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President Trump Helps his Staff.

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Foreword in Danish:

Hej Kære danskere, der er
i årenes løb blevet en svejser osv. Jeg har arbejdet med mange personer af dansk afstamning i USA. Jeg vil sige, at de fleste af dem er kloge, intelligente, men til tider stædig. Jeg plejer at kunne lide og nyde deres metoder og tankegange, og jeg tror, at de som udgangspunkt er gode mennesker! Men nu dage, den store fare for dit land og USA, skal kende den Islamiske invasion, som truer vores gode, gratis, levevis, før de fortærer os ! Fordi de har rodet op mange steder i Europa og andre regioner allerede og trælbinde verden. Satan er deres mester, og det onde er det, de lærer.
Jeg formoder, at jeg kunne få problemer med netop disse tre nyheder og advarsler, men der står for meget på spil nu! ! Den slags 'folk' lærer i unge på -- at slavebinde andre nationale grupper, med så meget had i deres hjerter. Det er hvad Bibelen Bibelen - vi vil studere meget, lige nu.
Det er derfor, folk kan lide mig , at vores tjenestegerning er at advare så mange mennesker i verden, som muligt og arbejder hårdt på at gøre netop det. "Jern skærper jern." ---Ordsprogene 27: 17.
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Venlig hilsen
Thomas G. Schuckman

Hi  Friends,
     Wow!   What a cold, super Windy day, today ~  and I am using this time to dig deep into my records to find Benefits Express to help my wife to be get 'tucked in' with my Chrysler Health Benefits, etc.   It's seems like I copied down the wrong phone number....  Ha!

And then on the home front,  I just tripped on a stunning piece of Info about how the crooked D.C. attorneys  like Robert Mueller’s Russian probe “witch hunt.”   I sure hope and pray that the main public will read what's really going on in this steamy B.S. Swamp probe.   
        Again,   the KJV Bible is so accurate in predicting the lawless times --- NOW, in America,  when 'right is wrong, and wrong is right !'    It only goads me into thinking about Sodom and Gomorrah --- ancient Genesis --- and NOTHING EVER CHANGES under God's green earth !   Except that Father God once had to destroy most of mankind by means of a Flood on earth in Noah's time.   We are fast growing and heading to the time when our Father is again warning all of us who are faithful in the Word, to take heed !   Prep, prepare, and draw close to the Lord.    But,  it's not the kind of "Prepping" that many of my readers think about.....  because our True Salvation is in Yahweh and His Son.    I have a relatively 'new friend' from NEW JERSEY, USA, who is much smarter than I am, and knows the Hebrew language, too !    His name is Mike, and I just love his well developed, Biblical, Mind !   Plus,  we are both 'prior Military people.'  

Actually,   the entire world is a stage where earthling man performs --- as so many angles watch as a spectacle.    What shall we humans do in our short span of time on earth ?    Well,  the Bible also answers that --- but says that 'FEW will actually go to heaven.'    If I have done ANYTHING right in my life ---  I dearly want Heaven as my Home !    But it really depends on us hearing, listening to the Holy Spirit that also speaks to us thru the KJV Bible !  
       If getting to Heaven meant that we had to learn a different, hard, language  --- would we all just dive into that strange language and  LEARN IT ??    Learn and Obey.    Many Vietnam Veterans say that they already did their time in Hell.....  LOL.     Alas, the good part of our training and sacrifice is that we know how to obey and just do the job asked of us.   I have so many flaws in me,   but I know how to take orders and just do the work.   I am humble enough for that.
     Thank you, all my dear friends.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman
Email:   tschuckman@aol.com  

JUST IN: Trump Issues Stunning Message To His Staff, Surprising Millions

During the campaign in 2016, Donald Trump made big noise about the fact that he was funding his campaign with his own money. Mr. Trump lived up to that promise.
According to The Daily Caller, President Trump has pledged to give $430,000 of his own money to those aides and staffers facing mounting legal fees thanks to Robert Mueller’s Russian probe “witch hunt.” 

Up until this point, the Republican National Committee (RNC) had been primarily responsible for paying these fees.
Media outlet Axios was quick to point out that although President Trump’s pledge closely mirrors the amount of money already spent by the RNC on legal fees, the proposed contribution is not a reimbursement.
Officially, President Trump’s personal money is meant “to defray the costs of legal fees for his associates, including former and current White House aides.”
So far, no word has been released on whether or not President Trump will also send money to the two former aides most impacted by Mueller’s investigation, for campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn.
Some critics have raised the specter political and ethical impropriety, saying that President Trump’s money could compromise the recipients.

However, an unnamed White House official told the Daily Caller,”We’re working on appropriate legal and ethical approval.”
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The other major problem is that Washington, D.C. law firms are known for being pricey, with some charging as much as $1,000 an hour.
Mueller’s investigation is expected to last for months or even years, thus placing legal fees into the millions.
For hard-hit White House aides, the only saving grace could be money from the RNC and President Trump.
Of course, most of these legal fees could be axed if President Trump fired Mueller and ended his increasingly out-of-control investigation. Some Trump supporters and Congressional Republicans have broached this very topic.
After all, Mueller’s selection of Democratic donors as investigators has been a real ethical question since the beginning of the investigation. Furthermore, Mueller’s lead prosecutor is Andrew Weissmann, an attorney with a track record of using underhanded or outright illegal tactics in order to win his cases.
With Weissmann and Mueller running the show, many conservative outlets have come to the conclusion that Mueller’s investigation is a hatchet job designed to win certain scalps for the failing Democratic Party.
It has also been suggested that Mueller’s investigation serves as a distraction from the recent flurry of articles about the true depths of the Obama administration’s involvement with Rosatom, a Kremlin-backed nuclear energy company, and Uranium One, a Canadian corporation largely owned by a major donor to the Clinton Foundation.
Despite a secret FBI investigation, which at the time was headed by none other than Robert Mueller, that revealed to the Obama administration that Rosatom sponsored illegal business activities in the U.S., including bribery, extortion, and money laundering, the Obama administration still decided to let Rosatom purchase Uranium One, thereby awarding Vladimir Putin control of twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply.
The final deciding vote came from Hillary Clinton, then the Secretary of State and the chair of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

Mr. Mueller’s “witch hunt” has so far been mum on the Uranium One deal.
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