Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wisconsin Company will Microchip Employees.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei venner,
jeg ville ikke tankene flyr til Norge for å se på severdigheter og nyte mat og øl. Jeg gjorde så mye reiser når jeg var yngre i min tidlig på 20-tallet, osv. etter at jeg kom ut av den amerikanske hæren, jeg ville bare sette seg ned og starte min egen familie. Mitt liv gikk OK, men jeg jobbet så veldig hardt i mange jobber, selv i vanskelige tider. Men far Gud velsignet meg i enden.
Og nå må jeg bare konsentrere seg om å være en god mann og mann. Hvis jeg stick i nærheten til Gud, se min KJV bibelen, og bed, håper jeg at den Hellige Ånd vil gi meg den kraftige styrke som jeg trenger for å holde ut til enden.
Min e-post adresse: -- jeg er også på Face bok, og jeg skriver bloggen min og legger den ut: TOM'S journal.
Varm hilsen
Thomas G Schuckman

Hello Friends and avid Readers of the World,
      We need to realize that our Father in Heaven is still the most Powerful Person in the Universe, and His promises are golden and true.    Really now..... with all the terrible, scary 'News' today, and some mentioned below, that I wanted to highlight, tonight,   studying the KJV Bible is the only way to hold on to one's sanity,  IMHO !    Frankly,  I personally, need every scrap of Scripture I can get my meat hooks on.    Now....  I am a man of action, and trained/motivated to get tons of important things done in one day, or one  week, even if I am somewhat disabled, and cannot walk too far anymore !   And I know a special lady who is a fine, gifted cook, great at canning foods, and an expert sewing person, too.    She is so hard working that I have to beg her to please sit down and rest for a while.    I firmly believe that the Lord has blessed me.

But please listen to the analogy and equation that I figured out....   If North Korea does manage to launch Nuclear Missiles at the USA  and/ or EMP devices,  that would mean that many REAL, Bible savvy Christians would also be in great danger of getting killed and injured, too.    In my humble opinion,  that all wouldn't work out if the Lord God Almighty promises to Rapture up the majority of Christians on Earth  before the SHTF.... before the starting of the Great Tribulation,  even though the first 3 and one half years are not  too traumatic --- but I don't plan to be here when that horrible time happens,  please Lord..    I am of the opinion that the Rapture could come now at any time, if God wills it.  
      I am in no way trying or suggesting to predict the day and hour of the Rapture,  friends.    I would not want to make a fool of myself where even angels fear to tread.   And yet,  I consider myself a "Prepper" or sorts, and like to stay well supplied, equipped, ready,  and invested in the right stuff.     I just invested in some "QuickClot" bandages,  sponges,  tourniquets,  to pack in my truck.... just in case some accident befalls me,  as I am now taking a prescribed 'blood thinner' Medicine from the local VAMC.    And now days there is foul, INSANE, treasonous  talk from the Lefty-Loonies about storming the WH  [White House] and ousting the legally elected, Pres.  Trump ! !    I just wonder if we can expect to see huge, violent riots this Summer.    You folks must know by now that all you need to do is to 'follow the money.'   And then you will trap the Dims-Lefties,  and George Soros and his ilk.   I am quite sure that George follows Satan's orders, as do the entire Democratic political party in the USA--- and Rhino's, too.    They live --- to oppose near everything that is good, natural and wholesome.    Sorry if that all sounds negative,  but I firmly believe that NASTY stuff COULD HAPPEN.  
    Just like we used to say over in Vietnam,  "Things are getting pretty hairy."
    Please continue to pray for me,  dear friends.    PTL.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

North Korea's missiles can now hit NYC, LA and Boston
Mike AdamsSeveral analysts have now confirmed that North Korea's ICBMs have achieved the altitude and velocity necessary to deliver nuclear strikes to about HALF the large cities of the United States.
Those cities now include Los Angeles, New York City and Boston.
As tensions escalate, a nuclear strike on a U.S. city -- or a high-altitude EMP attack that takes out the power grid -- becomes increasingly likely.
Click here for my full analysis, podcasts and videos.
Mother reported to child services for "oral neglect" for switching child’s dentist By Jayson Veley | Read the full story
Microchipping goes mainstream: Wisconsin company announces plan to chip employees By Isabelle Z. | Read the full story

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Heli gunner Tom said...

Judy Doyle, said:
When I heard this micro chip news a couple of days ago, my first thought was, "Yes, come Lord Jesus!" The fifty employees at that Wisconsin business will sorely regret their decision. Many more in Europe, especially Sweden are already implanted. The Antichrist is planning his 'on stage' appearance. Not only are the implants becoming more appealing to the lost, but in Palo Alto California, churches are being shut down because they are in 'residential' areas. That is where churches have always been built. The church is designed for the community.

Yet, in commie California, a mosque can be built anywhere without any concern. Time is short. We Christians know this and many of us pray for our families and neighbors that they will accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah before it is too late.

I don't believe that Jesus will leave us here to go through the tribulation. Jesus loves us. He knows better than anyone what will happen during that horrendous time. Yes, Come Lord Jesus, come now!