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The Staples/ Foods.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Spanish:

Hola amigos y lectores,
espero que usted puede leer mi humilde blog: Tom's Journal, y también escribir/ correo electrónico de nuevo para mí: uno nunca tiene demasiados amigos !
Padre, Dios me ha bendecido de muchas maneras, también me ayudó a entender la Biblia RV hace muchos años, y es por ello que quiero compartir con ustedes algunos de mis conocimientos y sabiduría estudiadas con todas las personas. Yo creo que Dios quiere que todos nosotros para leer su Palabra, la Biblia, y también almacenar algunos buenos alimentos, para los tiempos difíciles y las situaciones de emergencia. Un hombre debe proteger a su amada esposa e hijos, también les enseñan la Biblia y la manera correcta de vivir. Sé que tengo suerte de haber nacido en los EE.UU. --- Estados Unidos, donde un hombre o una mujer puede trabajar duro, ahorrar dinero e invertir en quizás, algunas de plata y una buena casa, en una agradable zona protegida, lejos de la pesada crimen de las grandes ciudades, si es posible. Espero que disfruten de las palabras e ideas que he reservado para ustedes en el día de hoy.
Saludos cordiales,
Thomas G Schuckman Email:
Jesús es el Señor.

Hello  Friends,
     Well,  my main thrust today is storing the right foods for the 'right times.'   And with a possible war,  why would a sound, wise, person NOT get ready and "Prepare" for the worst.   Ha!   I have been doing this stuff for years,  but I also live well, too and buy some things that I don't really need, and so I have debts to pay off, and everyone wants a piece of my pie.    Sorry, the little that I have, I just cannot afford to feed the world,  especially after they partied- hardy, or wasted their money on smokes and strong drink.   And now I have a very fine lady who said that she wants to marry me and take care of me.    Her name is:  "L" and she is a good cook and an expert seamstress and so talented on the sewing machine !   We just bought a large ,  "All-American," pressure cooker/ canner, and that set me back some  $$$.     But I am now cutting down, deep, with my spending, and living frugal.  

I personally think that all real Christians in America should be praying for our new Leader,  Donald Trump --- POTUS, with all the horrible threats from North Korea.    I feel that it is a matter of when we have to go to war with the Hermit Kingdom:  NOKO, and heaven help us.   Because 'REAL' fights are where BOTH contenders will get bloody and hurt.   I would know about such things,  believe me.     When we used to fly into battle in our Huey helicopters in South Vietnam  carrying assault troops,  the best in the world.....   but we still got whacked and hurt and killed !    It's too bad that a Soldier or Marine still carries those thoughts and night mares with him after 40 some years !!!   Dang !   But we are Survivors and Leaders and Teachers,  and that is why the Lefty-Losers, Dems and Socialists want to exterminate us.   You see,  those low life's are "Users" and "Takers," and most of them don't even work to support themselves !   But when there is a dirty job to do,  they call on us, the Warriors, to protect them.  After the wars and battles are over,  they want us to scurry off and just disappear into the shadows,  even when we are hurt and wounded.   What a terrible shame !

Patriots, real men and women LEARN how to survive and make good food out of raw materials, grains, rice, beans, game, meat, and learn how to can foods and store up for the hard times.   Older guys like me are having a hard time carrying things --- when 20 years ago we were still strong, and able.   Now we are Disabled and some are sick and dying.   Please pray for me, so that I can acquire the strength to curb my apatite  and diet/ loose weight, the right, safe way !    If I could walk more  --- I WOULD !   But the Milwaukee, WI., VAMC - 'doctors' really messed up my total Right knee replacement operation about 7 years ago,  and I am not dumb enough to give those miserable turkeys another chance to kill me !
      I am trusting in the Lord, my healing herbs, some exercise, and the coming Rapture to cure my every ailment, worries and fears.   PTL.    Jesus is Lord.    I, personally, am of the opinion,  that Father God will NOT allow a total nuclear exchange on His Earth that would kill and hurt so many of His servants of Jesus Christ.....  so, many of us think that God will choose to Rapture up, His servants and Believers,  BEFORE, that kind of nuclear conflict !    Just my humble opinion,  friends and readers....   But we should all be ready for the Lord's Rapture all of the time !   Are you right with the Lord, right now ?     I am working on my faults and personality failures now, and every day, and praying for strength, forgiveness and God's Grace, every single day.  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman


Survival Empire

The Staples: Foods That Stand the Test of Time

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Because you can head to the grocery store anytime you like, you probably don’t put a lot of thought into buying foods that will last for weeks or even months. Most Americans shop with the idea that they will be back at the store within a week. But if you’re serious about building a survival storeroom, you’ll need to stock it with foods that won’t go bad in a few days. Thankfully, there are plenty of foods that fit the bill.
Wheat and Corn
Dry corn, hard red wheat, and buckwheat should be part of any serious storage strategy. Hard grains like the three aforementioned ones can not only be used to make an enormous variety of tasty recipes, but they can last for a decade if stored properly. Other ingredients that fit the bill include millet, durum wheat, spelt, and kamut. Most can be found in any reasonably-sized supermarket, but you may have to visit a health food store for others. Of course, you can find just about anything on the internet.
Oat Groats
Want to start living healthier right now? Try adding oat groats to your diet. These cereals are made from hull-less oats, and they provide the kind of fiber that can lower cholesterol and make you feel fuller longer. Of course, they also stay good for up to eight years, making them a perfect part of your prepper pantry. Other good options include quinoa, barley, and rye.

Coconut Oil
You’ll need a decent supply of oil for a number of reasons, and coconut oil is one of the best for any prepper. It has a shelf life of 2-4 years, depending on whether you opt for refined or unrefined, and it comes with plenty of health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Among the proposed benefits are its antiviral, antimicrobial properties, which make it the perfect choice for boosting immunity.
Beans are so useful to the prepper that they should be considered an essential part of any good food storage pantry. Kept free of oxygen, many beans can stay good for up to 10 years. Focus your collection on pinto beans, lima beans, kidney beans, and lentils. Other good choices include garbanzo beans and blackeye peas. Beans are nutritionally dense, cheap, and easy to prepare, so stock up!
Dry pasta can last a long time, though you don’t want to build your entire inventory out of it. It doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrition or protein, making it a poor choice if you’re focusing on getting a good bang for your buck. That said, it is tasty and it will fill you up, so it doesn’t hurt to have some around. Another option is white rice, which has a long shelf life when properly stored.
Odds and Ends
Stock up on flour, cornmeal, canned tuna, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, powdered milk, herbs, coffee, baking soda, honey, salt, sugar, and alcohol for a complete survivalist pantry. Not all of these have the extra-long shelf life of the other staples, but they will last a long time. They’re also good to keep around for short-term emergencies.

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