen as normal.


"20-years-old, physically fit with brown eyes"
It's not just the "Islamic State." Sex slave auctions are rife throughout across the Muslim world. Sex slaves are sanctioned, even encouraged under Islam.

Foreword in German:

Hallo Freunde,
heute scheint wie ein Samstag, kein Verkehr, nur Ruhe und Frieden, wo ich lebe, in der großen nördlichen Bundesstaat Michigan, in der U.p. in diesen Tagen, ich esse eine regelmäßige, gut, Frühstück aus Eiern mit Speck und Toast mit Butter bestrichenen Roggen. Jemand interessiert sich für mich jeden Tag meine Mahlzeiten zu machen, ich danke Gott, der Vater, und ich Knie auf den Sohn, Jesus verbiegen! Und ich weiß, dass das Wissen und das Verständnis der KJV Bibel, ist nicht das gleiche wie das, was das Buch sagt. Ich bin ein sündiger Mensch.
Aber unser Vater im Himmel ist auch barmherzigen und liebenden. Und weil Jesus ist gestorben für all unsere Sünden, wir sind vergeben.
So habe ich die Bibel mit meiner Verlobten heute morgen für nur 20 Minuten studiert, und sie genoss diese Zeit. Wir hoffen, dass wir in einem Monat zu heiraten oder so. Bitte beten Sie für uns.
Herzliche Grüße,
Thomas G Schuckman

I was so happy to have a Bible study with my Fiancé, in the book of James, today !  There are only 5 chapters in that small -- but powerful book, written by James, the half brother of Jesus.   One verse that I love to quote, is:   'but let your yes mean, yes, and your no mean no...'  ---James 5: 12 b.  [the "b" stands for:  the bottom portion of that one scripture..].   And I don't like to ---don't feel that I MUST put my literal hand on the KJV Bible and swear a Oath that what I say is "TRUE !"   Because THAT is an implication that I normally tells LIES !!   But the Bible does have some power and authority when used in a court of law, and the Judge and Jury want to hear, the TRUTH, and nothing but the truth !   It's seems like some folks are just 'born liars' and the truth means NOTHING TO THEM !!  Shame.   And now,  most Democrats and Muslims see nothing wrong with the constant telling of un-truths....  LIES, all the time !    When you lose that content of your character, and your word is no good --- few people will want to deal with you, or have anything to do with  you !   My Dad taught me that from small, on.   My word is my bond, and my reputation is a good one.    Also see:  Matthew 5: 34.  
      Well,  friends,  maybe I have nothing to brag about,  but I just want a good, clean name.... no felonies and no DUI's.   However,  the Bible says that I may "brag" about the Gospel and Jesus Christ. 

And just when I "THINK" that I have made some head way and improvement in my life and personality,  I commit some more sins, with my impatience and out bursts !!  All that hurts my relationships with 2-- dear, loved ones.....   My Lord, and my Lady.    And I cannot afford to lose any of them !   We all depend on each other, especially in these 'Last Days' when things, Society, are falling apart.   Sorry,  but MOST PEOPLE, including many Christians, DO NOT KNOW that we cannot keep this 'Old Corrupt World,'  nor go back in time when people had HONOR and respectability !!   Period !   Things, according to the KJV Bible, MUST,  MUST, get progressively worse, before our Lord comes back to clean things up and set things aright !     So....  just whom are we working for and supporting ?   Father God, or STD [Satan the Devil] ??   Why don't we settle this argument right now,  today ?   Pick your Lord and Savior, now.   
          If all goes well,  I intend to get married, for the very last time, in a month or so.   We are just getting our legal stuff together right now.   And then the real work begins..... getting to accept each other and work on our personality flaws, and learn to co-exist as man and wife, according to the Bible.   There is no room in our lives for 'Women's Lib,'   but lots of room for love and co-operation.   Please continue to pray for us.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

From: John Porter
To: Americans Everywhere.
July 20, 2017

      A very timely and accurate piece from our fellow Freedom Fighter, Kathleen Dynan. She sent this to the Wall Street Journal, as a letter to the editor, in reply to a mean spirited, negative op-ed by Peggy Noonan, and they failed to publish. So I thought you and I could. I'm sending this to over 8,000 of you on my mail list, and I urge you to forward this to all in your address book. This is how we can get involved and help in the fight against the Socialists, "destroy Trump movement." We must stand with our president, Donald Trump.
John Porter

Collusion and More by Classless Traitors

“Worse than collusion? It was classless.” This is Peggy Noonan’s judgment about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian to learn potentially damaging information about his Father’s opponent in the 2016 Presidential race. He admitted the meeting took place; made all related e-mails public; and offered,volunteered, to testify about it before a Congressional Committee, and is already scheduled to do just that next week. Truthfulness is the epitome of class.

While President, the married Bill Clinton had an ongoing, sexual relationship with a young, White House intern. They both denied it, lying to Americans. Before a debate during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton accepted questions for that debate from Donna Brazile, a CNN employee. They both denied it, lying to Americans. These are two examples of true, classless collusion.

But, those are not their most egregious acts. Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, contends that a single company, Uranium One, owns the rights to 50% of projected American uranium production. He writes that while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton failed to stop the sale of that company to the Russian government. She had the capability to do so as a member of CIFUS, an Executive Branch Task Force created in 1975 to evaluate investment transactions in relation to American national security. Hillary failed to stop Russia from securing a component of nuclear weapons, endangering our national security.

Mr. Schweizer also asserts that prior to this sale, a principal owner of Uranium One, Canadian Frank Giustra, donated $31 plus million and pledged another $100 million to the Clinton Foundation. After the company was sold to Russia, the company’s former shareholders donated $145 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” If Russia is our worst enemy as the Democrats now claim, this was more than classless collusion. It was the act of one traitor to benefit herself and another traitor, her husband.
Kathleen Dynan

John Porter
118 Approach Drive
Harrison, Arkansas

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